Brawl Stars Hack

Brawl Stars Hack, Cheats & Mod APK to Get Unlimited Coins

Brawl Stars Hack & Cheats

Brawl Stars is the new game that has been released recently by the infamous SuperCell as their fifth game. The franchise has already released many games previously that went viral across the world.  Therefore as soon as the confirmation of the game has been announced,  it spread virally on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

The game is gossiped to have a Slug style gameplay which is played by a group of players under the multiplayer mode, known as ‘Gangs.’ The Gangs are formed either by your friends or people that you find online in the multiplayer mode who will go on the streets and fight against opponents to protect the city streets from enemies.

Brawl Stars Hack

As interesting as the game sounds, it will take a while for the game to be released on iOS and Android devices, given that it will be the first released for the iDevices and then within the duration of 3 months, it will be released for the Android devices on Play Store.

About SuperCell – Making of Brawl Stars

Supercell is one of the prominent companies that develop mobile games for both iOS and Android devices.  The company was first established in 2010 in Finland. The debut game of the company has been released under the name which is basically a web browser game, released in 2011; a year after the company has started. Ever since the company has been developing innovative mobile games for smartphones.

It successfully released four different popular games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Boom Beach and Hay Day. All of these games are freemium games and have brought an extensive game to the company, and today it generates revenue of 2.4 Million Dollars in a day. The new game, Brawl Stars Hack has been released as the fifth game to bring the amusing gaming experience to the users.

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Features of Brawl Stars Hack APK

  • Brawl Stars Hack is a freemium game, and you don’t have to purchase it as a premium game even on iTunes and App Store. However, there are few default inbuilt purchases that you may or may not purchase to acquire more coins, free upgrades and unlocks.
  • According to the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Brawl Stars Hack, you have to be 13 years and elder in order to download the game from the Google Play Store.
  • Brawl Stars Hack has a clean and user-friendly interface that works with faster acceleration even in the multiplayer mode. However, the single player mode is as good as the other one and based on your comfort and availability; you can access any of these modes.
  • As a player, you can either form your own band in Brawl Stars Hackwith people around you. Given that you have fellow brawlers as your friends, you can form a band to share all the relevant data or join a particular band in order to share information and strategies of the game.
  • The bands of Brawl Stars Hack are important here as they will help you in pitching players against each other so that the battles can be played with very well worked out strategies and by upgrading the brawlers and winning matches, you can reach the top of the leaderboard.
  • The Brawl Stars Hack can be customized by purchasing items from the game store through buying skins, gaining more coins, collecting coins and using them to purchase the items or to unlock them. By doing this, the game gets even more exciting than it already is.

Brawl Stars Cheats

Game Play of Brawl Stars MOD APK

Supercell has been the developer of impeccable Clash of Clans that gained many players across the world and with the release of Clash Royale, the Second Edition; the franchise became even more appealing to the gamers who love to play mobile games.  As the company confirmed the release of a new game, it’s time for everyone to anticipate for the new game given that it is rumored of containing Super Rowdy modes is in the air.

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Brawl Stars Hack is supposed to contain 4 different game modes which will have rough characters that have unique abilities along with the exclusive features, innovative battles, and intricate characters. You can shoot the people, knock them out, punch them right, blow the city streets and win the game irrespective the mode, that have been chosen.

#1. Crystals: The game contains crystals that are usually located at the map’s center, and as a player, it is your responsibility to collect them while you fight the opponents to refrain them from collecting the same. The team which collects the 10 crystals first and hold the crystals with them without letting the enemies steal them will win the game in Smash & Grab mode.

#2. Coins, Chips and Elixir: As slug as the game gets, there will always be an extreme mode among the modes and Showdown is one such rowdiest mode which contains all rambles and shambles. The game wants you to give your best to acquire fun. Here, in this Brawl Stars Mod APK mode; you will fight in the arena where 10 different players will be placed along in order to fight against each other. The mode contains elixir, chips, and coins that function differently to enhance your life and as the game progresses, you should aim to be the brawler standing in the arena to win the Brawl Stars Hack & Brawl Stars Mod APK.

Brawl Stars Mod APK

#3. Stars: Along with the coins, elixir, and chips, the Brawl Stars Hack also contains stars that are to be collected by the team in the multiplayer mode when the opponent team focuses on picking your team up. You should start fighting with them simultaneously while you focus on terminating the enemies to win the game with the most number of collected stars in Bounty mode of Brawl Stars Hack.

#4. Safe: The Heist mode of Brawl Stars Hack contains a safe which contains a treasure that has to be safeguarded. As a team, you should secure the crack while trying to crack open the opponent’s safe. You will only be given two minutes to open the safe of the enemy and win with all the coins, crystals and everything that is inside their safe.

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Hack Brawl Stars by Downloading Brawl Stars Mod APK

While the game Brawl Stars Mod APK brings you a truckload of fun, you will reach a state of despair where the game becomes saturated, and you will lose the interest to play Brawl Stars Hack even after strategical planning. This is either because you don’t want to spend money for in-app purchases or because of the limitations that have been set by the developers.

There is an option where you can trespass all these limitations and play the game in whichever way you want. These days as soon as the game is released as a part of Brawl Star Hack, the modded version of the app is being released to enable you in playing the game in whichever way you want.

