Best 2 Stage Snow Blowers [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

From electric and gas snow blowers, the gas snow blowers give you an option of single stage as well as two stage snow blowers.  However, a single stage snow blower is not recommended for heavy snowfall areas wet snow. A Two Stage Snow Blower undertakes snow clearing operation in two stages. It uses a durable serrated auger and an impeller to do so. In such models, stage one includes gathering and breaking down snow and ice into smaller pieces before they are transferred to the impeller and stage two includes throwing out the snow and ice as far as 50 feet with the help of a discharge chute.

One can easily draw, that a Two Stage Snow Blower has more moving parts as well as a better engine than a Single Stage Snow Blower. An auger that is present in the machine will increase the speed of gathering the snow. Due to the high horsepower engine, the machine becomes capable enough of removing the snow that is 24 inches deep.

Though shoveling is considered the best exercise there are far more important things that you have on your list. Moving heavy snow shouldn’t be one of them. After hours and hours of researching, we have compiled a list of the best 2 stage snow blowers for you.

Best 2 Stage Snow Blowers

Below we have listed the top 5 of the best two stage snow blowers available in the market right now. This list is inclusive of machines for domestic as well as industrial usage.

1. Husqvarna ST224P, 208 cc



  • Engine: 208cc
  • Clearance width: 24”
  • Clearance depth: 23”
  • Throw distance: 35 feet
  • Gross Torque: 9.5 lb-ft
  • Weight: 198.6 lbs
  • Warranty: 3 years


Husqvarna is famous for more than just their chainsaws. Model ST224P from Husqvarna is especially for homeowners with a large amount of spaces with hard surfaces that are needed to be kept free of snow. The machine is of excellent power and with the ease of handling multiple speeds and power steering.

This model features a durable 208cc engine built for moderate to heavy snowfalls. It comes with headlights so that one can work in any condition or time of the day. Husqvarna has a reputation for its quality products. The Husqvarna 2 stage snow blowers work faster than other expensive models because of the ribbon auger and the drive system.

Homeowners from areas that receive max snow as well as from areas that occasionally experience extreme snow events i.e. 18” + will find this product very useful. It is an ideal machine for them. Power steering is designed to help the user by reducing the efforts to be put in when compared to maneuvering in deeper snow. This especially results in the reduction of user fatigue. The next time you have to clear the snow, you won’t feel burdened and have to think about your back pain or body pain.

The heated handgrips, the adjustable handle, and the LED headlights will make it easy for the operator to work with. Friction Disc Transmission easily adjusts itself, given the help of six speeds and one reverse in order to get your job done quickly and efficiently.

It also features a chute that can rotate up to about 180 degrees and can also be remote controlled, just like most snow throwers. Also, this snow thrower has 3 years warranty and the engine separately has a warranty of 5 years which is amazing! This is one of our personal favorites on the list.


  • Power steering.
  • 4 positions handle adjustment.
  • LED lights for easy work during the night.
  • Electric start.
  • Heated grip handles.


  • This machine is not for snowfalls over 18”.
  • Only for a small clearing path.

Pro Tip

  • For clearing uneven surfaces with the blower, all you need to do is to use the middle position; not higher, not lower.
  • For instance, if removal of snow during the normal conditions, for paved driveway or sidewalk then place skid plates in the highest position in order to give a 1/8” clearance between the scraper bar and the ground.

2. Briggs & Stratton 1696619, 250cc Snow Blower


  • Engine: 250cc
  • Clearance width: 24”
  • Clearance depth: 20”
  • Throw distance: 30’
  • Gross Torque: 11.5 lb-ft
  • Weight: 205 lbs
  • Warranty: 3 year


Briggs and Stratton 1696619 snow thrower has an amazingly proper balance between the price, quality, and features. It is known as a powerful snow thrower because of the snow series engine that comes with an electric start which makes it easy to start even during the coldest winter days.

The best feature is that the entire frame, including the augers, is made out of durable stainless steel.  As a result of this feature, you can use this unit for a longer period of time without worrying about external damage and wear and tear to the device.

Just like Husqvarna, the Briggs and Stratton 1696619 also features an electric start component. This snow thrower is perfect to tackle small to medium driveways and pathways very easily. For instance, if the snow is to be thrown from the left side to the right, it can easily be done with the left side chute crank.

There is also an aluminum gearbox that provides a long life against the elements. This snow thrower features a friction disc drive system with 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds. It also has a 12” steel scroll auger for a powerful performance.

