WWE 2k18 APK download

WWE 2k18 APK Download Free for Android (Data + OBB)

WWE 2k18 Android

WWE 2k18 APK download for Android! Looking for a game that combines both actions with wrestling as well as something that contains explicit drama in it? Well, you have come to the right place. A much popular video gaming series as it is, the franchise has many fans across the globe, who eagerly wait for the new version every year.

Taking a gap of one year, a new and upgraded version of the game is released, and the WWE 2K18 Android is going to the be the nineteenth version of the game, fifth under the collaboration of Yuke’s and Visual Aspects and 2K Sports.

Released in the last months of every year, this game is known to provide the emotion and feel of real wrestling in a much habituated virtual setting. This WWE 2k18 for Android download game is not a paid App but if some platform allows you as a paid then you can use TuTu App free to get paid APK for free!

Features of WWE 2K18 APK

By keeping all the previous features intact, there are only handful of new things that are being expected from the new version of WWE 2K18 Android series, and some of them are:

WWE 2K18 APK Download

  1. Game Play: To play WWE 2k18 APK download free, It is believed that the developers are striving to deliver the most realistic experience till date and to achieve that, the core play is going to be changed a lot. A lot of feedback has been taken a right from taking the feedbacks regarding the controls, graphic usage, individual features to the fighting style, everything is going to elevated with new mechanics.In the newer version of WWE 2k18 for Android download, the fans will get more of what they want both backstage and even amidst the crowd with the new rollout and brawl options.
  2. Creation: The creation suite which has been inscribed in the previous version is also desgined in a way where the players can build their own Superstars, Entrances, Arenas and Shows. Also, the General Manager Mode which has been disabled for a while is expected to be brought back in this new version along with the single player mode.Also, a full replay system is added which you allows to record the highlights of the matches.A “Create a show”, or a “Create a victory” feature can be used to make the game more comprehensive and reachable than ever.
  3. Showcase: Building the showcase and adding a cover is the toughest thing to do in a WWE 2K18 for Android game as the entire fame of the game depends on it. While there are many starts guessed to be in the Roaster this year, the names on the list, especially Kurt Angle are taking the game to the cloud nine for the fans to get entertainted in the year to come.

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How to Download WWE2K18 for Android?

The WWE2K18 game is expected to be available in the WWE 2k18 APK download Android version, which will be launched officially on the play store where one can directly download it unlike extracting it from the other sources made available for other platforms.

If you didn’t play the series of this game then I suggest you to download earlier version of WWE series. To download WWE check out our blog which includes earlier version for Android!

If at all the game is available on the Google Play Store, one can directly download the WWE 2k18 APK download file and get the game installed on your phone in a go.

  1. In cases where it is not installed, one has to download the game from the third party trustable sources like us which don’t create any trouble for you.
  2. All you need to do is enable the settings to allow downloading from unknown resources. To do that, visit the System Settings and go to the Security. From there, access the Unknown sources option and enable it.
  3. After doing it, either open a mobile browser or a web browser in order to WWE 2k18 APK download the file to install it. If you are using the web browser, make sure that you save the file and the data in the same folder and transfer it securely to the phone.WWE 2K18 for Android
  4. If you are using the mobile browser, access the notification bar to locate the file. Before clicking on it to run, download the WWE2K18 OBB+Data file in order to make the file compatible with the smartphone.
  5. Doing that, click on the downloaded file. The size of the file will be around 20 MB which will involve further expansion and therefore make sure that you have adequate space available on the device.
  6. From the screen, select the ‘install’ button to initiate the installation and wait with patience for the installation to be done as it usually involves few minutes to get done. An icon will appear on the tray menu, which can be used to launch the app by clicking on it.

Conclusion on WWE 2k18 Data + OBB

Wrapping up, the game can be downloaded on the Android without any troubles only when the OBB data is also downloaded and kept in the same file as the APK file. If you are confronted with any problems during the installation or usage of the game, approach us so that we will get back with a suitable solution in real time. What are you waiting for? Download WWE 2k18 APK Android game presented by 2K Sports.

Call of Duty WWII APK download

Call of Duty WWII APK Download Free Version!

Call of Duty WWII APK Download

Call of Duty World War II or commonly called the Call of Duty WWII is one of the very popular games out there. Almost every gamer who loves the first person shooting games will also love the Call of Duty WWII APK download series of games.

Nowadays people are more interested in gaming in their Android devices rather than on PC or gaming consoles, as Android devices are portable, multi-purpose and as almost every other Android device comes with great hardware specifications and good battery life, these devices can run any graphics-intense Android games with ease.

Call of Duty WWII APK download free Windows Game

Sensing the popularity of the Android operating system, the official publishers of the Call of Duty series of games have taken a step in introducing the Call of Duty series of games on Android devices as well. “Activision Publishing Inc.” is the official publishing house of the Call of Duty game series and now they are hitting the Android platform with a set of the best Call of Duty games for Android. To play both drama and game, download madden mobile apk. Which is based on your preference as well as you can play the role of General Manager!

The Call of Duty WWII for Android is the latest game by the official publishers of the Call of Duty games for the Android platform. Within a short period of time, the Call of Duty WWII for Android has managed to create such a wave that the Call of Duty WWII APK is considered one of the best all-time first-person shooting games for Android and also one of the best Call of Duty game title available for the Android operating system.

So, if you are interested to know more about the Call of Duty WWII for Android including the gameplay and features of the game, then in this article we have got you covered. Not only that, if you are interested in the Call of Duty WWII APK Download and Call of Duty WWII OBB Download, then we do have a guide explaining the same in the article below. Some action & shooter game have multiplayer options! So, the game lovers of action games can play with the variety ways. We have provided the latest modern combat versus APK downloadable version in this blog. This is the first person shooter game with multiplayer options.

Call of Duty WWII for Android Gameplay

The Call of Duty WWII for Android game has managed to bring the core essence of the Call of Duty series that has made the game series one of the best first person shooting games in almost every possible platform for gaming.

The Call of Duty WWII APK is a first-person strategy combat 3D game for Android. The game does not only offer you with a first person shooter experience but also a third-person shooter experience as well. Some android apps need to be hacked to get free! If you don’t aware about how to hack and where to hack than just download SB game hacker which is the best app ever to hack android games.

As the title of the game suggests, the Call of Duty WWII for Android is staged around the World War 2. The game offers a very detailed gaming experience by offering artilleries and other features that look and feel quite similar to the ones that were used during the Second World War.

Call of Duty WWII APK Features

Below we have listed out some of the best features of the Call of Duty WWII APK for Android in order to give you a brief yet detailed look onto what the game offers to its players:

  • First person as well as third person gaming experience within one game.
  • The game is specially coded to support both Android Smartphone and Android Tablet devices without encountering any sort of compatibility issues.
  • The game features a Campaign Mode where you can show off your first person shooting skills and progress through different levels. New levels are frequently added to the Campaign Mode to improve the overall gameplay experience.
  • The Call of Duty WWII APK also features a Survival Mode where you will be faced with waves of enemies and your objective being to survive as many waves of enemies as possible.
  • The game not only relies on your shooting skills but also requires a great co-ordination skills and skills to plan your attack strategically to win each encounter as quickly as possible by incurring as fewer casualties possible.
  • The Call of Duty WWII APK can be run on any Android device running Android version 4.0 or above.