Brawl Stars Unlimited Gems

Brawl Stars Hack for Unlimited Gems

  1. To start the download, click on the link saying Download Brawl Stars Mod APK from the below here (Link will be available shortly).
  2. In case if it is not working, you can also Download Brawl Stars Hack APK which has the same functionality from here.
  3. Once, you have downloaded the game in your mobile either by using the mobile browser or by downloading the game through the web browser and transferring it, access the location.
  4. Before downloading on the mobile browser, enable the download option from unknown sources by visiting System Settings>Security>Unknown Sources and by checking it.
  5. Access the Brawl Stars Hack file and click on it to run the installation process. Follow the instructions and wait for the installation to complete which will take few minutes.
  6. Once it is done, check if the vanilla version of the game that you have downloaded from Play Store is uninstalled. If not, manually uninstall it and then reinstall this Brawl Stars Mod APK file.
  7. Find the app on your home tray menu along with the logo and click on it to launch and run the Brawl Stars Hack game on your device. By doing this, you can play the game to collect unlimited coins, crystals, chips and even unlock many items from the purchase section.

Final Words on Brawl Stars Cheats!

Wrapping up, Brawl Stars Mod APK game already has immense hype, and it has been released first on the iOS devices of Canada as a test version. After that, the bug-free version will be released, and within three months, you will have the Android version released on Play Store as well. The Brawl Stars Mod APK and Brawl Stars Hack will be soon made available after the release, and you can subscribe to our blog for more techniques, tips cheats to play the game.

If you have any hassles during the installation of Brawl Stars Hack, approach us for a real-time possible solution. What are you waiting for? It’s time we get addicted to the Brawl Stars Android Game all over again.

How to Play PUBG Mobile on PC

Want to Play PUBG Mobile on PC? Here’s How You Can!

The most awaited battle royale game, PUBG Mobile is now available on the smartphones. This mobile version full of Playerunknown’s battlegrounds has been rumored to release on the PC as well. Therefore, it is time that the rumors are turning into a reality now with Tencent announcing the game both for the Android and iOS devices. PUBG still in the earlier stage has managed to gain immense popularity across the world with the soft-launch. Rolling out in various regions, it is only matter of days before people start embarking on this hot game. Well, today, it’s one the most popular games indeed, better than Rules of Survival to be frank!

What is PUBG Mobile About?

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, as it is fully abbreviated is a battle game that takes place on the remote island which is not a part of the world. This island contains around 100 players that are landed on it, using a parachute. These players either have jumped down the plane willingly or are thrown off from the planes willing. Whatever the reason might be, they hit the ground with the quest for their survival starting off. On this island, you strive to become the last person alive. As people start fighting, they end up killing each other. However, an interesting thing about the players is that they look for the defense weapons which can be used to stop others from killing them.

In this game, no one is your buddy and the moment someone has spotted you, you will be a goner. Making sure that the time is not running out entirely, all you need to do is find places to hide. Since you’re playing the role of a human in the game, you will be needing food and as well as other necessities as well. While there are no markets and shops around, you can either find the items or craft the items to cook the meal.

How to Play PUBG Mobile on PC

So this is something special about the PUBG Mobile game which you must know before you play it. Now coming to the point! Ever wondered about playing PUBG Mobile PC game just like you do on Android or iOS? Well, here’s your chance to do so. Have a look at the detailed guide here!

PUBG Mobile is indeed a huge game and it is capable of keeping you, entertained for hours and hours. The reason why people throughout the world are gaining a lot of love and attention is the way the developers have crafted the game. Tencent has done a commendable job in designing the graphics of the game with a lucrative gameplay. The desktop version of PUBG is big and it’s going to take you some time to install the version. Therefore to save the time and as well as the size, you can get the PUBG Mobile for PC.

Download PUBG Mobile for PC using BlueStacks!

#1. Initially, visit the official website of BlueStacks on your computer. It is important to note that the BlueStacks 3 is the latest version is available and downloading it will be more feasible. Besides that, you can also try Bluestacks N which is still in beta testing phase!

#2. Once you have downloaded the BlueStacks tool, run it by right-clicking on it. It will introduce a mobile interface for you that just looks like the Android interface. Here, you can open the Google Play store.

Download Bluestacks 3

#3. Search for ‘PUBG Mobile’ and as soon as you locate the official file, install it. Be patient while installing as it will take few minutes for you to load the game.

Bluestacks PUBG Mobile Download

#4. Once the installation is done, you can open the PUBG Mobile on the home tray menu and play it accordingly. Following the onscreen instructions will help you in any kind of hassles.

Installing PUBG Mobile on PC using Bluestacks

#5. Another way of getting PUBG Mobile on PC using BlueStacks is by downloading the file from any third party source and then opening it through BlueStacks.

Download Nox PUBG Mobile for PC

Getting PUBG Mobile for PC using Nox App Player which is quite similar to downloading the game through BlueStacks. To do this, open the official website of Nox App Player and download it on your computer.

  1. Once you have done it, you can either open the Nox App Player interface and check the Google Play Store. Through the play store, check for the PUBG Mobile and install it.
  2. Another way of doing it is by downloading the PUBG Mobile APK file from third-party sources and opening it through the Nox App Player by double-clicking on it.
  3. In both the ways, you have to wait and let the file be installed as it will take few minutes. Once you’re sure that the PUBG Mobile APK has been installed, it will appear on the home screen.
  4. All you need to do now is launch it by clicking on the PUBG Mobile icon, download the game data and then proceed with the instructions. The game will not run for too long which is why you can play the game as soon as possible.

How to Play PUBG Mobile on PC?

The PUBG Mobile is a beta game released and the monetization of the game hasn’t been activated yet. There is no price of the game, listed on the Play Store and it doesn’t have any in-app purchases either. Therefore, this game can be played on the PC without any controller issues. When you’re sideloading PUBG Mobile for PC, make sure that you’re downloading the mandatory OBB files so that can boot up with the ease.

Tencent has worked so hard to keep the PUBG mobile version, honest to the PC version and therefore, you will find a lot of similarity between the two games. However, the control scheme of PUBG has been quite complex with the mouse setup which is why it is not easy to play it as efficiently on the phone screen. Even with the mobile optimization, it is not possible to run the setup smoothly. But when you download the PUBG Mobile on PC, you will find a pre-defined setup and as well as key mapping for the game. You can change the set up by selecting the keyboard from your side toolbar including the shortcuts and the mouse sensitivity, as well.

