How to Shutdown Debian 11/10 from the Command line and GUI

As a Linux user, we perform many tasks and along with them shutting down your Computer safely is much important. If your System is not closed safely, there are chances of your important files being corrupted and leaving your System in an Unstable state.

To make things more interesting for you, we will walk you through 7 different ways such as shutting down your Debian by shutdown command. So let’s start with the most basic one.

Method 1: Using the GNOME UI

This is one of the easiest methods in which you have to use the menu which is available in the top right corner.

Click on bar

Click on Power Off / Log Out and then click on Power OFF.

Search Power off

Clicl on power off

If you won’t perform any operation your System will be turned off in 60 seconds.


Method 2: Using Application Launcher

Another way to Power Off your Debian System is using Application Finder. Just search “power off” in the search bar.

You will be given a Power Off result which will be the only single result (In many cases)

Search Power off

Hit Enter. And you will be given a Prompt where you can choose whether you want to Power Off your machine or not.

Click on Power Off.


Method 3: Using Terminal

If you are using Debian the chances of you are using it as a Server are high. So in that case, you will probably have any desktop running. We will show you 45 commands by which you can easily Power Off your Debian System.

1. Shutdown command

This command will not shut down your Debian System instantly but will take around 1 minute and in that period you do have a choice to stop your System to shut down by using shutdown -c

 sudo shutdown 

sudo shutdown

If you want to Power Off your Debian System instantly, you can use the following command where we have used the -p option with now. It will take immediate effect

 sudo shutdown –p now 

sudo shutdown -p now

2. Poweroff command

When you will use this command, it will send an ACPI signal to instruct the System to cut off the main power.

 sudo poweroff 

sudo poweroff

3. Halt command

While we often use the halt command to stop CPU functions, if you use the -p option combined, you can also use it as a command to Power Off your Debian System.

 sudo halt -p 

sudo halt -p

4. Reboot command

Yes, you’ve read it right. You can use reboot combining with an option of -p which will instruct the System to Power Off.

 sudo reboot -p 

sudo reboot -p

5. Systemctl command

There are many usages of systemctl and one of them is you can Power Off your Debian System too.

 sudo systemctl poweroff 

sudo systemctl poweroff

Frequently asked questions related to Powering off Debian System

How do you do a 15-minute delay before shutting down?

You can easily schedule your power offs’ by command shutdown. You just have to add the minutes of delay you want to add with the + symbol. If you want a 15-minute delay, your command will be sudo shutdown +15.

How do I shut down a CentOS server?

You have to use the telinit command to Power off your Cent OS System. Simply type telinit with 0 if you want instant poweroff or you may delay it as much as you want. For instant Power off your command will be sudo telinit 0.

By which method do you Power off your Debian System regularly?

Powering off is a simple yet important task for any System. Linux has always been about choice and you also get many commands such as shutting down your Debian by shutdown command and other methods by which you can perform this task easily.

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It is very easy to shut down your PC using commands and a GUI interface. We hope you understand the process completely.

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