Mafia 3 APK Data + OBB: Download Mafia III Android Game

Mafia 3 APK

If you’re a gamer who loves to spend time playing Android games, Mafia 3 APK should definitely be one of the most seeking games that you have played. However, just like every game, once you’ve become habituated with the game dynamics, Mafia has become a regular game for a while now.

To enhance the things, the developers has designed a new RPG set for battling in the gritty and violent universe in the advanced version of the Mafia, which has been released as Mafia III: Rivals. In this game, one can customize your characters by dressing them with weapons, vehicles and start staking claims over businesses.

Mafia 3 APK

As the power grows, you will be the leader of the underworld and own the city gradually. Through Mafia III – Rivals, even the losers can get loot as it drops loot both for the winner and the loser almost equally. It also addresses many crew issues that have been reported in the initial version along with countermoves, battle freezing etc.

Mafia 3 which is originally released for Xbox and Play Station users, will also be available on Android if you use our Mafia 3 APK. Previously, we posted similar articles about PES 2017 OBB, APK of NBA 2K17 and Battlefield 1 APK Data.

App Name: Mafia III: Rivals APK

APP Size: 162MB

Android Version: 4.0.3 and above

Android Game Developer: 2K, Inc.

Features of Mafia III – Rivals

  1. One can frighten the Bordeaux legal undercover and then start marshaling it to your assets through Mafia 3 Android.
  2. You can sponsor 40 crime companies which can occupy the local businesses in the Mafia world to own the city through Mafia 3 mobile.
  3. You can produce mass killings and deaths of gang families in the Fresh Bordeaux.
  4. The face-offs between competing Mafia gangs is brutal with the new RPG battle setup and also, one can collect loot in these conflicts of Bordeaux Town.
  5. Also, you can start fighting with gamers all over the world and start enhancing your experience in the tactical battle on how to fight, offense and kill people.
  6. You can outfit the character with blades, armor, brass knucks, pistols and many age-friendly automobiles which can improve your statistics and killing experience.
  7. The Mafia 3- Rivals have different methodologies that can be adopted for the update of the team through which you can get hold of extra benefits like money, more violence.
  8. You can also add buddies to compete you in the leaderboard and make the gaming, a competition through this online incentive.

Mafia III Rivals

Download Mafia 3 APK Data + OBB File

In order to download and play the Mafia III – Rivals, one has to download the Data+OBB along with the Mafia 3 APK file. What is an OBB file, if you’re wondering; it is a file that developers create to support the original application as a part of the APK package.

It contains data in bundles of assets and the files contain encrypted graphics, media which couldn’t be included in the APK. So, it is not possible to use the Mafia III without downloading this Mafia 3 OBB file as the Mafia 3 Data is included in this.  To download Mafia 3 APK:

#1. Download the Mafia 3 APK from the link here.

#2. Now, download the OBB file that is needed to play the game from here and make sure that it’s in the right folder.

#3. Access the notification bar of the download folder and start installing the Mafia 3 APK on your device.

#4. Wait till the installation is done and now open the OBB file. Extract the OBB files to your device and start playing the game hassle-free.

So this is how you can easily download Mafia III APK on your Android devices so that you can enjoy this awesome Xbox game on your Android. By the way, you can play this game on your PC by using Xbox 360 emulator for Windows. Do give it a try and let me know if you loved playing this game on your PC and Android.

Conclusion of Mafia III: Rivals

If you’re facing any issues regarding the installation process of the Mafia 3 APK download, comment in the below section so that we can approach you further to help. While the competitive games run on the concept of being at the top of the criminal world, having open world opponents is not explored till now.

Therefore, this New Bordeaux town game is going to elevate the heat among the Android gaming world for a while now. Download Mafia 3 APK and have some quality time!

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