Call of Duty WWII APK Download:

Below is the only guide that you will need in order to complete the Call of Duty WWII APK Download and Call of Duty WWII OBB Download.  If you want to download through bluestacks than first you need to install bluestacks into your device.

  • First of all, you need to enable the installation of applications from sources other than the Google Play Store on your Android device. To enable this feature, go to the “Settings” app on your Android device and from the Settings app click on the “Security” option. Within the Security section, you will be able to find an option that says “Install Apps from Third-Party Sources”. Enable this setting and you are good to go.
  • In order to complete the Call of Duty WWII APK Download, click here.
  • And to download the Call of Duty WWII OBB file, click here.
  • Once you have done downloading both the files from the links provided above, launch the Call of Duty WWII APK file from your Android device.Call of Duty WWII APK download Free
  • The Call of Duty WWII for Android game will now be installed on your device.
  • Before you launch the Call of Duty WWII for Android game for the first time, please do copy and paste the OBB file that you downloaded on to your Android device above, to the location Internal Storage>Android>OBB on your Android device.
  • After you have finished copying the OBB file to its destination as stated in the above step, go ahead and launch the Call of Duty WWII for Android

You will now be able to enjoy all the awesome graphic-intense gameplay and features of the Call of Duty WWII APK on your Android device.

Final Words

We hope you found the tutorial above on Call of Duty WWII APK Download and Call of Duty WWII OBB Download helpful. We have tried to include the easiest way to install the Call of Duty WWII APK and Call of Duty WWII OBB on your Android device.

In case of any doubts or queries related to the above-written content, leave a comment below explaining your problem and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Madden Mobile 18 APK

Madden Mobile 18 APK Download for Android & iOS

Madden Mobile 18 APK

It’s been years now since the Madden Mobile NFL game has been launched. The Madden Mobile 18 APK which has been released has been serving an amusing addition to the entire home console and now it is coming up with a new title, that is going to serve a larger purpose.

The Madden NFL 18 has a story mode of a long shot that follows the same pattern of the NBA 2K game series mode. In this game, you will be playing a character of the NFL team. Instead of building a new character, the characters exist as players under the control of a high school player, Devin Wade, who makes his way to the top of NFL. I am going to give you each and every detail about Madden Mobile 18 on my blog.

Release Date of Madden Mobile 18 APK

With this new Madden Mobile 18 APK game, you can play the prequel story of Devin Wade, right before he started his entire journey of Madden NFL 18. Therefore, the game’s plot will revolve around his high school life, giving the players a great reason to play the game, which involves both drama and also the game. The entire game is going to be released in the month of September 2017 and this is the first time the story mode is going to have a full-fledged narrative, especially among the mobile games.

Madden Mobile 18 APK

The gameplay of Madden NFL 18 Android

In the Madden Mobile 18 APK, the longshot is not only the story mode, as there are rumors of the addition of a new mode, coming into the picture. Therefore, the players of Madden NFL can look forward to many features like welcoming the season where the players can access the drills at the Brady Training Camp or can replay the entire game in the Super Bowl, confronting the Falcons. The new update of Madden Mobile will be live very soon where it is expected to have better graphics, more functionality, enhanced game play, new stadiums and uniforms along with new ways to win.

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Madden Mobile 18 APK has been made available for both the Android and as well as the iOS devices. The Madden NFL 18 APK, however, is going to be released on the higher PlayStation and Xbox consoles sometime soon. However, if you’re looking for something more than just a standard edition, it is recommended to opt for it, by visiting the official website.

Features of Madden Mobile APK

  1. All-Pro team: You can choose the NFL franchise, based on your preference and can play the role of General Manager. You can stack the squad with stars and as well with people from the hall of fame. You can also level them up with super skills as they complete the daily goals and earn rewards, to upgrade the roster.
  2. Weekend Tournaments: You can prove the rivals in all the tournaments by dominating them. You can also earn tickets through the week, to get more chances of completing the tasks and climbing the leaderboard.
  3. NFL Connection – 24/7: You can also play the Madden NFL, it is happening in the NFL by jumping into real matches, recreating the plays and also by following the time to time rivalries between the people.
  4. Longshot Mode to Legend Mode: You can also play the football as the football greats while they rise from the hopefuls and become the legends in the first story. You will be hit with many new chapters every month that deliver distinct stories and unique challenges, making the meaningful decisions in determining the path.

Madden Mobile NFL 18 Hack

The Madden Mobile on a whole just requires a persistent connection in order to play the game. You have to accept the EA Sports’ policy along with the user agreement before you play the game. The Madden Mobile 18 APK will be directly available from on the official stores of both iOS and Android devices; iTunes & App Store or the Google Play Store.

Download Madden Mobile 18 APK

The Madden NFL 18 APK will be available on the Google PlayStore, as soon as it released. You can directly download the Madden NFL APK from the store and install it directly by searching the keyword. In case if you want to download it from third party sources, you should follow a couple or more steps to download the game.

  1. Start with enabling the third party downloads on the device by visiting the System Settings>Security>Unknown sources and by checking the box beside it.
  2. Once you’re done, either open a web browser or a mobile browser in order to download the file from this URL. Copy paste the URL and wait for the page to load as it is assured that it won’t contain any malware attached. Or just wait the game to be available on TuTuApp.
  3. After doing that, download the file and access the file manager or the download folder. If you have used the web browser, transfer the file to the mobile and then click on the file.
  4. You will be asked if you should install the file. Start the installation and wait for it to get done, as it will take few minutes to install the app on your tray menu.

Madden 18 APK Download

Madden Mobile 18 iOS Download

Just like the Madden NFL 18 APK, the Madden Mobile iOS will also be available as a free game with in-app purchases on the iTunes & App Store. You can download it directly and if not, you can open the Safari browser on your phone and click on the link below saying, Download Madden Mobile 18.API file to get the file and start clicking on the ‘Install’ option various times till the file is installed. Once it’s installed, go to Settings>Security>General>Profile and trust the enterprise of the Madden NFL app to launch the app on your iDevice and play.

Final Words on Madden Mobile 18

Having said that, the Madden NFL 18 APK game is a combination of sports, drama, lifestyle and also the team work. Therefore, it will have all the emotions embedded in it, which makes it more than just any sports game. If you’re one of those people who love playing sports dramas, this game is the perfect fit for you.

IO Games

List of Top 20 .IO Games to Play Online

.IO Games

If you have noticed, there have been many full-screen web-based .IO games that are being released online in the past five years and many of these games feature multiplayer facility. These games usually belong to the domain extension .io; and therefore the link ends with .io referring them as the .IO Games. Today, I am going to show you top 20 .io games list and you are sure to love all of them.