Other features such as chute control, chute rotation, and a sturdy steel frame, give you good worth for your money. Now the best part is that the engine is from Briggs and Stratton themselves, which actually adds to the best snow blower’s longevity. This is because they are No. 1 in the whole world for building engines for outdoor power equipments! This snow thrower can be your best buy because of its affordability and perfect features for several uses.


  • Affordable price with good features.
  • Electric start
  • Friction disk drive system
  • 2 speed settings
  • Perfect clearing path
  • Powerful engine


  • Not for larger clearing paths.

Pro Tip

  • This product is highly beneficial for homeowners who need a dependable machine for average to smaller properties.
  • During an emergency situation, the control panel also allows switching from the left to right in less than a second.

3. Ariens 926071 Professional, 420cc


  • Engine: 420cc
  • Clearance width: 32”
  • Clearance depth: 23.5”
  • Throw distance: 60’
  • Gross Torque: 21 lb-ft
  • Weight: 333 lbs
  • Warranty: 3 years


Ariens 926071 is designed and built for professionals in the clearing field. However, these can also be used by peculiar for perfection homeowners. It can blow up to 60 feet of snow and clears 79 to 102 tons per hour- based on the model. The mechanical transmission allows for a more fluid turning of the device. By the use of drift cutters, you will be able to, very effortlessly, hurl the white stuff out of your way.

One very interesting feature was that of hand warmers. The device has hand warmers that provide your fingertips with toasty warmth in the coldest of weather. So that you don’t numb them out while working on the snow. How thoughtful! With the help of Dual-handle interlock, it will lock both the handles which results in freeing one hand for the chute operation. The halogen headlight plows through heavy snowfalls even during the coldest of nights.

The size of the tyres is 16” x 6.5” (41 x 17 cm). It also comes with auto-turn steering in order to further make the work easier for you. At a single glance of this snow thrower, you can notice the following features: the Halogen Headlights, Hand warmers, the Remote Deflector, Electric Starter, Drift Cutters, and One Hand Interlock. What else, it comes with a great warranty period as well.


  • 5.9 qt. fuel tank capacity
  • 60 feet max throwing distance
  • Cast iron gear case
  • Disc-O-Matic drive type.


  • 200 degrees turning radius

Pro Tip

  • By using the Ariens snow blower cab, you will be able to protect yourself against heavy snow, wind, and snow blowback conditions.

4. Poulan Pro PR241, 208 cc 2 Stage Snow Blower



  • Engine: 208cc
  • Clearance width: 24”
  • Clearance depth: 23”
  • Throw distance: 45’
  • Gross Torque: 9.5 lb-ft
  • Weight: 240lbs
  • Warranty: 2 years product and 4 years engine


Poulan Pro PR241, Two-Stage Electric Start Snow Blower is an ideal one that creates a balance between power and heft. The device features a 24-inch clearance width, enough to make a single pass down at any sidewalk and also to reduce the number of passes one needs to make on a large driveway. Because of this, you save a lot of your time and get back to other pending work faster.

When there is an electric start in the best snow shovel that means you need not worry about the engine even during the coldest of days. The Poulan Pro also features 12” augers, a 12” impeller, and clearance depth of 23”, which assures you that it will be eating away at large snow drifts. There is a Headlight that will make it easy to throw the snow at night or during low light situations.

Poulan Pro PR241 features 6 step forward transmissions that will allow you to set the speed so that you do not feel bogged or slowed down. There is also a remote control for the chute rotation. Though this model does not offer power steering, it has 13” deep tread tyres which makes it easier to drive over rough gravel and also on the smooth pavement. It also features a durable skid plate in order to protect the underside of the machine from rust and other damage.

The size of the wheels is 13 x 4 in. which is perfect enough in order to provide you easy transportation around your home and worksite. Secondly, handlebar floodlight will provide you with added visibility during darker nights or low light situations. It has comfort grip loop handles that facilitate single hand control and also provides you with adjustable handle height.


  • Wide intake makes it heavy duty
  • 4 cycle engine with electric start
  • Easily maneuverable and it can be assembled on any and every kind of snow
  • Ribbon auger and highly effective discharge chute


  • Heavy machine
  • Single reverse speed
  • Power drive available, but not power steering

Pro Tip

  • Without power steering also this model can fulfill the need for a machine to do the heavy lifting.

5. YARD MAX YB5765, 196cc



  • Engine: 196cc
  • Clearance width: 22”
  • Clearance depth: 16”
  • Throw distance: 20’
  • Gross Torque: 9.5 lb-ft
  • Weight: 125lbs
  • Warranty: 2 years


YardMax provides a durable and long-lasting snow thrower and just because of this reason it is a popular pick amongst homeowners. It provides a varied choice of lawn machinery including snow blowers. Whereas, the 196cc engine powers steel serrated ribbon augers in order to cut through packed snow and ice. The huge 29.9 x 42.9 inch housing will be able to handle more than a foot of snow at a particular period. This model is easy to use and has a powerful 6.5 HP engine. This two stage gas snow blower is ideal for tackling heavy loads in excess of 1’ or more.

