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Download Free Facebook Timeline Covers

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A couple of days back, we covered Facebook timeline covers dimensions and other vital aspects to get your business booming on FB. Ravishing timeline covers will over-nightly make you a Facebook superstar and hence it is extremely imperative to choose your design shrewdly. During the process we cited that you need to follow some unusual dimensions like 851 px x 315 px for cover photo and 114 x 72 px for thumbnails. Designers amongst you inherit innate ability to create great designs, but what about others who are destined for other skills?

download facebook timeline cover

We belong to the latter category and hence need to find out other medium to get/ download Facebook timeline covers. The other option would be to hire some graphic designer to do the job, however, it could cost you dearly. Espial investigation of web requires time and efforts, thus we have decided to compile the list of resources (sites) from where you can download free Facebook timeline covers. The main idea behind such compilation is to lessen up the burden on your pocket circumvented in hiring a designer. Secondly, it helps in utilizing free resources in a more productive manner.

Great design is ensnared of never ending stream of income

Free Facebook Timeline Cover Templates

Following sites let you download Facebook timeline cover templates for free. Moreover, most of them have a variety of designs satisfying entail of most of the business.

Q: What is Timeline cover?

A: In layman’s term it is massive you see at the top of the page when you visit someone’s profile or fanpage on Facebook. It is also known as Timeline cover image. As mentioned earlier it is of dimension 851 px x 315 px.

Q: Where do I download FB timeline cover images from?

A: Read on. This post will cover some of the best free sites that distribute timeline cover images for free.

1. myFBCovers.com

myFBCovers has a collection of thousands of watermarked Facebook timeline, photo collage and Facebook covers for pages. Their unique offering makes it darn easy to change your timeline cover in 1-2-3. Covers are categorized under different names like abstract, anime, cars, celebrities, humor, love, school and many more.

myfbcover free templates

There is also a provision for creating your own custom timeline cover. Trending cover or most downloaded timeline covers of the week are also featured on the blog. There is only one downside though. The watermark on the free timeline cover template could contravene users’ experience. Moreover, it is against Facebook TOS to display the website URL on the timeline cover. So choose this cover wisely. You may receive a heat from Facebook sooner or later.

myFBCovers also has a premium template option if you feel generous and need a custom cover for your business.

2. fbProfileCovers.com

fb profile covers photos

fbProfileCovers design resembles to Facebook’s traditional blue UI. It has abundant collection of Facebook timeline covers. Coincidentally(?), you will find same categories here. However, I must admit that the quality of timeline cover photos flabbergasted me. The ‘create Facebook timeline cover’ section will let you create your own personal timeline cover without any watermark image on them.

Similar to myFBCovers, the free timeline cover templates are imprinted with a watermark of the website which may jeopardize your account.

3. FBCoverPix.com

fb cover template download

Unlike previous two sites, FBCoverPix is not inundated with ads. But the abhorrent watermark still exists on timeline cover templates. It serves the watermarked images in .jpg format. Unlike previous sites, it will actually let you download these timeline cover photos to your PC which you can upload later on your profile or pages manually. Simply, you have to go to your profile page and upload the cover photo stored on your PC. There’s no need to give Facebook permission to the application.

4. FaceCoverz.com

face coverz free download

FaceCoverz is yet another site with an overdose of advertisements. It offers unique timeline cover templates for free. It has a huge varied category to choose your photos from. Probably, it is one the best organized Facebook timeline photo sites that offer free download. Unfortunately, you will need to give permission to your Facebook account to upload the cover on your profile or page. By now you know the drill. This is yet another site which watermarks the images. It is not an ideal site where you can create your own Facebook timeline cover photos.

More sites to download Facebook timeline covers

Instead of covering the same info repeatedly, we would like to point you in the right direction instead. Following are the sites which will let you download free Facebook timeline covers.

  • MyProfileCover.com
  • FreeFacebookCovers.org
  • CoverPhotoFinder.com
  • Coverphotoz.com

Creativity is the key to the success. Do you have a great idea for your Facebook timeline cover? Have you already implemented them in design? We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Feel free to drop your Facebook profile if you feel that your Facebook timeline cover needs applause. Moreover, if you want to download FB videos to your mobile or PC directly, you can try this trusted Facebook video downloader. It works like a charm! We’ve already tried it!

We will update the post with more download links to FB timeline cover sites as soon as we come to know about them,

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