About .IO Domains!

 io which is an Internet ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain) belongs to the British Territory (Indian Ocean). This domain is administered by ICB (the Internet Computer Bureau), a company based in the UK which registers domain names like the (com, org et.al). Currently, Google ads’ target the .io sites as generic top-level domains instead of ccTLDs because the domain is seen generic more than country coded frequently.

History of .IO Games

The genre of .IO games began with the release of Agar.io which has been the most addicted .io game till now. This .io game has been inspired by the Osmos which was a classic game. Agar.io grew fast within a limited period and took the internet by storm with thousands of players playing from different countries worldwide.

The .io game has been designed in a unique way to charm the users, and unlike most of the browser games, it offers full screen and multi-player feature. Later, many developers adopted the similar framework and have launched many .IO games.

IO Games

Popular .IO games List Ruling the Online Market at Present!

While there are many .IO Games available in the market today, few of them have become prominent with enormous membership & players connecting over countries during the game. The .io game list include Blockor.io, Snake Pit, Geoarena, Curvefever.io, Slither.io, Agar.io. Diep.io, Doblons.io, Narwhale.io, Sl4sh.io, Gunr.io, Wormax.io, Mope.io, Zlap.io, Braains.io, Warin.space, Limax.io, Driftin.io, Dogargame.io, Basher.io, etc.

Best IO Games List

So here’s the complete list of .IO Games released till 2017 second quarter!

         Game Name
1.     Blockor.io
2.     SnakePit.io
3.     GeoArena.Online
4.     CurveFever.io
5.     Slither.io
6.     Agar.io
7.     Diep.io
8.     Doblons.io
9.     Narwhale.io
10.    Sl4sh.io
11.     Gunr.io
12.     Wormax.io
13.     Mope.io
14.     Zlap.io
15.     Braains.io
16.     Warin.Space
17.      Limax.io
18.      Driftin.io
19.      Dogargame.io
20.      Basher.io

#1 Blockor.io

A combination of Agario and Tetris, it can be considered as the core agario based .io game that has been developed till now in the .io games list. Starting as a block, it fills the screen with the blocks just like the game in the 90’s video games, and if you touch a block, they will touch to your block and form a square making the blocks grow. You can make any shape you want with it, and by pressing the “Space,” you can fasten the game. “W” will give you the throwaway blocks back. This game is undoubtedly top in the list of .io games.

#2 Snakepit.io

With the same functionality as slither.io; the .io game is the clone of the snake game which pays you and allows you to play. Wondering how will those works? The screen turns into a map full of typical orbs that you have to eat. Also, you will have stars that can be brought on your body additionally and when you have 50 cars, you can get a 1$ Amazon Gift Card from the site unlike the other .IO games Amazing, Isn’t it?


#3 Geo Arena.online

It is a 1vsl game unlike the rest of the .IO games in the .io games list, but it shares all the features of the other games like Diep.io or Tankar.io. The menu is not similar to the .IO games, but it allows you to customize your ship and go on Geo arena with many options. When you’re done customizing, reach the bottom and press play to start the .io game. If you’re a One Piece fan, this game will most likely excite you.


#4 CurveFever.io

This is just a simple 2D game among all the .io games with snakes and fantastic UI. Your goal is just to be the only snake that lives in the last avoiding the bumps, crashes, and the collisions. Therefore, the important skill you require in this .io game is reflex unlike the other .IO games where you can only use the right and left arrows. Though it seems easy at the start, it gets eventually tough when you proceed.

CurveFever.io Game

#5 Slither.io

It is the most popular .io game after Agar.io. Slither.io is originally based on the old “Snake Game” that was installed on our first Nokia phones. However, it has been changed into the web game taking the browser gaming to another level with great functionality and high-quality graphics. The goal is to get bigger by eating more pellets and by avoiding other snakes that are larger than you. If you’re larger than a snake, consuming it will give you points. The “turbo” mode can be activated with the left mouse button.

Slither.io Games

People have been growing crazy about Slither.io game when compared to other games of the .io game list. If you want to download it on your Android devices, you must get the latest Slither.io APK on your Android smartphones or tablets 🙂 

#6 Agar.io

The game that started everything and the game that is the reason for the developed of the .IO games list  is very simple and sophisticated. The objective of the player is to act as a cell and eat the rest of the cells to grow. While getting bigger, one shouldn’t be eaten by the relatively bigger cells and one can use “W” key to give some mass away and “SpaceBar” to split into two halves to escape or eat.


#7 Diep.io

Diep allows you to play in the shape of round tank unlike agar.io or other .IO games and in fact you don’t have to get bigger in this game, unlike the other .IO games in the .io games list. You just have to destroy other players and NPCs for experience points to advance in the game by clearing levels. You can also choose upgrades like speed, tank, health, damage etc using the points and if you’re an RPG games fan, you are going to love this!


#8 Doblons.io

Just like Snakepit is to Slither, Doblons is a clone to Diep where you will rather play in the form of a ship with dual cannons on both sides. As you play, you will gain cash instead of experience and by using that cash you can try upgrading your ship with additionals and make it cool and even more functional among the .io games list.


#9 Narwhale.io

It is a game which is cute than all the .io games where you actually can play as an original Narwhale. Haha, imagine. Your goal is obviously to stab the other Narwhales (players) by cutting them half using your head. You can use the mouse to control your Narwhale and clicks to speed the movement of your Narwhale. In case if you hit the head of another Narwhale, both of you will go flying back without any deaths.


#10 Sl4sh.io

This .io game is an innovative amalgamation of both Diep.io and Tankar.io and includes both the upgrade systems as well which makes it technically superior in the list of .io games. The mechanics are similar to that of slither.io and here you will play as a slash (Arrow which is indicated by 4 in the name) in a map full of enemies, food and NPC blocks. Eat to grow, destroy for experience and level up to upgrade just like the other .IO games of the .io games list. Left mouse is important to destroy and speed up in this game.


#11 Gunr.io

This .io game is a shooting game designed in the space environment and which follows the 80’s arcade style. The game has been developed in several levels which can be passed only by passing each level by killing others. By each level, you will be given new weapons to use and the novelty of the game lies in the black holes. The map is filled with black holes which are not present in any other IO games of the .io game list that can teleport you to another side without flying. Well, that’s something technically savage, now!


#12 Wormax.io

This again is a clone of the popular Snake game, Slither.io. However, Wormax.io has few additional features that are added including the speed power and the invisibility period for a limited time. The UI of the .io game  is visually acute with high-quality graphics, and the skins are also advanced. The buttons that are used for further modifications are “Q,” “E” and “W” keys that are to be used to become the leader of the game.