The push-button start and backup pull recoil help you to get the machine started in any weather conditions. This snow thrower includes multiple speed controls, including 1 reverse. The self propeller drive allows you to gain maximum control of power and traction over any strong and heavy snow conditions. Now, this snow thrower has 6 speeds which means you won’t be able to adjust it as much as you can in some expensive models.

When you compare it with other models, this one has heated grips that will give you the warm comfort everyone wants and needs while doing any tedious and boring task out in winters. Heated grips will surely prove a hit during the cold winters when you wish to stay inside the house rather than be outside clearing snow from your driveway or your lawn. Secondly, with the help of easy to start engine, you do not have to wait for a longer period in the rough, cold mornings for the machine to heat up or warm up and go. Another one of the best features is that it has the ability to conquer long driveways and shall not struggle to blow away the snow.

The downside is that the motor size is a bit lower than the other models. However, it is the best and really good for the price you will be paying. It also consists of a convenient dashboard that allows for shifting, chute control, power steering, a cup holder, and our favorite heated grips for the required comfort while you work. Secondly, a headlight that will keep you working through dark days and nights. If you are someone who is looking to save money as well as wants a good quality snow blower, well then go for the Yardmax YB5765 model. It is perfect as it also provides you with 196cc engine power!


  • Perfect for long driveways
  • Deep and wet snow can be handled
  • Uneven terrain can be handled


  • Skidders will be longer
  • Pull rope might need replacement

Pro Tip

  • Large property owners and commercial business owners need to look at this workhorse as a dependable and seriously long-lasting snow thrower.

However, on a final note : After more than 120 hours of researching and evaluating the best 2 stage snow blowers, we choose the Husqvarna ST224P as the best overall model. This machine can intake snow up to 24” high and it is our best choice for clearing most driveways. While testing these snow blowers we found that it is the fastest and easiest to operate

Buyer’s Guide

Let us help you in deciding how to buy and features and facilities to look for in a two stage snow blower. Initially, it all depends where you live – a snow blower is either a nice luxury or an absolute necessity. The first thing that you need to consider while deciding to buy a snow blower is how much snow you get in an average winter. Know how big an area you are supposed to clear around your home. Keeping safety while driving in the area is of most importance.

Say you have a short driveway and a garage attached to your house, then you might be able to get away with a decent snow shovel. But if you live in an area that hardly gets pummelled by winter storms then you should be better off saving the money you would be spending on a snow blower. Not to forget the charges of hiring a plow truck once or twice a winter.

But if it is another way around – you get three or more big snowstorms per year and you cannot afford to get trapped in the house because you wait for a plow service then a snow blower is definitely ideal for you.

Select the Correct Snow Blower

Stages of Snow Blower

Every kind of snow blower with the help of an auger takes inside the snow from the ground and discharges it through a chute. If we consider single stage snow blowers then the corkscrew-shaped auger will be the only device moving snow. Whereas the two stage models feature an auger but also use an impeller, it is a fan that will help force collected snow from the back of the auger and out with the help of a discharge chute.

The impeller will help the two stage models to collect the snow faster and send it farther. In the case of three stage models, it will have the auger as well as an impeller but add something called an accelerator. It helps force collected snow from the auger to the impeller. These machines are famous as they can clear the fastest and throw the farthest.

Power Source

The majority of snow blowers use gasoline engines and so those models perform the best. You will also come across some corded electric models that can be used with an extension cord of up to 100 feet from the house. Battery powered electric models are also growing in numbers now that the needs are arising.

Tracks vs. Wheels

Most of the snow blowers are wheeled, including all single stage models, two stage models, and three stage models. For instance, if one has single stage models then the user pushes or pulls the snow blower. If you have two stages or/and three stage machines then the wheels will be powered by the engine, by making those tools perfectly suited in order to clear large areas, where you might get tired of pushing and pulling.

A few two stage models and three stage models have tracked just like those on a tank in the place of wheels. Such snow blowers are ideal for hills and steep driveways because they will effectively boost traction but then it will tend to be harder to turn on level terrain.

