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Asphalt Street Storm Racing Download for Android & iOS!

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Asphalt Street Storm Racing

From the dawn of video games, we’ve been introduced to some brilliant games like Tetris, Mario Bros and the list is endless. The craze for racing games has spiked with the evolution of technology. Gameloft, the game developer that gave us many amazing games yet till date, the Asphalt series remain the crown jewel for them.

Asphalt Storm, also known as, Asphalt Street Storm Racing is the third street-based game in the Asphalt Series. This is also the first drag racing game in the Asphalt series that will put your 1/4 mile racing skills to the test. While gamers would love to get their hands on the Asphalt Street Storm Android version, most of them prefer Asphalt Street Storm APK Download, simply because, it’s free!

Features of Asphalt Street Storm Game

What makes the game so attractive? Simple, it’s the features. Here’s a look at the features Asphalt Street Storm boasts about.


#1. The ¼ Mile Racing

The Asphalt Street Storm Download comes with a chance for you to race with the pink slips on the table. This is one of the most intense ⅓-mile race you’ll ever see.

#2. The More, The Merrier

With this seamless Asphalt Street Storm APK, you can either take those races on your own or bring up to four players for real-time racing.

#3. Rain or Shine

Whether it’s shining bright, raining cats and dogs, or freezing, make sure you keep your car intact. Racing in the most extreme conditions can leave you hooked to your phone for hours.

#4. Race Around The World

New York, Paris, or Hong Kong, you name it! You get to race in detailed 3D environments in some of the coolest cities while cruising in your Supercar.

#5. The King Of All Collections

No man ever said there was a car he didn’t like in his collection, and neither will you! With some of the most amazing cars ranging from the old school muscle to the ultra modern hypercars. These cars are licensed by the biggest car giants like Ferrari, McLaren, Bugatti, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota and many others.

#6. Your Car, Your Rules!

Look, performance, a paint job or any customization you want, you got it! Choose your upgrades for your car and stand out in your races.

Asphalt Street Storm GamePlay


How To Play Asphalt Street Storm Racing?

Whether it’s the Asphalt Street Storm Android or Asphalt Street Storm iOS, the game works smoothly and efficiently letting you cruise through the most glamorous cities in the World.

With the challenge of playing against our other players from all over the globe, you should focus on using the Asphalt Street Storm cheats to increase diamonds and cash. You can wait till the game is released on TuTuApp or Blackmart Alpha which gives you hacked version of Asphalt Xtreme Storm Racing!

Asphalt Street Storm Game Controls

With a user-friendly interface and basic controls, this racing game might be the best one yet. The start button will be located in the bottom left corner, once you released it, your Supercar begins to move along. The drag racing system requires you to warm up the engine before the green lights come on. However, once the race starts, your main objective is to keep the RPM indicator in the yellow region.

The Shifting Mechanism

Make sure to keep your eyes on the shift as the wrong shift can be fatal and could result in an enormous loss of speed. Ensure you don’t shift too early or too late. The main reason behind the victory is the twin turbo mode which gives you a massive boost in the beginning and helps you with the acceleration process throughout the entire game.

Download Asphalt Street Storm APK for Android

Download Asphalt Street Storm by using any website that might provide you with the apk file. Make sure that it is genuine and not a fake file. When you’re downloading the Asphalt Street Storm APK, ensure that you’re on a good data plan as the file is over 500 MB. However, Wi-Fi would be a lot preferable given that it is a lot more stable than mobile data.

Once you safely acquire the Asphalt Street Storm APK Download, navigate to the file manager on your Android device. Unzip if necessary and start the installation process. Make sure to remove any unnecessary files before you download as lack of space can result in an incomplete download. Visit Google Play to download the official Asphalt Street Storm Racing Game!

How to Download Asphalt Street Storm for iOS

Before downloading the Asphalt Street Storm for iOS, ensure that you’ve shut down all the other running apps for a smooth download. Since the game us quite a huge file, Wi-Fi would be preferable over mobile data. Once you complete the download, open it and make sure to use data only if required as it can drain quite a lot of data of your internet. Visit iTunes Store to download the game.

Final Words on Asphalt Storm

Gameloft has given the world of gaming a ton of amazing games, yet the Asphalt series stands out to be the crown jewel. The Asphalt Street Storm is one of a kind with its drag racing mode. As the Asphalt Street Storm Android supports version about 4.0, this makes it easier for many gamers to try out the game. However, those with devices that have a larger RAM will have a much more seamless gaming experience when compared to those with devices that might have just one GB RAM.

The gameplay, user interface, game modes, collection of cars, locations, weather modes and multiplayer mode are sure to keep your eyes hooked to the screen for hours.

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