Write for us (GeniusGeeks.com)– Guest post opportunity

GeniusGeeks.com is a pioneer in technology world delivering one of the best articles for users. We enjoy our work as a technical writer and prefer to grow the community by lending a hand to the right minded website/firm/blog. At GeniusGeeks.com, our habit is to provide easy to understand, technical jargon free articles to the readers, so even a novice readers can easily understand it. Do not consider this as a yet another blog for your link building efforts. If you are an SEO agency and blogger with low quality website(s), then we would immediately turn down your request and ban you forever for wasting our time. Period!

However, creative writers with the intention to help readers are more than welcome to approach us. Backlink is always a byproduct of a good article. Whether you are an established author with a years of experience in the field, or a passionate geek oozing out knowledge in each paragraph, we’re eager to work with you. You’d be allowed to place link to your social profile and a blog/website in an article. To earn the link, you need to earn our trust and possibly need more than 2 articles published in order for backlink feature to be enabled.

To have your article posted on GeniusGeeks.com, you need to follow a strict guidelines. Please check the guidelines below to know more about it

  • All articles submitted must be original and unpublished anywhere else on the web (we love to challenge your creativity)
  • Trending and popular articles tend to get accepted quicker due to its inherent nature
  • Spelling and grammatical error free content
  • Minimum 1500+ words
  • Minimum 3 images ( 600px width or higher). Due credit is necessary if you are taking images/photos from somewhere else
  • Proper heading, subheading ( also known as H1 to H5 tags) and formatting should be used
  • All images should be original or you must credit to the rightful owner (need to disclose the source from where you have acquired the image)
  • Suggested topics: Android apps/games, tutorials, Windows guides, Windows troubleshoot, latest smartphone reviews, Mac guides, list posts, smartphone troubleshooting, game reviews
  • Author must email us from his company/website email address. Gravatar is a must.
  • Fill in your bio with not more than 2 links (1 should be to your social profile like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter)

Additional requirements (optional)

Following guidelines can help in quicker approval but this is not mandatory

  • In-depth guides (over 2000+ words) with proper formatting
  • Big brands (we love you! You don’t have to prove anything to us)
  • Active social media profiles from where you are willing to share the articles you posted here
  • Willingness to feature us on their blog/website or social media
  • Internal links to old post (we are lazy too!)

What sort of articles we need?

We are moving from small tutorials to massive in-depth guide. Our intention is to provide article with all the possible information– basic to advance, so reader’s do not have to look elsewhere on the web. Of course, we can not guarantee that all the articles submitted are published. If we feel that the article is not up to our standards and it requires too much of editing, we will reject is outright. Spammers will have to wait for the eternity to get our response!

Reviews: Reviews article tends to get accepted very fast. In-depth review of an app, software or a device is what we like the most. All reviews must be descriptive and should follow a proper formatting. Formatting will be shared with you.

Resources: Android ROM, games, not easy to find resources are most welcome.

Guides, tips: How to guides, tricks and tips that enhances user knowledge is what we look forward to.. i.e. iPhone jailbreak guide, how to root xyz device, how to troubleshoot Windows 10 etc

Listicles: Sounds like testicles, rights? List posts often help in users to get all possible information/resources from a single articles. Such listicle articles are accepted quickly… i.e. best Android emulators, top 10 racing games. However, we are going away from such articles

We are always looking for a  mutual benefit. There is always a chance to create a mutually benefit environment where both the parties can help each other out. We don’t treat you as a guest writer but an author. You will get a backlink from an author profile.

How to submit guest post at GeniusGeeks.com?

Our contact us page is what you should be looking for. In addition to that you can shoot an email to techhkrunal [at] gmail [dot] com email directly with the subject “GeniusGeeks.com guest post request TADA“. All the other subjects will be ignored. When you send us an outreach email, please make sure you provide following information

  • Example of your previous work. May be 3-4 URLs where we can see your work
  • List of topics you would like to publish on this blog. Make sure you provide 5 topics minimum
  • Facebook or other social media profiles where we can see that you are YOU

In the next phase, we will ask you to provide your author bio along with 2 links. You’ll receive a login credentials to this portal from where you can submit your guest article. All articles goes to “pending review” status and we review them accordingly. If the article is below our standard, we will delete them from our server, so it is always advisable to have a backup of your work.

If you are interested in joining as an intern and regular contributor, then we can always discuss such opportunity.