3 Different Types of Snow Thrower

1. Electric Snow Thrower

For people who want to clear up the medium-sized driveways, for them, it will be perfect to purchase electric snow blowers. Do not forget that electric snow blowers are only ideal for normal city style home. Such types of snow throwers are effective enough to clear the small areas and will help you to get to work on time. Now, you will be able to remove exasperating snow easily.

Though, such types of snow blowers are not the most powerful models in the market. For instance, if you live in those areas experience incredibly dense snowfall then there are more powerful snow blowers on the market. If this is not the case then you should buy an Electric Snow thrower as it will be perfect as well as a very reasonable price.

These types of snow throwers are ideal for smooth surfaces such as concrete. Such models will work in an effective way on any type of paved surfaces. For instance, if you live in a rural area and there is dirt on the roads and driveway then such types of models are not ideal for you. It is highly important to select a snow blower that will fit the task at hand properly.

One of the notable features is that such blowers are much lighter than the gas powered models. Just because of this feature a person can easily take around where it is needy. Such types of snow blowers are easy to use and are affordable in comparison to other types of snow blowers. Your decision to buy Electric Snow Thrower will be ideal enough if you have a modestly sized property and live in the city or an urban suburb.

2. Cordless Snow Thrower

Most of the people hate to tie the snow blower with a cord. For instance, if you do not like to have the extension cord with your snow blower in order to get the farthest reaches of your driveway then you should buy a cordless snow thrower. Such types of snow throwers have many advantages that will be helpful. Few of them can provide the same work as a single stage gas powered model.

One of the best benefits of having cordless snow throwers is that you can take it anywhere you wish to. So if you were worried about the cord getting twisted with something or of it being short, say good bye to them. These snow throwers are ideal for those who have really long driveways or properties that are huge and humungous and require clearing a lot and often. If you want to get rid of the snow in an effective manner then cordless snow blower will save your time and it will be worth in front what you pay.

These snow blowers are still electric so they should be powered by high voltage batteries. The best part is that such batteries have high capacity and there will be no need to charge it again before your job is done. Whereas, the average cordless snow blower can be operated at higher efficiency (a bit more than an hour) to get your snow clearing work done. For instance, if you feel that you will need more time then you should have corded electric snow blowers.

These snow blowers are very lightweight and the weight of such models is less than the gas powered models. Secondly, you will be able to maneuver such snow blower in an effective manner without feeling a burden.

3. Gas Powered Snow Blowers

The best and powerful snow blower on the market is gas powered snow blowers. Such types of models will be considered ideal to have when you know that there is a big work in front of you. People who are living in rural areas will definitely prefer such types of snow blowers because they have the power to handle a large amount of snow. For instance, if you have to clean a large driveway then you are supposed to have such models only to complete your desired work in a proper manner.

Gas powered snow blowers feature auger that can lift the snow up and pass it to the side. But you need to be careful while using such types of snow blowers as they are powerful. For instance, if you are using a gas-powered snow blower on gravel, which will cause you to throw the rocks that are trapped underneath the snow. This can make you into trouble and so it is recommended to exercise caution.

It is mandatory to have a powerful snow blower if you live in an area that receives heavy snowfall. Further, there are 3 different levels of power when it comes to these gas powered models. Such a model features a powerful tool that will make your work during winter easy. Ultimate information of these 3 different gas-powered models will be covered below content so that it will be easy for you to decide, which model is perfect for you.

4. Gas Powered Single Stage Snow Blowers

People tend to buy gas powered single stage snow blowers more as it is the least powerful snow blower of the three options. Just because of this you should not conclude that it is not powerful and helpful. In order to get your work done in an effective manner – clear the snow from your driveway, you should prefer gas powered single stage snow blowers.

Removing large amounts of snow in a short time is possible because you have an advanced model such as this. But gas-powered single stage snow blowers might not be the most powerful model of gas-powered snow blower on the other hand they are considered effective at what they do. You should have a proper guide on how to use this snow blower as they are powerful. Secondly, the auger in such type of snow blower is stronger enough to sling the rocks with a high velocity so you should have proper attention to the surface that you are using it.

By gas powered single stage snow blowers, you will be able to clear the snow quickly. If you pay proper attention to where you are using it then you would not get into any trouble to clear the driveway. Just because of all these advantages they are a bit more costly than the electric models. You need to look at the advantages you get in exchange of the price that you pay. Only then decide if the purchase is worth making or not.

5. Gas Powered Two Stage Snow Blowers

One step up than the gas powered single stage snow blowers; it will be gas powered two stage snow blowers. Such types of snow blowers are incredibly powerful and they are efficient enough to clear wide paths in less time and it can throw snow up to 33 feet away and by this, you can notice how useful this tool can be. It will be simpler to clean the snow from your driveway and the rest of your property by using such types of models.