Minimum Requirements to Play PUBG on PC!

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a game that offers an amazing experience for the PC consoles. It performs exclusively well even when the controls are a bit tricky. The lack of the controller support might come off as a problem, but with the gameplay that it offers; it is recommended to play the PUBG Mobile on PC.

OS: 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

Storage: 30 GB available space

Network: Broadband Internet connection

Processor: Intel Core i3-4340 / AMD FX-6300

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB / AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB

DirectX: Version 11

So this is what you must have on your windows operating system based laptop or personal computer to play PUBG Mobile on PC.

Final Verdict!

If you ask me to play PUBG Mobile, I would definitely prefer to play this battle game on my PC or laptop. Do let me know if you face any issues while installing or downloading PUBG on PC. Stay tuned to Genius Geeks and know what’s hot & trending!

PUBG Mobile Game Download

PUBG Mobile Game for Android & iOS Released!

Remember the times when Dean Hall launched his version of an Army-mode game called “Day Z”? It became wildly popular almost immediately. As soon as it was introduced on one gaming platform, fans began craving for a standalone, console version of it as well. Shortly after “Day Z” came out, such types of games began trending amongst the ardent members, just like Rules of Survival in the past!

Even though the Army-mode game’s ignition began with “Day Z,” it was only carried forward by the introduction of Brendan or Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds platform. The Playerunknown’s Battleground – also known as PUBG among religious gamers is quickly gaining frenzied prominence in the market. Playerunknown’s Battleground or PUBG for Mobile is a full-fledged battle game. One of the primary features of PUBG Android is that it is divided into two different types of modes, i.e. Army mode as well as the H1Z1 mode.

PUBG Mobile Game Download

Features of PUBG Mobile Game

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile has gained ultimate relevance in the gaming world in a very short period of time. The battle/adventure series as managed to secure itself the top position in Steam’s concurrent list of PC games. In fact, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG Android) has even managed to surpass the popularity that the rage-filled, Dota 2 had secured. Following given are the top features of PUBG Mobile Game that is used to identify the game among its fans. Take a look:

#1. Gaming consoles: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) – at the time of its origin – was first launched on PC and Steam platforms. Major technology websites reported last week that PUBG’s Xbox version is going to launch soon as well. It only makes sense for the game developer to want to reach out to a wider audience, given its undefeated popularity.

#2. Playstyles: Experts may debate over the reason to PUBG’s immense fame in such a short period of time. However, what remains undeniable is the kind of accessibility that is offered to the gamers through PUBG. The game’s generally accessible exterior embedded deep into its content is designed to cater to each and every preference of the gaming members. The game developer had specially designed PUBG Mobile by keeping several playstyles in mind. Whether you’re the kind to prefer a first-person shooting arcade or the kind to have immense fun in the survival-strategy adventure, PUBG Mobile Game is known to satisfy all these demands.

Tips & Tricks to Follow in PUBG Mobile

Regardless of what type of the game style you prefer, there are a few tips and tricks that you must still keep in mind in order to enjoy PUBG at its fullest potential. Take a look at the following:

#1. The initial moves

No matter which gaming platform you are making use of, your version of PUBG Mobile will start in an airplane flying high over an identified location, preferably an island. The gamers will be provided with a map on the right-hand side, which will deliver all the important details such as the direction, other modes, and destination among other aspects for that matter. You will be required to take a fall from the airplane.

In a time like this, it is crucial that gamers give themselves enough time in the episode to land on a good spot. If they end up taking a bad decision call, then they might land and directly face the wall of death. This is not necessarily a good thing. Make sure that you are within reach of a vehicle as soon as you land at the start of PUBG Mobile Android Game.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Android APK

#2. Vehicle is the best option

As the PUBG Mobile game progresses, you will realize that transporting yourself in a vehicle from one destination to another is perhaps, the best kind of option. It ends up being much easier for you to get around the map. The safe circle is often located further away in comparison to the circle of death. However, in order to carry out some safe looting, one must always have instant or quick access to a vehicle.

Do keep in mind that when you are actually using a vehicle – whether that is a car, SUV or even a two-wheeled motorcycle, they can unexpectedly act strangely. More often than not, gamers will find themselves in a spot wherein the cars are exploding out of the blue by merely coming in contact with an outcropping of rocks.

#3. Smart ways to loot

One of the best ways of fulfilling your first few tasks successfully is by looting people that you’ve killed along the way. However, when it comes to the end-game scenario, looting others might not necessarily be a good option. When fewer members are still alive, the chances of them being packed with all the safety gear possible is high.

They can easily protect themselves against what you might have to offer in terms of a weapon. Therefore, it is necessary for you to be cautious about who you are about to attack and what weapons or safety guards you are equipped with in order to safeguard yourself against such damages.

How to Download PUBG for Android

Updated: The PUBG Mobile Android version is now released.Download it here! Or if you want to download PUBG Mobile APK, you can get it here!

According to a report by Android Authority, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Android version has been launched. The Early Access title for PUBG Android users is now available for installation. You will discover access to PUBG Moblie game version online. You are simply required to tap on the PUBG Android APK version link and install the software. Following which, the instructions for downloading the entire PUBG Android game will be provided to you.

Install PUBG Mobile iOS Now!

Updated: PUBG Mobile iOS Game is out now! You can download it from here!

As of now, there are no words on PUBG iOS release. But looking at the craze which PUBG PC version got, we are quite sure, PUBG Mobile iOS will be released soon. You can also play this game on PC by using an Android App Player or by using Nox App Player itself.

