Samsung Galaxy A51 Screenshot, Keyboard Setting, Hard Reset Guide

The Samsung Galaxy A51 Smartphone was launched in India on January 29, 2020. The Smartphone is available in Prism Crush White, Prism Crush Black, and Prism Crush Blue colors. This lightweight and easy-to-handle phone weigh 172 grams and measures 158.5 mm x 73.6 mm x 7.9 mm (H x W x D). In case if you have bought this wonderful device, then you must learn how to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A51, how to change keyboard settings on Galaxy 51, how to change language, how to hard reset and user manual guide. There are several guides given here to make your life easier as a new user.

This Galaxy Smartphone by Samsung is amongst the first ones that have an exclusive macro camera. You can also take some great photos and videos as this phone features a 48MP main camera, 12 MP ultra-wide camera, 5 MP depth camera & 5 MP macro camera with amazing features like 8x zoom, auto flash, face detection, and improves focus.

samsung galaxy a51

To help you make the most of this Smartphone, here’s a detailed guide that will uncover some of the most basic yet very helpful features of the Samsung Galaxy A51:

How To Take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A51

Follow the steps below to take a screenshot in Galaxy A51:

First Step: Go to the screen that you want to take a screenshot of.

Second Step: Now press the Power Button and the Volume Down Button simultaneously for about 2 seconds. After this, you will see a screen flash indicating that the screenshot has been taken.

Samsung Galaxy A51 - Screenshot

Note: The screenshot that you took will be instantly shareable and can be shared from the bottom bar easily, or you can also find the screenshot in Gallery > Screenshots. You can also jump into the editing mode which lets you draw, edit, and crop the screenshot before you save it.

How To Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy A51

By factory resetting your Galaxy A51, it will return to its factory settings b removing all your data onboard. So create a backup before you begin this process.

To factory reset the Galaxy A51, follow the steps below:

Samsung Galaxy A51 - Factory Reset

First Step: Go to Settings.

Second Step: Scroll down to General Management.

Third Step: Tap on Reset.

Fourth Step:  Tap on Factory Data Reset.

Fifth Step:  Scroll down to the bottom & tap on Reset.

Sixth Step: Enter your PIN, Password, or Pattern to proceed.

Seventh Step: Now the phone will ask for your final confirmation, click Erase Everything to factory reset your phone.

Now your Galaxy A51 will be in the process of factory resetting. This will take some time so be patient. After everything is erased from your phone, it will now reboot in factory settings.

How To Perform A Firmware Flash On Samsung Galaxy A51

While custom firmware is a great thing to have, but sometimes you might need to go back to your stock ROM, for plenty of reasons. However, in any case, it is good to know how to flash stock firmware on your Samsung Galaxy A51.

Here’s how you can flash stock firmware files on Samsung A51:

Samsung Galaxy A51 - ODIN

First Step: Go to Settings > About Phone > Software Information. Now tap 7 times continuously on Build Number to enable Developer Options.

Second Step: Now go to Settings > Developer Options and tap on USB Debugging. This will enable your phone to communicate with the computer to install the firmware files.

Third Step: Go to Settings > Developer Options and enable OEM unlocking.

Fourth Step:  Make sure that you have at least 50% of battery life left in your phone. So in case, your phone gets stuck during the installation, it will not turn off.

Fifth Step:  Download the latest Samsung USB drivers for the Galaxy A51.

Sixth Step: Download ODIN and launch it.

Seventh Step: Power off your phone and jump into Download Mode by pressing and holding the volume down + power buttons at the same time.

Eight Step: Now connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable. And if the USB drivers are correctly installed, the ID:COM box in ODIN will turn blue.

Ninth Step: Click the AP/PDA button in ODIN and select the extracted firmware button.

Tenth Step: Now head over to Options and make sure to disable Re-Partition and enable Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time.

Eleventh Step: Click the Start button and wait for the firmware to get installed on your phone.

And after the installation process is finished, ODIN will display a green “PASS” message with the time duration it took to install the firmware. Now the phone will automatically restart several times before it boots up. And now when the phone boots up for the last time, it will be running the newly installed firmware.

All Secret Codes In Samsung Galaxy A51

The secret codes in android Smartphones are hidden. They can help you get information that can be very useful.  These codes are meant for advanced users and if you are unsure about any codes then better not execute them.

How To Execute A Secret Code In Samsung Galaxy A51?

To use a secret code, just for demonstration, in Samsung Galaxy A51, just type the same code shown in the screenshot below and it will run on its own.