But the auger on this model is more powerful than the gas-powered single stage snow blowers. By using such types of snow blowers you can throw up to 55 tons of snow every hour as it is having advanced tools. It will also clear the snow in a wider path comparatively to gas powered single stage snow blowers. So if you want to clear the snow from a wide area then you should prefer the next step in gas powered snow blowers. It will also make larger jobs perfect.

People who have really wide driveways will get satisfaction from such powerful snow blowers. Secondly, it will cut down the time to clear the snow from the driveway or large property significantly. When you get such a great advantage to save time from throwing the snow then you get to use that saved time elsewhere. The 24 inch clearing path of this unit is perfect and more than enough to clear the snow over 12 inches high.

When you get so many advantages then it is but obvious that it will be a bit costly and it is fair enough. You will come across many people who believe that powerful snow blowers are worthwhile investments.

6. Gas Powered Three Stage Snow Blowers

Gas powered three stage snow blowers are best when it comes to purchasing the most powerful snow blower. Such a type of snow blower is so powerful that it will clear deep inches of snow absurdly fast. If you want to clear a very wide path of snow then the gas powered three stage snow blower is mandatory. For instance, if you experience thick ice then it will also allow you to chop so that it will be a convenient way in order to clear your driveway during frozen times.

Firms often tend to buy such snow blowers in order to clear snow from the parking lots. Such type of snow blowers is even speedy while chopping up ice and snow. They can also push the ice and snow a very long distance away in order to allow you to clear a path by yourself. However, such types of models are known as the strongest type of snow throwers that you can purchase on the market.

If you expect high quality performance with strong built machines, it is but obvious that it comes at a price. These are premium quality and hence also need you to pay higher than most snow blowers out there. However, such a type of snow blower is not inexpensive but it can be actually worthwhile in order to satisfy the need for an industrial snow blower. For instance, you own a business and there is a often need to clear the snow from the parking area after a heavy snowstorm then for you gas powered three stage snow blowers. This type of snow blower are not very ideal for homeowners. However, these can be used if you live in rural areas and you have large properties in areas that see a lot of snowfall.

It is highly important to take extra caution with the auger before you use such a type of snow blower. Secondly, it has enough amount of power and also can sling debris at a high rate of velocity. You are not supposed to accidentally shoot out the gravel or other types of rocks with this type of snow blower when you can avoid it easily. Importantly, have proper care for the surroundings and also try to keep vehicles and other objects out of the path of the snow blower.


1. Drift Cutters

In order to clear large snowdrifts, it is mandatory to have drift cutters in the snow blower. It will help you to clear those snowdrifts without taking much time and your work will be done faster. When the most powerful machines feature drift cutters to clear snowdrifts will seem to be a short work.

2. Speed

A feature that is ideally enjoyed by the people is the speed control. It will help you to have full control over the speed of your machine. Because of this feature, you will be able to throw snow faster or slow as per the situation. There can be instances, where you will wish to slow in certain areas of your property, and by speed control, you will be able to slow things, it will be more comfortable for you.

3. Chute

Control the direction for throwing the snow properly in the right direction with the help of a chute. With this feature, you can avoid snow throwing in the wrong direction during turning. All you need to is having access to this feature in case there is a curvy driveway or wish to have more control is possible.

4. Electric Start

The electric start is not a facility but a necessity in today’s day and age. The electric start makes the work of the snow thrower very convenient. Now you do not have to spend a lot of time waiting for the machine to warm up and then start working on the snow. It is the only feature; you really won’t want to live without.

5. Headlights

For instance, the snow blower is being used by an average person then a headlight is mandatory. Clearing snow in the dark sometimes becomes the only option. To be on time to work, clearing snow the day before is the norm and with the help of headlights, it will be much easier. It will also help you to clear and throw the snow safely.

6. Heated Handles

Though at the first glance, you would not find this feature much helpful but it is necessary. Clearing the snow from the driveway will consume much time and your hands will definitely get freeze. So in order to avoid such situations heated handles are necessary. Such small features can make a huge difference in the work.

7. Self Propelled

A snow blower that is self-propelled, it will make your work much easier. This feature will make your snow blower a bit heavy. For instance, if you decide to have a gas powered model, then you will come to know that it is not that easy to move around. If you are not strong enough then it can cause you some difficulties. So it will be ideal to get a self-propelled snow blower.

The Bottom Line

The selection of snow blowers should be done on the basis of what kind of work is to be done. A gas blower will be better for long term benefits. However, for small areas and very limited use, the electric version will be considered ideal.

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