Final Verdict on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

As of writing this (30th November 2017), the game was initially released in China only. But later or sooner PUBG Android will be released worldwide. Will keep you updated as more details come in.

Download Rules of Survival PC

Here’s How to Play Rules of Survival on PC Using Bluestacks!

Rules of Survival PC

Growing up, have you ever imagined fighting on a battlefield filled with hundreds of opponents and unlimited weapons? Have you ever wanted to capture your enemy’s fort and make it your own? Maybe, wage a mini-war with your friends? As a kid, everyone dreams of such things.

The 21st century has given us a new dawn of technology and gaming. With impeccable graphics and crystal-clear details, you can now fight battles and opponents with Rules of Survival on PC. NetEase Games brings you Rules of Survival PC (ROS PC), the best survival game in the Android market. You could either fight for your survival by yourself or along with your team.

Features of Rules of Survival Game

There are many survival games in the Android market. However, Rules for Survival PC or ROS PC Download is a different game when compared to all the other games. Here are a few features of Rules of Survival that show you why:

Download Rules of Survival PC

#1. User-friendly Interface

When you talk about any action Game, it’s quite obvious that most of the users will look for a smooth and user-friendly interface. And that’s what Rules of Survival provides. It’s light game (in size) and doesn’t occupy much of your smartphone’s space, to be frank. With such versatile concept and action-packed gaming, you are sure to enjoy each and every second when you play Rules of Survival on PC.

#2. Battle with 300 Players (Multi-Player Mode)

Yes, you read that right! You can now battle with 300 players all at the same time within a map of 8×8 KM. This option isn’t available in any of the games I have played before other than Rules of Survival for PC. This multi-player mode gives you varieties of enemies with superpowers in their kit. To beat them in the war field is the challenge you will face for sure and that’s what makes you One Man Army in Rules of Survival Game. The one who survives in 300 players will be ultimately ruling the battlefield.

#3. Unlimited Weapons & Vehicles

Obviously, every game comes with lots of weapons so that you can compete with your enemy in style! And in Rules of Survival for PC, you will get a chance to use many weapons. But there’s a twist in the plot here. Once you clear various terrains by defeating your enemies or survivors, you will get a chance to unlock new weapons instantly. So you need to work hard for the same. You can also collect weapons from the enemies who dies, so don’t miss those chances ever! Meanwhile, to ensure that your power is always 100%, you will have an access to different vehicles so that you can move around different terrains!

#4. Realistic Player Movements & Surroundings

When you are on the battlefield in a war, it’s likely to see whereabouts of your enemies. In Rules of Survival PC game, you can rest assured about the same as it shows you realistic movements of the players so that you can plan your moves accordingly. Besides that, the surroundings are also important to make your next move. And this also what realistic in Rules of Survival for PC game. These two features make this action game unique.

#5. Impeccable Graphics with Expert Sound Quality

Last but not the least, the amazing graphics and the sound quality! You just can’t take your eyes of the game because of its visuals. The graphics in the game perfectly sync with teh sound quality as well. It’s just like the sound syncing with a horror scene in a movie. That’s what I can compare the best!

So these are some amazing features of Rules of Survival PC Version game. Now let’s have a look at the ROC PC gameplay so that you can know how to play Rules of Survival Game on your Windows PC or Laptop based in Windows XP, 7, 8 & 10.

Rules of Survival PC Mac Download

Rules of Survival (ROS) PC Game Play

Rules of Survival PC game is a very unique and adventurous game. You are dropped into a vast, deserted island with over 120 people. The entire aim of the game is to be the last one to survive. With enemies shooting thousands of bullets all around you, poisonous gas spreading, and ultimately death is chasing you. In this entire mad frenzy, the only way you can survive is to pick up as many weapons as you can and fight as many opponents as you can. Arm yourself or use your fists, your aim is to survive.

You might think that this is only on an Android device, well, we have good news. You can get this game on PC, all you have to do is follow my comprehensive guide given below.

Download Rules of Survival for PC using Bluestacks

There are times when we want a bigger screen or louder sound to experience the best of the aesthetic gaming experience we can. This is when you can use Android emulators like BlueStacks and Nox App Player.

Step 1: Download BlueStacks Android emulator on your PC. Make sure that you read the system requirements before you download BlueStacks. If you’re unsure about how to download BlueStacks, then you can find out here.

Step 2: Download Rules of Survival PC using Bluestacks. After installing the app successfully, open it using BlueStacks.

Step 3: BlueStacks is an emulator that opens the app on your PC like it would on your Android device.

Step 4: Search for Rules of Survival Game or ROS PC in Google Play Store present in Bluestacks and just install it right away!

That’s all you need to do to enjoy the full gaming experience of Rules of Survival on PC. Alternatively, you can use Nox App Player if you’re more comfortable with Nox.

ROS Download PC Using Nox App Player

Nox App Player is another emulator that lets you enjoy the experience of gaming just like BlueStacks. You can download Nox App Player by clicking on this link here.

Step 1: Download the Rules of Survival APK by visiting Google Play store in your Bluestacks emulator itself. You could also find the app from an alternative source but it could be fake. Hence, make sure you’re not being cheated.

Step 2: Now that you’ve downloaded Rules of Survival PC, you can open it using the emulator.

Step 3: With this amazing adventure game, you can have the fun of surviving on an island filled with 120 people to battle.

How to Download Rules of Survival Mac using Bluestacks

The procedure for downloading ROS Mac is quite similar to the methods shown above. Rules of Survival game is great for both PC and Mac. However, it’s recommended that you check the system requirements before downloading any app. To install Rules of Survival Mac you need to download Bluestacks latest version.

Conclusion on Rules of Survival Action Game

There are many adventure games in the Android market but none have proven to be as amazing and realistic as Rules of Survival PC. ROS PC Game has everything it needs to be called the best adventure game on the market. So, are you going to be the first one to die or survive in ROS PC Full Version Game? Download ROS PC now and start playing to get into action right now!