So, as you can see from the screenshot above, just type the code *#06# in your dialing pad, and the code will just execute automatically.

The code (*#06#) will show your phone’s IMEI & Serial Number.

The rest of the secret codes of Samsung Galaxy A51:

  • *#1234# – Check software version and model number.
  • *#7353# – To go in the test menu. You can test the headphone, vibration, loud headphone, Diming, VT camera, TSP point mode, TSP grid mode, accelerometer, proximity sensor, and light sensor.
  • *#0*# – To go into the advanced test menu. You can test the LCD display, touch, LED light, back camera, and front camera.
  • *#0011# – To go into service mode.
  • *#2683662# – To go into advanced service mode. (2G, 3G, LTE, Wi-Fi, SMS, SW version, IMEI)
  • *#0228# –To check Samsung Galaxy A51 battery information.
  • *#0808# – To go into USB settings.
  • *#2663# – To check the advanced software version.
  • *#74123465* – To check camera software standard.
  • *#*#4636#*#* – To go into diagnostic and general settings mode.
  • *#7780# – Samsung Galaxy A51 Factory soft reset.
  • *2767*3855# – Factory hard reset to ROM firmware default settings.
  • *2767*4387264636# – Display the product code.
  • *#*#1472365#*#* – To go into GPS test settings.
  • *#*#197328640#*#* – Service Mode Main Menu.
  • *#9090# – Diagnostic Configuration /RAM Dump.
  • *#0673# – Audio Test Mode.
  • *#872564# – USB Logging Control.
  • *#1575# – To go into GPS Control Menu.
  • *#273283*255*3282*# – Data Create Menu.
  • *#34971539# – Camera Firmware Update.
  • *#9900# – System Dump Mode.
  • *#44336# – Software Version Info.
  • *#273283*255*663282*# – Data Create SD Card.
  • *#3282*727336*# – View Data Usage Status.
  • #2663# – TSP or TSK firmware update.
  • *#7412365# or *#*#34971539#*#* – Samsung Galaxy A51 Camera Firmware Menu
  • *#07# – View Test History.
  • *#8736364# – View OTA Update Menu.
  • *#7465625# – View Phone Lock Status.

The secret codes listed above can be very helpful in diagnosing your phone. Likewise, if these codes work on your Galaxy A51, you can be sure that your phone is 100% authentic.

How To Record Screen In Samsung Galaxy A51

Recording screen is now easier than ever, follow the steps described below to learn how to do it:

Samsung Galaxy A51 - Screen Recording

First Step: Pull down the notification panel.

Second Step: Find the Screen Recorder icon. If you cannot see it in the menu, then you can find it in the Button Order option by clicking on the three dots.

Third Step: Now tap on the icon, and after the three seconds timer finishes, your Screen Recording will start.

Fourth Step: If you want to stop recording, then you can do it by tapping the stop button on the pop-up menu on the screen.

How To Change Keyboard Settings In Samsung A51

You can always install as many keyboards as you want on your Smartphone, and switch among them easily in just a couple of taps.

Here’s how you can do it.

How To Change Keyboard In Samsung Galaxy A51

Samsung Galaxy A51 - Change Keyboard

To change the keyboard on your Galaxy A51, follow the steps below:

First Step: Open Google Play Store & download the keyboard app of your choice.

Second Step: Now after the app is installed on your phone, go to the downloaded keyboard app & follow the instructions given to enable the keyboard.

Third Step: If you want to make it your Default Keyboard on your Galaxy A51, then go to Settings > General Management >  Language and input. Now tap on ‘Default keyboard’ & choose the keyboard that you would like to make default.

How To Change Keyboard Language In Samsung Galaxy A51

To change the language setting on your Galaxy A51, follow the steps given below:

Samsung Galaxy A51 - Keyboard Language

First step: Go to Settings > General Management > Language and Input > On-screen Keyboard.

Second Step: Now tap on the keyboard that you are using. You will see a list of languages, select & download the language that you want to use.

To switch between languages, you can swipe the Space Bar to the left or right.

Samsung Galaxy A51 User Manual

Samsung Galaxy A51 user manual can help you understand the device functionalities. In case, if you are looking for more information related to the device, then you must use the document given below.

Bottom Line

The Samsung Galaxy A51 is a perfectly good Android Smartphone for many users around the world. Offering a big, crisp AMOLED display, a long battery life, and sharp cameras, the A51 is the best choice in mid-range. Thus, this guide described some basic how-tos of Samsung Galaxy A51 features that can surely come in handy any day.

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