Wormax.io APK

#13 Mope.io

An Agar.io like a game with similar mechanics, this .io game is an advanced update with many impeccable features. You will start the game as a mouse, and the map contains water drops (blue pellets) and berries (red pellets). One can eat the berries to increase their XP and turn into next animal and drink water using the left button to gain energy and immunity. Also, you can’t eat animals of same species, and you can only eat animals which are lower than you in the food chain. Different from other .IO games if the .io games list; right?

Mope.io Game

#14 Zlap.io

Unlike the IO games, zlap.io is indeed an MMO game where you will be a spiked ball. The spiked ball, however, is equipped with an enormous weapon, and you can control the ball as well as customize it using “W,” “S,” “A” and “D” keys. The weapon can be manipulated with the mouse. To get habituated to the .io game, one has to give multiple tries.


#15 Braains.io

A super original .io game, it is very co-operative and indeed innovative with a relatively new concept among the .io games list. As the name suggests, the game deals with brains and zombies which have great historical significance and different mods, skins. At the beginning of the game, you will start as a zombie and the rest of the players will be his/her prey trying to escape and survive for long.


If you’re a zombie, you have to touch all the humans to turn them into zombies or eat them, and if you are a human, you should be careful to not to touch zombies. You can also build barricades to protect yourself using the movable objects of the maps.

#16 Warin.space

Being the second space themed game on the list of .io games, the interface of this .io game shows two different teams with spaceships that fight each other. No, this is not Star Wars. Just like in Diep.io; these ships can evolve or can be upgraded with XP points that you gain. However, you have to play together, and it involves a lot of teamwork to kill the enemy ships as easily as possible. In case your base gets destroyed by enemies, you will become weak unlike other .IO games.


#17 Limax.io

Being the massive .io game on the .io games list, it contains cute cells. Starting as a cell, you have to eat the blobs or pellets on the map to grow, and you can also create a path by clicking and holding the mouse. Through this a path gets created and whoever touches the path dies. It is similar to the Slither.io where the snake is the path, but the gameplay is relatively different from all the io games.


#18 Driftin.io

Are you a fan of the racing games? This is a .io racing game with .IO games’ characteristics. Just like the regular racing game, you will be asked to choose a name and a car type (Buster, Racer, Flash, Bully, Hazard or Ambulamp). You then will be taken into a speedway along with other players to race. Every time you crash with a wall or other player, you will lose health and eventually you will die. This .io game depends on the car class as they have different abilities and health status.  One has to try every game to know their preferable car type.


#19 Dogargame.io

Again, this .io game follows the same dynamics and mechanics as the famous Agar.io or many .IO games but it has tons and tons of game modes that make the game even better than the Agar.io. If you’re a hardcore fan of Agar.io who wants to take the gaming experience to the next level, you will love this!


#20 Basher.io

Being the weirdest .io game on the .io game list, the name implies that you have to bash other players with the help of something. The .io game follows the same methodology where you have to take a hammer and spin it to bash the other players who are playing with you. This game is hilarious and weird because of the ability to dress up as a character.


For example, you have celebrities and famous politicians like Donald Trump. Each time you kill an enemy, you will get a coin to collect the coins in Super Mario to cross levels. This game is sure fun to play as compared to other .io games list in this post.

Conclusion of .IO Games List!

That being said, there are many other exciting .IO games list that one can play using the simple keyboard sees and full screen interface. Try playing these twenty .IO games and spend your weekend wisely with the quality gaming experience.

Pokemon Go APK

Pokemon Go 0.69.0 APK Download for Android Devices!

Pokemon Go APK 0.69.0

The latest Pokemon Go APK download version 0.69.0has been released on 18th July 2017. It’s named as Pokemon Go APK 0.69.0 update. The gaming freaks are always waiting for a new update to enhance the gaming experience. And this is what the developers of Pokémon Go did it. 😀 You can download Pokemon Go APK 0.69.0 for Android and Pokemon Go 1.39.0 for iOS devices from this post.

In today’s post, we are going to provide the download link for Pokemon Go APK update so that you can make the most out of the latest version of apk Pokemon Go mod game! 😛 Earlier, we have provided a tutorial to play Pokemon Go on PC in which you need to use Nox App Player as an Android emulator. Before you get the latest Pokemon GO mod APK version, let’s find out what’s new in the game after the update! 🙂

Pokemon Go APK

Pokemon Go APK 0.69.0 Newly Added Features!

If you are looking for an update, you better know what was in the previous version of Pokemon Go game. Isn’t it? So in this post, I am not going to repeat the features of older version instead, I will put the best features added in the latest Pokemon Go mod APK. 😛 By the way, to improve the gaming experience I recommend you to download Pokemesh 10.0 real time map with Pokemon Go APK 0.69.0.

Note that, this Pokemon Go APK 0.69.0 version is just for Android users. You can read the Nox Pokemon Go update content after the features and download section of Pokemon Go APK. We have also posted about TuTuApp APK which gets you all Android & iOS paid apps and games for free. So here you go with the features!

  1. Added Brazilian Portuguese language support.
  2. Tapping on a medal will now show your progress toward the next medal tier.
  3. The first change you will notice is the Pokemon Finder menu has changed and is labeled as Sightings instead of Nearby Pokemon.
  4. 80 New Monsters have been added in Pokemon Go 0.69.0 APK Android & 1.39.0 iOS update in the form of Pokemon Go Gen 2 update.
  5. The latest Pokemon Go APK update has fixed that prevented Great, Excellent and Nice Poke ball throws to get XP bonuses.
  6. Battery issue which was a headache for the Pokemoners is now fixed for both Android and iOS users.
  7. The trainers can now change the nickname without any hassles. It was not possible to do it before. Thanks for the latest Pokemon Go APK update 🙂
  8. The developers have added a separate dialogue to remind the trainers that they should not play the game after a certain speed while traveling.

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There are many other fixes in this version of Pokemon Go APK download. You will get to know about the same when you play the latest version of Pokemon Go APK Game on your Android devices. Now it’s time for iOS users to know what’s new for them to play in Pokemon Go 1.39.0 😀 Well, here you go!

Pokemon Go iOS 1.39.0 Update

If you compare Pokemon Go iOS and Pokemon Go Android game, you will not find a major difference when it comes to features! But when it comes to gameplay and the reliability, iOS game to be more smooth as compared to Android game. Well, these are just personal experiences, it might not be the same for all. Not talking more about the comparison, let’s see what’s new in Pokemon Go 1.39.0 iOS version of the game!