ROS WallHack PC 2018

ROS PC Wallhack Download for Windows 10, 8 & 7!

Rules of Survival WallHack PC

ROS WallHack PC: We’ve all read and heard about how man evolved from something so non-productive like a caveman. From inventing fire to inventing a new app, there’s a common ground; survival. We all do things to survive. While it may be a lot more subtle than how caveman hunted for food or how one country waged a war against another, it all comes down to survival.

Have you ever sat down at your office desk with a huge pile of files in front of you, seeking for excitement? Have you ever dreamed of being an armed office while watching an action movie? Do you want to experience that action? Here’s Rules of Survival Wallhack PC for you! We give you Rules of Survival PC Wallhack, the one PC game that stands out to be the best among all the other survival games in the market.

NetEase made all your childhood dreams come true, with this game you can march down into the enemy’s camp with a bunch of your friends, tear their camp down and place your flag. You could even wage wars just to establish and expand your territory. ROS Wallhack PC can give you the aesthetic pleasure of surviving and playing this action-packed game.

ROS WallHack PC 2018

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Rules of Survival PC Wallhack Features

The advent of technology and smartphones gave us a lot of great things. They gave us games, applications, tools and even increased our productivity. ROS PC Wallhack is packed with all the features that will make the techie in you fall in love. The features of ROS PC Wallhack include amazing surround sound quality, detailed graphics and epic storyline.

ROS Wallhack PC Graphics

We all crave for excellent graphics when it comes to playing games. ROS PC Wallhack has graphics that are so detailed and are of such high quality, that it could be written off as NetEase’s best game ever. The player movements, fights, and even the kills are so detailed, it’s almost like a real-life game.

ROS PC Wallhack– More Features

The game is packed with features like a great storyline, excellent sound, amazing in-depth gameplay, unlimited weapons, various player modes and even cheats and tricks.

Rules of Survival WallHack PC Download

How to do ROS Wallhack on PC

Many people get scared the minute they read or hear the word Wallhack. Wallhacks are as simple as installing an APK file on your phone.

#1. Firstly make sure to download a good injector program from the web. Use something that is genuinely good. Many websites just show injector programs but they turn out to be fake.

#2. Once you have that injector program installed. Open your browser and download the ROS PC Download DLL file. You need the file to be in a DLL format so that it can be injected. You can get the download injector from the most popular website unknown cheats and for Android devices, you can download ROS MOD APK!

#3. Open Rules of Survival PC Wallhack and then run the injector program.

#4. Once you open the injector program, it will ask you locate the DLL file. Locate the DLL file and complete the injection successfully.

#5. All it takes is a few simple clicks. Once the popup window shows that the injection has been done successfully, then you can open the game and continue playing.

Conclusion for ROS WallHack 2019!

By following the instructions above, you can perform Rules of Survival PC Wallhack by yourself. It’s as simple as installing an application on your PC. Once you’ve completed the Wallhack, you can enjoy the benefits that this game has to offer. Not only can you enjoy surviving out in the wilderness but you can also relax and unwind after a long day. So, what are you waiting for? Download ROS Wallhack 2019 for PC Now! Stay tuned to our games section for more exciting PC games!

Rules of Survival Mod APK Download

Rules of Survival Mod APK Download with Hack & Cheats!

Rules of Survival Mod APK

Chinese game developer, NetEase has gained a lot of recognition in the gaming community in the recent past. One of the main reasons to NetEase’s instant game can undoubtedly be accredited to its not-so-recent establishment called Rules of Survival. NetEase made an unaccountable profit over Rules of Survival Mod APK soon after it was made accessible to the public.

It didn’t come across as a surprise that it was initially launched in one language only, i.e. Chinese. Gradually, the developers created an English version of the game and subsequently made it available for installation. Soon enough, the English version of Rules of Survival Mod APK became the subject of special attraction and the PC version as well.

Another reason to the game’s undefeatable fame is that it only makes use of one server. This allows players all over the globe to fight together, thereby creating a fierce and unforgettable arena. The game may almost seem as if it is never-ending because of just how expansive the map is. If rumors are believed to be true then the game allows over one-twenty players to fight together – all at the same time in the game. Additionally, the game features high-end, premium-level 3D graphics technology that engages the gaming audience on another level.

Rules of Survival Mod APK Download

Features of Rules of Survival Hack APK

Following given are the main features that most fans use to identify this game. Take a look:

#1. Expansive maps + amazon 3D graphics

As mentioned previously, the Rules of Survival Mod APK game attained instant popularity because of just how expansive its map is. With over one-twenty players gaming at the same time, individuals can explore through different forests, oceans, towns, factories, mountains, fields and warehouses among other locations. One may say that this is discoverable in almost all the battle-strategy games, but what makes Rules of Survival Mod APK truly stand out are its out-of-the-world 3D graphics. They make the game look highly realistic by nature. Players will not have such a difficult time admitting to this. Along the journey, individuals can even develop innovative tactics to kill the enemy and make use of bushes to hide or camouflage themselves.

#2. Fair gameplay

One of the best things about Rules of Survival Mod APK is that its gameplay is the same for all. All the players are expected to participate in the fair competition. Whether it be while starting out the first parachute dive, or searching and discovering weapons. The fight mode is also similar for all the players. This is done so that no one player has an upper hand over another. This promotes a fair competition and keeps the gamers engaged.

#3. Weapons, equipment diverse by nature

Rules of Survival Mod APK’s major highlight are its weapons and equipment. Individuals will find great joy in utilizing different rudimentary weapons on the battlefield. They will seem exotic yet, real-life like. Individuals have a diverse field of options to choose from, when it comes to selecting weapons and equipment.

