How to Make a Good Impression at First Job Interview

“First impression is the last impression”, this is very true in the case of a job interview. You always want to make a long-lasting effect on interviewer so they give first preference to you. Preparing and going for the Job interview for the very first time is a stressful and a panic situation. Whether you are an experienced person or any fresher, going for the first time interview you might have fear of what is going to happen in the interview. Always remember, whether you are going for a full time or part time job or any professional level job, the first thing is to leave a very good impression on the interviewer so that they land you a job. Making a good impression is the key success in getting the job.  Here in this article I will list the main point anybody should look after while going for an interview. 

Be good in time

Get ready to go before the time you are informed. You should never be late at the place you are supposed to go. If you are late your first impression will be shattered down. Switch off the mobile phone before entering. Apply such rules to yourself as they might be helpful. The task is equally difficult for the company who is hiring you. Many of them are using platforms like recruiting service to access the qualification of the employee. Such systems make it easy for them to keep track of the employee and his background.

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Appearance and Well Dressed

Dress smartly. This is the very first point or the main point. Whatever is the dress code given to you dress accordingly. If not mentioned, dress formally and make yourself look fit and good personality.

For all the females, tie up the hair and wear makeup but make it look natural. For all the males make sure you have a clean shave and wear a formal shoe only. This leads a good impression to your boss who is taking an interview. They have all the right to comment on you if you are not dressed well.

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Look Fit and Confident

To be confident, you should be prepared with the things you need to know before going for an interview. Surf on the internet about the company or organization where you are going for a job on the internet. Have a look on company Norms before going there. Be well prepared with what kind of questions they ask and answer them very confidently. Always be confident with what you are answering. Don’t be overconfident on any subject. You can also take a look at for regular updates on the result and job interviews.

Focus on what you are speaking

When the interviewer asks you any question, first of all introduce yourself and put in front your main qualities, and just focus on the question, they ask you. Leave them with the thought that you hear them very carefully. Try to answer the question with any illustration. This will make them impress. But illustrate whenever you are very sure about it.

Never lie in the interview

Keep this point in mind that you should never lie in the interview. On the very first opening question, you should be mentally prepared for what you have to answer. You should know the process from when and how you have applied for the job. Even if you are not able to answer any of the questions you are asked, don’t lie. Put only those points in front of them at which you are very good .E.g. If you don’t know much about any sports game, then you should not fakely tell your hobby in such game. The interviewer is very smart to know your expression and can catch you if you lie to them.

Show enthusiasm and keenness towards the Job

Last thing when your interview is about to get over and you are asked to tell why you are preferring for this job then you should be prepared for what you have to say. You should always show your keen interest in that field and be enthusiastic for that job.

Follow all these above steps. This will not guarantee your job in the company but will surely leave a good impression on the organization. So that next time you  try for the same, they know you well.

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