  • The stability improvements have been made to make the best out of Pokemon Go game!
  • Pokemon Go iOS game now runs smoothly to find the Pokemon all around you. 🙂
  • The game is not compatible with 5th generation iPod touch, iPhone 4s or earlier iPhone devices. It will work only on devices which have iOS 8, iOS 9 or iOS 10 installed in them.
  • The compatibility is not guaranteed for those devices not having GPS capabilities. So make sure that the GPS is ON in your device, else, you cannot play Pokemon Go game on your iOS device. 😛

This is what you have in Pokemon Go 1.39.0 iOS update of the game which was released on July 18th 2017. You can download the latest version of iOS game right from here. There’s no APK available for Pokemon Go iOS game 🙁 But yes, you can download the Pokemon Go APK Android from below given links 😀

Pokemon Go APK 0.69.0 Download for Android

To download Pokemon GO APK 0.69.0 for Android, you need to follow the procedure given below. Here are the direct links to download Pokemon Go APK 69.0 on your Android smartphones and tablets.Download here

So this is all about the Pokemon Go APK download 0.69.0 post. We hope that you play & enjoy the latest version of the game and take your gaming experience to a next level.

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Conclusion of Pokemon Go APK 0.69.0




So this was all about APK Pokemon Go 0.69.0. Do share it with your loved ones so that they can get the latest version on their Android devices and iPhones. 🙂

Pokemon GO Nox Update

Play Pokemon Go APK Update 0.69.0 with Nox App Player!

Nox Pokemon Go 0.69.0 Update

{**UPDATED on July 18th**} Still searching for the best way to Play Pokemon Go 0.69.0 in Nox App Player’s version? Well, we are here with a solution for the same! First off, you need to remove the older version of Nox App Player and install Bluestacks latest version. Because Bluestacks has come up with a solution to play Pokemon Go 0.69.0 on PC or laptop. You can download Bluestacks by clicking below button

Bluestacks Download

To do so, download Nox from above-given download button now! This is just for Windows users, Mac users please wait for few more days for the official release. Once you download the latest version of Nox on your PC, you need to follow the below-given steps to make sure that you make the most out of the Pokemon Go 0.69.0 APK update!

Pokemon GO Nox Update

How to Update Pokemon Go 0.69.0 APK in Nox App Player

Updated: Pokemon Go for Mac

Kindly follow the below given simple steps to update Pokemon Go latest APK in Nox App Player

    1. Firstly, make sure that you neither have the older version of Pokemon Go in your Nox or you don’t have the older version of Nox App Player. And if you have them, please uninstall them right now!
    2. Now that you have nothing to play with, download the Nox App Player latest version or Bluestacks.
    3. Once you download and install this latest version of Android emulator, you need to look for Pokemon Go 0.69.0 APK from the browser.
    4. If you find it hard to download the APK file of Pokemon Go game, you can download it from this post.
    5. Now when the installation of Pokemon Go latest APK is completed, you need to open the Nox App Player’s home page and then see if the Pokemon Go icon is on the home page or not.

Download Official Nox App Player Here

I am sure that by following these steps, you are sure to enjoy the latest version of Pokemon Go APK on your Nox App Player.

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If you face any kind of problems, let us know via the comment section below! We will try to solve the issue by consulting some gaming experts or the official website. We will also update few more tutorials on Pokemon Go problems faced by the players while playing the game on Nox App Player.

Keep an eye on our blog to get some interesting tutorials just like how to download Clash Royale game on PC. Share our guides with your loved ones on social media if you found them interesting and useful!

Geometry Dash APK Download

Geometry Dash PC Download Full Version Free for Windows 7/8/10

Geometry Dash PC

A side scrolling game that involves running and challenging with wide levels that are to be crossed, Geometry Dash PC has acquired popularity of its own, especially among the gaming community. It became prominent on smartphones and tablets with millions of users downloading the game across the world.

Geometry Dash PC has been developed by the Robert Tapola also known as RobTop Games, a franchise which developed and released many other Android and iOS games since few years. 😀 Launched in December 2015; this game can be played on different platforms including Android phones, Windows phones, Microsoft Windows, OS X etc.

It is a game with a rhythm of 20 levels and an exclusive background theme to go with it for each level. The user of the game, unlike other games, doesn’t have to complete the entire level to proceed to the next one. As the levels increase, the difficulty of the game also increases with new features being added in each level. Also, in the recent version of the game, many new features are added including the level editor, few new modes, hidden coins, several map packs.

Geometry Dash is a 3+ rated game even with a small file size say 3M, and therefore it doesn’t occupy much space on your device. It is a dynamic and addictive game and only after playing the game for a while, you will get to know the difficulty and yet you will keep playing the game.

Geometry Dash PC

Features of the Geometry Dash PC

In Geometry Dash PC, you can jump, fly through your way and reach next levels with ease. While you think that you have crossed a danger, you will find a challenge waiting for you at the next level. You can push the limits as you fly, jump and flip the way through obstacles and passages with this simple one touch game that has the ability to keep you entertained for hours.

  1. Various levels with different soundtracks for each level.
  2. Action platforming with rhythm synchronisation.
  3. Build the levels and edit them using the editor. Share the levels with your friends and neighbors.
  4. Unlock new colors, themes, icons to customize the character.
  5. Flip the gravity and fly few rockets.
  6. Play in the practice mode to sharpen the skills.
  7. Get rewards in the form of XP points, coins and rewards.
  8. It is a free game which doesn’t involve any in-app purchases and which challenges you with unpredictabilities all the time.

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Geometry Dash for PC – Game Play

The control of the game is as easy as taking a walk in the park. You just have to single tap the screen to move in the game and interaction can take place whenever the player presses on the screen. The speed of the icon is impossible and should be controlled by the user unless until you change it. However, the rhythm and time are the important parts of Geometry Dash for PC. The goal of the game is to overcome all the 20 levels by finishing them or by reaching the end of the game.

Unfortunately, if the user bumps into an obstacle, they have to start the particular level from the start. All the levels are unlocked from the start so that you can play any level that you want. Apart from that, a player can collect around three coins on the ground and air to complete a level. Geometry Dash PC has the similar game dynamic as the floppy bird and many other games.

Geometry Dash PC Download
However, this game has been removed from the Google Play Store because of the addictive phenomena. To the point of the removal, games like Geometry Dash PC have gained huge popularity just on the internet.

How to Play Geometry Dash on PC?

A total of six different forms are available to be occupied, and these forms act in varying ways when interacted. The forms can either be reformed or changed with different portals, but the actions can only be changed using mini-portals. For example, if you want to change the gravity of the form, you can use the gravity portals to turn the gravity upside down, causing a whole of 32 variations of Geometry Dash for PC game.

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Many portals have a wide domain of shapes, and they have the ability to affect the pace, size and shape of the main form. Achievements are considered to be the important factors in the game as they can only be unlocked after performing certain actions, for example, getting stars, covering levels, adding acquaintances, liking activities, rating levels, special achievements etc.

After attaining few achievements, the user can be rewarded with points, colors and coins which can influence the customization of an icon.  After covering any level of the twenty levels in Geometry Dash PC game, you will be rewarded with particular things. For example, it might seem that getting three coins in a level, poor but with levels passing, the difficulty of collecting them hikes that you might wish they turn into one. All the levels are sorted by complexity and difficulty.