#4. Teamwork is promoted

Another one of the main factors that plays a significant role all through the Rules of Survival Mod APK is that each and every player will be required to play as a part of a team. Through this, the game developers are trying to promote teamwork. Gamers are required to be a part of any one team that consists roughly two to four players. The number of members in one team depends on the kind of mode that you have selected. The achievement that you will gain as a part of the team is much more high-value than any other.

Rules of Survival Hack Cheats Tips Tricks

Download Rules of Survival Mod APK

The Rules of Survival Mod APK has been introduced by NetEase exclusively on Apple’s App Store. Therefore, iPhone and iPad users can gain easy access to the game. Users can even search for Rules of Survival Mod APK file available online.

How to install Rules of Survival Mod APK

Rules of Survival Mod APK is similar to another popular trending game called PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds (PUBG). You will discover access to Rules of Survival Mod APK version online. You are simply required to tap on the Rules of Survival Mod APK version link and install the software. Following which, the instructions to downloading the entire Rules of Survival APK Mod game will be provided to you.

There are a few tips and tricks that you can keep in mind while playing the Rules of Survival Mod APK game. Take a look:

  1. Control scheme that is comfortable for you: You must understand that Rules of Survival Mod APK is a high-level strategy game. The basics may come across as ordinary but one needs to undertake well-planned strategies to survive in the game. The Rules of Survival Mod APK offers audience with a variety of options of game controls. Keep in mind that while selecting the right one, you must choose the kind that you are most comfortable with. This is because it will help you in a longer run.
  2. Landing options: It is crucial that gamers give themselves enough time in the episode to land on a good spot. If they end up taking a bad decision call, then they might land and directly face the wall of death. This is not necessarily a good thing. Make sure that you are in reach of a vehicle as soon as you land.

Conclusion on Rules of Survival Cheats and Tips

The Rules of Survival cheats and hacks is starting to gain major prominence among the gaming community. So what are you waiting for? Now that you are aware of all the details, you must get going! Download Rules of Survival Mod APK on your Android devices right now! And iOS users, will have to download TutuApp or Black mart in order to get the hacked version of Rules of Survival Game.

Rules of Survival APK Download

Rules of Survival Download for Android & iOS!

Rules of Survival Mod APK

We’ve seen survival television shows, adventure games, and many amazing games. But have you ever seen a game like Rules of Survival? With the entry of Rules of Survival APK in the Android Market, we cannot get enough of it. The game has seen some amazing response in such a short time.

With people scrambling to get their hands on this game, we couldn’t understand why. So, what did we do? We found out why. This adventure game has impeccable graphics, superb sound realistic player movements. In every game, players search for the realistic aspects of the Rules of Survival APK game which add to the entire gaming experience making it the most aesthetically pleasing experience ever.

Features of Rules of Survival for Android

Whenever a game enters the market, it doesn’t gain popularity without having a few amazing features. Similarly, Rules of Survival APK for Android also only gained the craze because of these features. Features are:

Rules of Survival APK Download

  • Single-Player and Multiplayer Mode
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Extreme Combat Levels
  • Over 120 opponents to battle
  • Unlimited weapons
  • Vast battlefield to fight
  • Various Challenging Obstacles
  • Light, Fun and Entertaining
  • Extremely Detailed Graphics
  • Amazing Sound Quality

Rules of Survival for iOS Gameplay

The gameplay for Rules of Survival APK is quite different as compared to other survival and adventure games. While many adventure games may have a generic layout this one is different from the rests. You’ll find yourself on a vast, deserted island with over 120 survivors. What’s the main goal? It’s to survive. You’ll find that there’s a poisonous gas spreading around you, people keep dying and your only way is to survive. This exciting gameplay is what’s grabbing everyone’s attention.

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Rules of Survival Mod APK Download for Android

Looking at the exciting gameplay and these amazing features, you’ll want to try this game out, right? Well, look no further. You can now download Rules of Survival game with these few simple steps.

Rules of Survival for Android iOS

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Before you download Rules of Survival APK for Android. Navigate to settings and check the box that allows you install applications from third-party sources.

Step 2: While the APK for Rules of Survival on Android can be downloaded from an alternative source. It’s important for you to download it from a genuine source. You can download Rules of Survival APK Android from here.

Step 3: Move the APK file to the internal storage of your Android device.

Step 4: Once you finish all the above steps, you can launch the application.

By following these few steps mentioned above, you can experience the realistic gaming experience of Rules of Survival. Also, check how to hack Rules of Survival using Mod APK within a fraction of seconds.

How to Download Rules of Survival on iOS

The installation process is very similar to that of the Android installation process mentioned above.

On your iOS device, open Safari and install the app by clicking on this link here. By following the onscreen instructions you can install Rules of Survival for iOS.

Final Thoughts

Rules of Survival APK download is a game combined with amazing graphics, expert sound, and realistic gameplay. This is a whole package that contains everything that you need to make it one the best adventure games in the market. You can get the best gaming experience with this realistic survival game.Whether you’re fighting it out with your friends or you’re doing it alone. Whether you’re going in with all arms or just your bare fists, you will have the fun of your lifetime. So, are you going to survive?

Dream League Soccer 2017 APK

Dream League Soccer 2018 APK Download for Android!

Dream League Soccer 2018 APK

The much awaited Dream League Soccer 2018 APK has been finally released! The football fans were eagerly waiting for Dream League Soccer 2018 Mod APK ever since the release of 2017 version. The latest version of Dream League Soccer is already being loved by many!

Today, in this article, I will be showing you how to download Dream League Soccer 2018 APK and how to play the game on your Android devices! Stay away from unofficial sources providing fake Mod APKs and download from official website only!

