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Best iPhone 12 Mini Wallet Cases – Our Top Covers!

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iPhone 12 Mini being the smallest of all the iPhones launched this year is no less than a masterpiece given the impressive features and latest iOS updates. That being said, if you’ve already got an iPhone 12 mini or waiting for one, why not have some additional space for your vital cards and cash on your iPhone itself? Yes, we’re talking about iPhone 12 Mini wallet cases here. Rest your wallets or purses at home and get hands-free with these wallet cases now!

We’ve reviewed more than 35 wallet iPhone 12 mini cases for more than 45 hours with vigorous testing and listed out the best ones that can be perfect fit for your latest 5.4-inch iPhone. That being said, let’s have a look at some of the best wallet cases for iPhone 12 Mini of all time, few of them (3rd one in the list) are compatible with MagSafe wireless charging as well!

7 Best iPhone 12 Mini Wallet Cases

So here are the best iPhone 12 Mini wallet cases you’ve been waiting for!

  • Snugg
  • Spigen
  • Lonli (MagSafe Compatible)
  • Bigphilo
  • Caka
  • Dockem
  • Smartish

#1. Snugg iPhone 12 Mini Wallet Case with Kickstand!

Snugg iPhone 12 Mini Wallet CaseIf you’re looking for an all-in-case which is made of leather, has a kickstand, has a flip cover, strong protection and of course, 3 card slots, Snugg’s wallet case for iPhone 12 Mini should be your go to choice! They tagged it as “Luxury Meets Design,” which pretty much sumps up everything!

The high quality PU leather looks elegant and also guards your iPhone against bumps, drops, scratches, and dust. Built-in kickstand can be useful to watch your favorite videos or movies at multiple viewing angles. The magnetic closing clasp is strong and it can keep your cards safe in an enclosed flip cover.

Rigid PC shell on the corners of the case protects your iPhone against the sudden drops and impacts. Moreover, the nubuck fibre interior gives you a soft feel. The case is durable and there’s hardly any need to replace it until you replace your iPhone.

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#2. Spigen’s Slim Armor Wallet Case for iPhone 12 Mini

Spigen Slim Armor Wallet Case for iPhone 12 Mini

Spigen is considered to be the pioneer when it comes to creating some sturdy iPhone cases. The same is with this wallet case from Spigen which is slim, tough in terms of protection, lightweight and comes with 2 card slots on the back (closure).

The shock-absorbing TPU interior and the polycarbonate exterior gives sturdy protection to your iPhone 12 Mini against the drops, bumps and sudden accidents. It’s slimmer than the other wallets in today’s list.

So if you’re looking for a lightweight, slim and up to 2 card slots, Spigen’s Slim wallet case is a perfect one for your iPhone. It’s available in Black and Rose Gold color variants.

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#3. LONLI’s iPhone 12 Mini Wallet Case with MagSafe Compatibility

LONLI iPhone 12 Mini Wallet Case with MagSafe Wireless Charging Compatibility

LONLI’s case comes with 3 card slots and 1 separate cash pocket to store necessary cards, bills receipts etc. Of course, you can carry up to 6 cards if needed. The detachable snap-on wallet case from LONLI is compatible with MagSafe charging which is just like icing on the cake!

The case is made of exclusive PU leather and has microfiber lining for better grip. Moreover, the TPU bumper keeps your device ready for sudden drops, bumps and guards it 360 degrees all the time. Apart from this, you can also use the case as a kickstand whenever you want to read some news, novels or even want to watch movies or TV shows!

When the wallet case is detached, you can take it out during workouts, hiking, and it becomes slim, lightweight too giving a classy look to your iPhone 12 Mini.

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#4. Bigphilo Wallet Case for iPhone 12 Mini

Bigphilo iPhone 12 Mini Wallet Case

The moment we saw this case, we fell in love with this! Such is the design of this wallet cover from Bigphilo. The outer layer is made of premium PU leather and the inner layer is made of soft fabric as it protects from inner scratches. You can carry 2 most important cards with the case.

Coming to protection, the raised lips guards the camera from flat surfaces and the bumper cover guards the screen when you put your iPhone 12 Min facing downwards.

This case is less than 14mm thick (slim case) and it’s lightweight too. The aluminum buttons on the case are soft and all port are easily accessible. Moreover, it supports wireless charging too. It’s available in Grey/Brown and Black color variants.

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#5. Caka’s Wallet Case

Caka Wallet Case for iPhone 12 Mini

Here’s yet another case that got our attention right away due to it’s unique design and soft leather all over the wallet cover. It gives your iPhone a premium look (available in Blue, Brown & Black colors). It comes with a 3 card slots where you can store all your important cards and cash too if needed.

All four corners of your iPhone 12 Mini are protected with this wallet case as it is shockproof and it doesn’t slip out too due to non-slip design. The magnetic buckle closure (it’s invisible) ensures that all your cards are safe. Interior of the case is made of TPU which lets you easily access all the buttons and ports with ease.

So keep your wallet or purse at rest and carry this stunning wallet case from Caka Store with your iPhone 12 Mini.

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#6. Dockem Wallet iPhone 12 Mini Case

Dockem Wallet iPhone 12 Mini Case

Simple yet elegant in design, Dockem’s wallet cover is one of the slimmest and lightweight cases ever designed. It comes with 1 card slot due to its slim design. Of course, you can try carrying 2 cards comfortably but it’s not recommended by Dockem.

The integrated metal plate on the top can be useful for mounting. Dockem’s wallet case is made of synthetic leather and provides firm grip. Raised edges near the camera and raised lips near the screen guard your iPhone 12 Mini from flat surfaces.

While charging your iPhone wirelessly, it’s always mandatory to remove the cards from the wallet if any. The case gives a unique look to your iPhone even if you’re not using the wallet in it. It’s available in 1 color variant that is combination of Black and Grey.

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#7. Smartish Wallet Case with Kickstand

Smartish iPhone 12 Mini Wallet Cases

Smartish has always produced some of the finest iPhone cases, especially the wallet covers! Apart from 3 card slots it has a lot more to offer. It’s lightweight, thin, and comes with a durable material made of TPU & grippy sides.

Moreover, this iPhone 12 Mini wallet case from Smartish has got the protective air-pocket corners that act as an airbag. The card slot when propped up along with the cards can be used as a kickstand to watch your favorite movies & shows hands-free!

This wallet case for iPhone 12 Mini is available in Black, Blue, Purple, Flavor of the Month and Chef’s Special color variants. We loved the flavor of the month variant (as shown in above image). Which one is your favorite one? Do check it now and decide!

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Final Words on Top iPhone 12 Mini Wallet Case!

All the 6 wallet covers listed above are the best ones out there with unique design and meets requirements of almost all iPhone users too. If you ask us to pick the best of all above iPhone 12 Mini wallet cases, our pick would be LONLI’s case as it has 4 slots in total and it’s compatible with MagSafe charger as well.

Which wallet case would you get for your iPhone 12 Mini? Do let us know in the comment section and stay tuned to our accessories section for more such case reviews!

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