Sounds and Visuals of Geometry Dash

Talking about the visuals, Geometry Dash PC is beautiful and pretty with a lot of animals, vibrant themes, colours, solid framerate being included in the game which complements the gameplay but will not distract you at any cost. The colour scheme is flexible, and it changes from one level to another which is impressive and confusing.

The soundtrack of Geometry Dash for PC is remarkable as it is an amalgamation of both techno and house music. Even the levels that are created by the user base using the level editor has decent music inscribed in it with each level playing a new song.

Geometry Dash for PC

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How to Download Geometry Dash APK?

  1. Geometry Dash as an Android App is available on the Google Play Store. To download the APK file, visit the play store on your device.
  2. Search for the “Geometry Dash PC” and wait for the results to load. Make sure that you’ve found the official result and click on “Install” to download the game. After clicking the “Install” button, wait for the game to be installed with patience.
  3. One other way of doing it is by downloading the file from third party resources. To enable the third party downloading, go to the System Settings> Security. Move to the Apps>Unknown sources and check the box beside it.
  4. Open a web browser or a mobile browser and enter the URL in it. Wait for the page to load and click on the ‘Download Geometry Dash APK’ button to get the APK file.
  5. If you have downloaded the file using a web browser, transfer it to your phone using an USB cord. If you are using a mobile browser, access the notification bar and locate the file.
  6. Click on ‘Install Geometry Dash APK’ option and wait for the installation to be done before you launch the game from the home tray menu.

Geometry Dash APK Download

Geometry Dash PC Download on Windows XP, 7, 8, 10

  1. As it is mentioned, the Geometry Dash is only available as an APK file till now, and to enable Geometry Dash for PC, one has to use an Android emulator like Blue Stacks player or Nox App Player.
  2. Initially, try downloading the Bluestacks Player on the computer by visiting the official website of Bluestacks. After downloading the Bluestacks, launch it by clicking the shortcut icon from the desktop menu.
  3. You can play the app on the computer by using one of the two methods, either by downloading the Geometry Dash APK file and playing it with the Android emulator or by launching it and then downloading the app from the Google Play Store.
  4. After downloading the Blue Stacks player, open it and go to the home page. In the search bar, enter the word “Geometry Dash PC” and wait for the results to load. Find the legit result and click on it to get the “Install” option. Tap on the “Install” option and wait for the App to be downloaded.
  5. The app that has been downloaded will now run on the Android interface enabled by the Blue Stacks player. Play the game on a bigger and better screen.

How to Download Geometry Dash for Mac?

The procedure of downloading Geometry Dash for Mac is same as downloading Geometry Dash for Windows. All you need to do is download the rightful version of Android Emulator and download the Geometry Dash through it. There are several competitive Android emulators like Nox, MEmu player, etc. which makes it easy for the game to be played on the bigger screen.

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How to Download Geometry Dash on Mac

The only thing that is to be taken care of is that you download the rightful Mac version as the software is different for Windows and Mac and they are not compatible while used vice-versa.

Geometry Dash PC Review

As claimed, Geometry Dash PC is created in many prospects making the game exciting and intriguing for the users to play. From the start, the game was intended to be created as Geometry Dash for PC, however; later the decision has been changed when the Geometry Dash became an APK file.

Robert Topala, the creator of Geometry Dash PC, said that the game had been inspired by Super Mario and it took him around four months to release the game on the Google Play Store. From the start, the game had only seven levels but with the introduction of level editor, the additional 13 levels have been added. The whole game has a play where you turn yourself into a small cube with the only goal of navigating through different obstacles to clear a level.

All you need t do is make your cube jump by pressing the spacebar and progress in the game. With the gradual increase in levels, the cube will be transformed into different forms say ship, ball or some other shape with its own pace, size and mechanics. It is pretty obvious that Geometry Dash PC is a game like Super Mario Run and expecting it to have a plot is moronic.

However, you don’t need a plot in order to be addicted to Geometry Dash PC game. The game even simple is customizable where you can use different unlockable things that come across your way while you play the game.

Conclusion of Geometry Dash for PC

The mechanics of the actual gameplay have different levels created by the RobTop and other members of the Geometry Dash PC community. The initial levels are somehow simple, but to avoid the spikes; the difficulty keeps frustrating day by day. The level of the game has small platforms with countless dangers, and sometimes you tend to lose the control of the character’s motion.

Concluding, Geometry Dash PC is a challenging game but still is explicitly enjoyable. Though you might get tired of it after dying multiple times, you will surely open this Android game to play after few hours and practice more by playing the game in practice mode. You can also try the normal mode or special mode in order to excel yourselves eventually.

Do let us know if you face any issues while installing Geometry Dash PC on your computer or laptop or Mac books. We will be happy to help you! 😀

Modern Combat Versus APK

Modern Combat Versus APK Download for Android [Latest Version]

Modern Combat Versus APK

Modern Combat Versus APK is a real treat to all those who are in love with first person shooter games. The recent release of Modern Combat Versus iOS in the Philippines took the player by storm with its unique gameplay. But Android users are still waiting for the release on Google Play Store. Aren’t you?

If you are the one waiting eagerly for Modern Combat Versus download for Android mobiles & tablets, you are at the right place. I have got the working Modern Combat Versus APK download just for Android users below. Although, the iOS game is available on iTunes Store but Modern Combat Versus isn’t available on Google Play Store. If you are crazy about racing games, you are sure to love Asphalt Street Storm which is the latest game in Asphalt series.

So to download Modern Combat Versus on Android, you need to install the APK file provided by me in this post. As you aren’t downloading the Modern Combat Versus Android game from Google Play Store, you need to tweak the settings on your device. This will allow the APK to get installed on your smartphone or tablet without any hassles.

Before you dive into the process of downloading Modern Combat Versus on Android, let’s first have a look at the features, gameplay and then the settings you need to tweak on your device to install Modern Combat Versus APK. Here you go with the features of Modern Combat Versus followed by gameplay.

Modern Combat Versus APK

Features of Modern Combat Versus APK

Unlike Modern Combat 5 which was a recent version of the game, Modern Combat Versus has a different set of features. The action-packed game comes with multiplayer options rather than the first person shooting traditional option. Here are some astonishing features of Modern Combat Versus Android version of the game. The same goes with Modern Combat Versus iOS features as well.

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#1. Get ready to battle in the long-range warfare & close-quarters combat across five different maps all around.

#2. As a player, you will be able to play as one of the 12 agents in Modern Combat Versus Android/iOS game.

#3. Each agent has specialized weapons, abilities and power that differentiate them.

#4. Four Multiplayer mode is available in Modern Combat Versus iOS/Android game so that you can take a control over the central zone with ease!

#5. Fight hard, promote yourself, join the high competitive battles and earn rewards. The Modern Combat Versus hack is coming soon. Keep an eye on this post for latest hacks in the game. 😀 Till then, you can check out DLS 2017 Hack guide or try TuTuApp free to hack Modern Combat Versus APK.