Before I explain you the overall procedure of Dream League Soccer 2018 APK download 5.02 version, I will be explaining the gameplay in detail. This will give you enough idea on how to play Dream League Soccer 2018 on Android smartphones & tablets. So firstly, let’s have a look at the features of Dream League Soccer 2018!

Dream League Soccer 2018 APK

Features of Dream League Soccer 2018 Mod APK

The overall gameplay of Dream League Soccer 2018 is very different as compared to older version. DLS 2018 is a unique soccer game that delivers high-quality gaming standards. So here are some amazing things to note in Dream League Soccer 2018 Android game.

#1. It’s now possible to create your Dream Team with the help of latest Dream League Soccer 2018 APK.

#2. Train the players to their potential & get the finest of a game delivered from them!

#3. There are more than 7 Cup competitions & 6 divisions to play with different teams at worldwide locations.

#4. Make your Dream League Soccer Team like home by customizing the stadium in such a way that your supporters and players both love them! 🙂

#5. The soundtracks in the Dream League Soccer 2018 APK are a treat to hear! You are sure to get GooseBumps!

#6. It’s also possible to sync the game on Google Play Cloud so that you never lose your game data even if you change your Android smartphone or tablet.

#7. Customizing the logos, t-shirts & the whole kit is now possible with Dream League Soccer 2018 Kits and when you download Dream League Soccer 2018 Mod APK on your Android phone.

Dream League Soccer 2018 Mod APK Download

So these are some fantastic features you can have a glimpse and implement them when you play Dream League Soccer 2018 APK on Android. Now that you know what to do, it’s time to build your dream team and get started!

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Hang on! There’s a TWIST when you start playing the game! To understand it, please go through the below guidelines on how to play the Dream League Soccer 2018 effectively on your mobile phones!

GamePlay of Dream League Soccer 2018 on Android

As a soccer fan, I think, you might have already played DLS 2017 version of the game! The gameplay was pretty simple in the older version. But in Dream League Soccer 2018 APK, there are few minor changes in the overall format. There’s no need to panic about it, it’s pretty simple to implement. Here’s all about the gameplay of Dream League Soccer 2018 Android!

Before you start playing the game, make sure that you train your dream team perfectly (only if you are new to Dream League Soccer 2018 APK series). And ensure that your superstars are dressed well to showcase them in front of the supporters. Building your stadium can give you some rewards points depending on the response from the fans.

GamePlay of Dream League Soccer 2018

The main concern for ever player is to earn coins and to do that, you need to pay additional bucks to earn more points & develop your dream team with perfection. To earn Dream League Soccer 2018 coins for free, you need to go through Dream League Soccer 2018 Hack guide which is working perfectly for millions of users right after the release! The more coins you have, the higher are the chances to sign the best superstars of DLS game!

To play Dream League Soccer 2018 online, you need GUTS! Yes, you heard that right! It’s not that easy to top the ranking charts with your dream team. There’s always a chance to improve no matter who the opponent is. It’s not mandatory to sign superstars, you need to train your dream team to face every situation in the game.

Ahh! This is a small introduction to the GamePlay of Dream League Soccer 2018 APK for Android devices. Now let’s have a look at the download procedure for DLS 2018 APK for Android smartphones & tablets.

Dream League Soccer 2018 APK Download for Android

Dream League Soccer 2018 Mod APK Download

If you already know how to download an APK on your Android device, this procedure is not for you 😛 It’s simple, as you know. The users who are downloading Dream League Soccer 2018 APK for the first time, here’s what you need to do to download DLS 2018 Mod APK on Android devices.

#1. Ensure that you have a proper internet connection before you start installing Dream League Soccer 2018 APK.

#2. Head over to your mobile’s browser and click below download button for Dream League Soccer 2018 Mod APK.

Download Now

#3. Once the DLS 2018 APK is downloaded, you need to install Dream League Soccer 2018 APK on Android mobile.

#4. During the installation process, accept the terms and conditions to let the procedure complete without any troubles.

#5. Once the Dream League Soccer 2018 Android is installed, open the game and start building your dream team right from scratch!

This is how you can download Dream League Soccer 2018 APK on your Android devices! You can also download Dream League Soccer 2018 PC version on your windows based computers & laptops.

Important Note for DLS 2018 APK Download

Make sure that you don’t download DLS 2018 APK from any other unofficial sources like AppVN store or TuTuApp, just download it from Google Play Store itself. They are of course safe, but to get the best out of Dream League Soccer 2018 Mod APK, it’s better to go with official source only!

Conclusion of Dream League Soccer 2018 Download

Once you download DLS 2018 APK on your Android devices, do share your views about the game in the comment section given below. Stay tuned for latest Android games to our blog!

Pokemon Go Servers Down Issues

Pokémon GO Server Down? Errors, Crashes, Issues Fixed Here!

Pokemon Go Down?

Pokémon GO was an instant hit from its appearance in the market. The Pokémon lovers across the globe were eagerly waiting for this version as the company launched the game after nearly 18 to 20 years. The players gave it equal share by making it on the toppers chart.

But Sunday was a dark day for the makers of the Pokémon GO as their previous venture was comprised in terms of security. The Pokemon Go’s servers were down! Let’s see the whole story.

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Pokémon GO Server Down

Pokémon GO had a successful run in the market following its release, but that didn’t last long as the hacking group named ‘OurMine’ performed a Distributed Denial of service (DDoS) attack on Niantic’s server. 17th July (Sunday) being unlike any other day for Pokémon GO lovers and the makers as  the players were not able to get online and that was the part of consequences of the attacks. Players had complaints regarding coming back online which took the companies attention.
OurMine claimed credits for the attack and covered by quoting that they are willing to help the makers to make the Game more stable so that it won’t be attacked in near future. The group wrote on their website ‘No one will be able to play this game till Pokémon GO contact us on our website to teach them how to protect it!’ for gaining held worldwide in which they proved to be blooming.

