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How to Add, Delete & Manage Roles in Discord

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Discord is the latest and most used if not trusted VOIP platform by gamers initially but now has become a global platform even for doctors and all ages or occupations. The software has so much to it, with users being given loads of different options and settings to tinker with. Discord has with time emerged to be the go-to platform for activities such as live game streaming or video conferences and many more.

If you are new to discord, we understand how daunting a task it would be for you to make things happen and get the complete hang of the platform. Discord is complex and we understand because there are a lot of accessories and roles to be assigned that one could go nuts trying to figure out with any help. Hence to be that helping hand, we’ll guide you through this path.

It is pretty easy once you start your journey on discord, there are a few handy tricks you will need to learn, or else assigning and allocating roles is a one-time job. Creating a discord server and inviting your friends, family, and associates to join is the first and foremost step to starting your journey on the VOIP.

What are Discord Roles?

A “Role” basically dictates what a member is allowed/not allowed to do within your server. Think of a discord role as an accessibility level in a particular server. The owner of the server assigns roles which is pretty much the accessibility level of your in that particular server. The owner can manipulate the roles and you can assign multiple roles to a single person in the server.

There are a total of 29 permissions available on Discord that are divided into General, Text, and Voice permissions. In order to appropriately assign roles, you have to understand the usage of these permissions.

How to Add Roles in Discord!

Step – 1

Log into Discord and access your server through the app or website. Then go to the “Server Settings” sidebar.

go to the Server Settings in sidebar

Step – 2

Click on “Members”. The right side of the screen will show a list of all members on your server.

Click on Members

Step – 3

Click on the “+” sign beside the member’s name to which you want to assign a role. Choose the role you would want to assign to that particular member. Keep in mind that you can assign multiple roles to a single member.

Once you click the add button you can change the name of your new role and assign it a colour.

Click on Plus icon to add a new role

Step – 4

If you made a mistake and want to delete a role, you can click on the role and then click on delete.

Delete Roles In Discord

Step – 5

Review all 29 permissions, toggling on only the ones you want to be associated with that role.

Review permissions in Discord

Select “Save Changes” at the bottom of the screen. If you forget to save your changes a dialogue box will appear reminding you to do this before you can proceed.

How to Manage Roles in Discord!

Managing roles on Discord is pretty much the same as creating them. The roles can be added and managed with time as and when needed. If you are a newbie and you think there is not much to the server, you could just get around with two roles namely – admin and @everyone.

Roles being an initial headache actually turn out to be a blessing once you widen your server with more members. The roles have to be managed individually hence it is a smart move to make a common role to be followed by each member and put it under the @everyone tag.

Each role that has been appointed to the member holds its particular importance and hence being specific and careful while managing roles is a must. You would have noticed that the left column on the Roles page displays the names of all roles you have created. The color of the username will be displayed by the highest role assigned to the member. This system allows the users to easily identify the moderators, admins, etc. are on the server.

To make someone admin is no different than assigning other roles. Under the same section that you will assign the roles, you will get an option of ‘Administration’. Click on the given option and then save changes and voila, whoever you have selected now has UNLIMITED POWER!!

How to Delete Roles in Discord!

Deleting a role on Discord is super easy and convenient. Usually, you could just start but if you have a fallout or for whatever reason have to delete the role, here’s how to go with it –

Step – 1

Select ‘Server Setting’ from the small drop-out section of the page.

go to the Server Settings in sidebar

Step – 2

Go to the roles option and delete the particular role you wish to delete.

Step – 3

You would want to scroll down to find the “Delete [role name]” button.

Delete Roles In Discord

Confirm your changes by clicking on ‘okay’.

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Discord is a useful addition to the telecommunication industry. It can initially be a handful but once you get a hang of the servers and start enjoying the streaming and lobby features with your friends and family you will feel this is the way to go. Once the roles and priorities are assigned, the server becomes your daily venture.

Keep in mind you can organize your server through roles if you have exceeded a certain number of members. If not so then you could simply make admin or @everyone for different people in the server and simply make some features out of reach.

The assignment of roles or deleting them can be hectic sometimes too. So we brought out the easiest way to convey the work and bring your server in order and up to date. For further queries and doubts do hit us up in the comment section below and we will make sure to get through to you quickly and help you set up your servers and get going…..

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