So these are some features of Modern Combat Versus APK Android game. Let’s have a look at the gameplay of Modern Combat Versus Android game.

Modern Combat Versus Play Store

GamePlay of Modern Combat Versus Android

Choosing the agent is one the most daunting task once you start playing the game. But once you get habituated to the Modern Combat Versus APK Android game, you are sure to rule it all over. Won’t you?

Once you pick the right agent with enough powers and capabilities, go on a mission with your team on the battle to rule the game. Depending on the attackers, you need to keep changing your agent to move ahead in the game by winning every battle in Modern Combat Versus iOS game. The graphics and the console quality of this game will surely lure you towards it even if you aren’t willing to play.

Hosting the custom matches is also possible by joining a clan or creating one on your own. The locations would be given to you to battle with your enemies. At the end of the day, you need to develop a badass team looking at their abilities & powers to sustain on the battlefield. There are many missions in Modern Combat Versus game which need to be accomplished but those aren’t that easy. You need to brainstorm the strategy to defeat your enemies on the field.

Modern Combat Versus Download

You can watch the video on the official website of Modern Combat Versus so that you can get a clear idea about the Gameplay of both Android & iOS versions (pretty similar on both platforms). Let’s move on to the process of Modern Combat APK Download for Android & iOS.

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Modern Combat Versus APK Download for Android

As you might be aware of the fact, Modern Combat Versus APK isn’t available on Google Play Store. So to download the game, you need to change the settings on your Android devices as shown below.

  1. Head over to settings from the menu.
  2. Scroll down and tap on security option.
  3. Now toggle on Unknown Sources to turn it ON from OFF.
  4. That’s it! You are ready for Modern Combat Versus Android download.

Once you are done with the changes in the settings, follow the below-given procedure to download Modern Combat Versus APK on Android.

Modern Combat Versus Android

#1. Without giving a second thought, click on this link to download Modern Combat Versus APK on Android smartphones & tablets.

#2. Once the download is done, you are all set to install Modern Combat Versus APK.

#3. Install it! This will take some time as the game size is a bit large.

#4. Once done, play Modern Combat Versus game on your Android devices and get into action!

So this is the overall process of downloading the Modern Combat Versus APK on your Android based mobile phones & tablets. Now let’s see the procedure to download Modern Combat Versus iOS version for iPhone & iPad.

Modern Combat Versus iOS Download

Modern Combat Versus iOS

The overall procedure to install Modern Combat Versus iOS version on iPhone/iPad is quite similar to Android download. Here’s what you need to do:

#1. Unlock your iPhone

#2. Now click on this link to directly download official Modern Combat Versus iOS game from iTunes Store.

#3. Install it on your iPhone/iPad and start playing!

That’s it! Isn’t that pretty simple?!

Conclusion of Modern Combat Versus Game

I am soon going to write a detailed guide on Modern Combat Versus PC download so that you can play this game on your Windows-based PC or laptops as well. If you find any difficulties while downloading or playing Modern Combat Versus Android or iOS game on your devices, do comment below. I will get back with a best possible solution within no time 😉

Stay tuned to geniusgeeks.com for more such action-packed Games.


PPSSPP Games: 5 Best PPSSPP Games for Android & iOS


Wondering what are these PPSSPP Games? Don’t worry, today, I am here to show you how to play PPPSSPP games on your Android & iOS devices using a PPSSPP Emulator. Still confused? Let me explain you in detail with a list of best PSP games in this article! PPSSPP means PlayStation Portable Simulator Suitable for Playing Portability.

The Play Station games are available just for those who have PS 2, PS 3 or PS 4 devices with them. But do you know that you can too play these PPSSPP games on Android and iOS by downloading a simple emulator? Yes, you heard that right! You can easily play many popular PPSSPP games on your Andriod mobiles, tablets, and iOS devices (iPhone/iPad) too. So get ready to experience the Play Station games on your smartphones!


I know that everyone reading this are very excited to get their hands on some amazing PPSSPP games. Before we get to the download section, let’s see which PPSSPP Games you can on your Android & iOS devices. You must check this because few PSP games are not supported by PPPSSPP emulator.

Best PPSSPP Games for Android

If you ask me, I would probably try to play each and every game I love on my Android device. But make sure that they are working fine with PPSSPP emulator 😛 I did the same without checking the games that work fine on my Android. Here you go!

  1. Dragon Ball Z
  2. LittleBig Planet
  3. Final Fantasy XIV
  4. Grand Theft City: Liberty City Stories
  5. Tekken 7

So these are some of the best PPSSPP Games for Android to be discussed today in this article. Let’s move on to each game and see what’s so special about it!

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#1. Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z! If you have already watched the Dragon Ball Z previous episodes, I don’t need to explain you much about this game. Isn’t it? But for those who are new to this game, let me explain you in short. This PPSSPP game has new expansive environments with huge open areas that can really boost your power. The multiplayer option is an amazing one to battle out with many out there! So what keeps you waiting? Download PPSSPP Emulator on your Android or iOS devices and play the game now! 😀

#2. LittleBigPlanet

The game is pretty simple! It’s a puzzle game where you can create your own levels for the other players and challenge them in LittleBigPlaner game. These levels created by a user can be expanded to other games as well which is pretty interesting feature of this game! You, as a player, have to save the planet from the destroyers!

#3 Final Fantasy XIV

Who wouldn’t like to play this game on their Android devices? Well, there might be few lazy ones 😛 but other than that, like me, everyone out there must be a fan of this game. Aren’t you? This role-playing video game took the world by storm when it was first released back in 1987 🙂 And the next version which is Final Fantasy XV is all set to release on 29th November 2016! So don’t be too late and play Final Fantasy PPSSPP game on Android now!

#4 Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Do you remember this game? It was released in 2005 when I used to play this on my Windows 98 operating system! Those days <3 I just can’t forget them! If you want to get back your olden days, you must download PPSSPP Emulator for Android from below-given guide and play Grand Theft Auto LCS on Android now! You can also play this game on your iOS devices by following the tutorial for PPSSPP for iOS download. Now let’s move on to the last and one of the best PSP Games for Android & iOS!

PSP Games for Android

#5. Tekken 7

Remember the Tekken Movie released in 2009? I was a big fan of that movie and since then, I have been playing all the versions of Tekken on my Android device. And today, you have got a chance to play the latest version of this game which is Tekken 7 on your smartphones using PSP Emulator 🙂 It’s a fighting game that keeps you on your feet all the time once you start playing it! That’s all in short about this PPSSPP games for Android.

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So this is the list best PPSSPP Games to play on Android & iOS devices! I hope that you loved reading in detail about these games! Now let’s quickly move on to the first section which is how to download PPSSPP games for Android using PPSSPP Emulator!

PPSSPP Games for Android

Play PSP Games on Android using PPSSPP Emulator

Now that you know the best PPSSPP Games for Android, it’s now time to take action and download PPSSPP Emulator on your Android devices. So here are few steps you need to follow:

#1. You can directly go to Google Play Store and search for PPSSPP Emulator and you will be able to see the official result to download it. Or simply download PSP emulator from the official website.