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Pokemon Go Down, Server Issues

Pokemon Server Issues

The hackers group makes money by security assignment (rather we call security breach) where they fling into corporate networks to find how safe they are. You can find out the outages in your area use DownDetector.

As the makers are expanding the game in different regions players should expect some additional downtime as well.  Due to expansion, the Niantic servers are definitely under high stress to provide the fluent gameplay. Another group known to be PoodleCorp claimed to attack the Pokémon GO servers.

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Pokemon Go Servers Down Issues

The officials tweeted ‘The issues causing server problems have been identified. Trainers should once again be able to search for Pokémon in the real world.’ So the issue was solved but they didn’t classify it as a DDoS.

Now let’s see what comes ahead! Whether the OurMine group stands their ground or will stab another kind of similar attack or will the makers take them in considerations?. We will keep you up to date with the Pokemon Go server status, Pokemon Go issues, Pokemon Go crashes and lots of information here.

Follow our blog for more updates on Pokemon Go while playing on Nox App Player.

Brawl Stars APK Download for Android & Brawl Stars iOS

Download Brawl Stars Apk

Remember those days where you’d brawl with your siblings over petty issues? Or those days when you’d fight with pillows or fake swords? Supercell brings you Brawl Stars. This game will bring out the inner Spartan in you as you maneuver your character in this epic Brawl Stars APK. Brawl Stars was unveiled in quite a unique way. A few days ago, the game developers released a live YouTube video stream. In the video, the game developers were seen playing Brawl Stars along with a few ‘Let’s Play’ stars. The free to play a fighting game is what has everyone waiting for to download Brawl Stars APK on Android. 

The video showed (at the end of the post) a pre-beta version of the game. Hence, there might be a few changes in its colors, artwork and features might change before its final release. While this game might seem like a single player game, it’s evident that the gaming experience with multiplayer mode will be the greatest ever.

Brawl Stars APK Download

Features of Brawl Stars Android & iOS

Brawl Stars Android and Brawl Stars iOS will be released as a soft launch in Canada before its final release worldwide. Supercell has always succeeded in launching amazing action games.  Here are a few features you could find in the game.

Brawl Stars APK Android lets players fight with one another in a mine. The two teams fight over their gems. The primary goal in the Brawl Stars APK is to prevent the other teams from stealing your gems. Your main objective is to acquire their gems from their supply or from the small mines around the arena. You get your very own little brawler whom you can customize according to your preferences.

You can go and fight your own little battle or you can gather up a few of your friends and have a huge slugfest in the ultimate multiplayer mode ever. With the video of the game’s features out, everyone’s dying to get their hands on their very own Brawl Stars APK Android.

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Brawl Stars APK

Gameplay of Brawl Stars APK Download

Before you get ready to brawl, here are the four main gameplay modes that are sure to help you strategize your gameplay and win.

You might think the name’s exciting, wait till you hear the gameplay!  In this gameplay mode, the team that fights and collects the most stars wins. You can easily find stars around the gym and then hold onto them to claim your win.

Smash n Grab
Just as the name suggest, the teams have to collect crystals from the center of the map. The first team that collects and then successfully holds onto ten crystals wins the match.

This is the most exciting gameplay in Brawl Stars APK download. The teams have to either protect or attack a safe that’s full of loot. Grab your friends and start your mini heist yourself.

The Showdown
In the Showdown, you either brawl or you die. With ten players battling it out in the ultimate arena, the map gets smaller and smaller. As it gets smaller, players keep dying and the last player alive wins the Showdown.

Brawl Stars Android

How to Download Brawl Stars Apk for Android

Today, I will show you how to download Brawl Stars APK for Android. Make sure that your phone has sufficient space.

Step by Step procedure

  • You can download Brawl Stars APK file here or from a trusted source like Rule.FM. (APK File Isn’t available yet) Always ensure that you’re downloading the authentic Brawl Stars Mod APK and that you’re not being cheated.
  • Once you download the Brawl Stas Android APK file, then open the file manager and locate Brawl Stars APK.
  • Follow the step by step instructions on your screen and complete the installation process. After you finish the installation, you can now brawl it out by opening the app from your app drawer.
  •  After you open the app, make sure to connect with all your social media accounts if you can. Once you do that, you can share your victories with your friends and start your own matches in multiplayer mode.

Stay updated with my website and you can get the ultimate chance to get Brawl Stars hacks and Brawl Stars cheats.  You can download TuTuApp to do the same right now!

Brawl Stars for iOS

How to Download Brawl Stars for iOS

  • Click here to download Brawl Stars for iOS (works only for Canada users). You can also follow the remaining steps in as shown by the game.
  • Open the file and follow the instructions step by step to complete the installation.

Once the installation is completed, then you can locate the game in your apps. Happy brawling! Watch the video to know more about Brawl Stars Android & Brawl Stars iOS GamePlay by the game developers SuperCell!

Note: The game has been soft launched in Canada only and that too for iOS users. The working Brawl Stars APK for all countries including United States, Canada, UK, Australia, Austria, Italy, Germany, France, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Brazil, Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Turkey, Hong Kong, Hungary and lots more in coming months. Keep an eye on this post to know Brawl Stars release date & grab Brawl Stars APK Download as soon as it is released. Enjoy the video!

Conclusion on Brawl Stars Download

With this epic brawling game,  you can unlock a spread of awesome game modes, dozens of rough character with spectacular skills. All you have to do is shoot ’em up, blow ’em up and punch, ’em up.

You can upgrade and unlock your brawlers by collecting coins, elixir, and chips. So are you ready to climb the Brawl Star leaderboards?  Are you willing to be the ultimate Brawl Stars? Then what are you waiting for? Bring your friends or play on your own!

Ready, steady and Brawl! 😀