Motorola Dropping Google Maps for Skyhook in their Android Devices

Motorola has invested a lot of time and money into the success of their Android devices and is continuing that trend into the future. One of the biggest selling points of their phones is the ability to track location and have the ability to work with all of the location-based apps.

Google’s Maps integration works great in general on the Android platform but it seems Motorola was looking for a bit more. Motorola has decided to bypass Google Maps and opt for Skyhook Wireless and their methods for obtaining geo-location of users.

Motorola’s change may be worrying to current or future Android users but it’s really a matter of Motorola attempting to gain a competitive advantage over other Android handset makers such as HTC and Samsung. Skyhook’s services are not free like Android’s but will make the Motorola devices more appealing with the more accurate capabilities that Skyhook provides.

According to Christy Wyatt at Motorola: “Precise location is central to the mobile experience, and Skyhook’s Core Location will enhance Motorola’s Android-based mobile devices with its innovative location technology.”

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