#2. If you want to make it simpler, you can download the APK file from here.

#3. Make sure that if you want to download the PPSSPP APK file, you need to enable the unknown sources in the app settings to let your device install this APK on your Android device.

#4. Once you download the APK or the official Google Play store app named as PPSSPP – PSP Emulator on your Android device, open it and start playing your favorite games.

This is all about PPSSPP Games for Android! Now let’s have a look at the iOS part of PPSSPP games download section. So here you go!

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How to Play PPSSPP Games on iOS

Before you download the PPSSPP Emulator on your iOS, let me tell you that your device needs to meet some system requirements which are a must! So have a look at it first and then download PPSSPP Games for iOS devices such as iPad or iPhone.

Minimum System Requirements for iOS to Download PSP Emulator

  1. Ensure that your iPhone or iPad has iOS 6.0 or above versions
  2. One more important thing to note is your device must be jailbroken. 😛
  3. Your device must have Cydia app store in it to get PPSSPP Games.

So these are few things you need to take care of before you download PPSSPP Games on iOS else, you will end it messing up everything on your iPhone or iPad. So here’s how you can easily download PPSSPP games on iOS devices!

#1. Firstly, open the Cydia and navigate to the manage tab!

#2. Then, tap on the sources, edit and tap on Add the repo.

#3. Now enter this URL http://cydia.ppsspp.org/ in the tab.

#4. Once you add the repo in Cydia, go to search box, and type PPSSPP

#5. You will see 3 packages available such as PPSSPP, PPSSPP (Dev-Working) and PPSSPP (Dev-latest).

#6. I recommend you install the first one which is PPSSPP which is considered to be a stable version of PPSSPP Emulator for iOS.

#7. Now that you have installed PPSSPP Games on iOS, it’s time to play and have a blast! 😛

So this is how you can download PPSSPP Games for iOS devices. I hope that you loved reading this overall content of iOS and Android section.

Conclusion of Best PSP Games

This is all about some of the best PPSSPP Games for Android & iOS. Let me know if you have any issues regarding this post or while downloading the APK/Packages on your Android or iOS devices respectively!

Asphalt Street Storm

Asphalt Street Storm Racing Download for Android & iOS!

Asphalt Street Storm Racing

From the dawn of video games, we’ve been introduced to some brilliant games like Tetris, Mario Bros and the list is endless. The craze for racing games has spiked with the evolution of technology. Gameloft, the game developer that gave us many amazing games yet till date, the Asphalt series remain the crown jewel for them.

Asphalt Storm, also known as, Asphalt Street Storm Racing is the third street-based game in the Asphalt Series. This is also the first drag racing game in the Asphalt series that will put your 1/4 mile racing skills to the test. While gamers would love to get their hands on the Asphalt Street Storm Android version, most of them prefer Asphalt Street Storm APK Download, simply because, it’s free!

Features of Asphalt Street Storm Game

What makes the game so attractive? Simple, it’s the features. Here’s a look at the features Asphalt Street Storm boasts about.

Asphalt Street Storm

#1. The ¼ Mile Racing

The Asphalt Street Storm Download comes with a chance for you to race with the pink slips on the table. This is one of the most intense ⅓-mile race you’ll ever see.

#2. The More, The Merrier

With this seamless Asphalt Street Storm APK, you can either take those races on your own or bring up to four players for real-time racing.

#3. Rain or Shine

Whether it’s shining bright, raining cats and dogs, or freezing, make sure you keep your car intact. Racing in the most extreme conditions can leave you hooked to your phone for hours.

#4. Race Around The World

New York, Paris, or Hong Kong, you name it! You get to race in detailed 3D environments in some of the coolest cities while cruising in your Supercar.

#5. The King Of All Collections

No man ever said there was a car he didn’t like in his collection, and neither will you! With some of the most amazing cars ranging from the old school muscle to the ultra modern hypercars. These cars are licensed by the biggest car giants like Ferrari, McLaren, Bugatti, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota and many others.

#6. Your Car, Your Rules!

Look, performance, a paint job or any customization you want, you got it! Choose your upgrades for your car and stand out in your races.

Asphalt Street Storm GamePlay


How To Play Asphalt Street Storm Racing?

Whether it’s the Asphalt Street Storm Android or Asphalt Street Storm iOS, the game works smoothly and efficiently letting you cruise through the most glamorous cities in the World.

With the challenge of playing against our other players from all over the globe, you should focus on using the Asphalt Street Storm cheats to increase diamonds and cash. You can wait till the game is released on TuTuApp or Blackmart Alpha which gives you hacked version of Asphalt Xtreme Storm Racing!

Asphalt Street Storm Game Controls

With a user-friendly interface and basic controls, this racing game might be the best one yet. The start button will be located in the bottom left corner, once you released it, your Supercar begins to move along. The drag racing system requires you to warm up the engine before the green lights come on. However, once the race starts, your main objective is to keep the RPM indicator in the yellow region.

The Shifting Mechanism

Make sure to keep your eyes on the shift as the wrong shift can be fatal and could result in an enormous loss of speed. Ensure you don’t shift too early or too late. The main reason behind the victory is the twin turbo mode which gives you a massive boost in the beginning and helps you with the acceleration process throughout the entire game.

Asphalt Street Storm APK

Download Asphalt Street Storm APK for Android

Download Asphalt Street Storm by using any website that might provide you with the apk file. Make sure that it is genuine and not a fake file. When you’re downloading the Asphalt Street Storm APK, ensure that you’re on a good data plan as the file is over 500 MB. However, Wi-Fi would be a lot preferable given that it is a lot more stable than mobile data.

Once you safely acquire the Asphalt Street Storm APK Download, navigate to the file manager on your Android device. Unzip if necessary and start the installation process. Make sure to remove any unnecessary files before you download as lack of space can result in an incomplete download. Visit Google Play to download the official Asphalt Street Storm Racing Game!

How to Download Asphalt Street Storm for iOS

Before downloading the Asphalt Street Storm for iOS, ensure that you’ve shut down all the other running apps for a smooth download. Since the game us quite a huge file, Wi-Fi would be preferable over mobile data. Once you complete the download, open it and make sure to use data only if required as it can drain quite a lot of data of your internet. Visit iTunes Store to download the game.

Final Words on Asphalt Storm

Gameloft has given the world of gaming a ton of amazing games, yet the Asphalt series stands out to be the crown jewel. The Asphalt Street Storm is one of a kind with its drag racing mode. As the Asphalt Street Storm Android supports version about 4.0, this makes it easier for many gamers to try out the game. However, those with devices that have a larger RAM will have a much more seamless gaming experience when compared to those with devices that might have just one GB RAM.

The gameplay, user interface, game modes, collection of cars, locations, weather modes and multiplayer mode are sure to keep your eyes hooked to the screen for hours.