5 Best Usability Practices For Shopping Carts

eCommerce owner knows the importance of shopping cart analysis. While most of the website suffers from a shopping cart abandonment issue, many of them fail to even perform basic optimization to cure it. SEO experts and usability analysis expert understand that this is a big issue in a present scenario. The lower conversion rate at shopping cart is a sign of distrust or consumers were not happy after making the decision. Oftentimes, few coding errors could lead to another disaster. So how do you ensure best usability?

If you are planning to start an e-business or you already have an e-business with your shopping carts having issues with your customers or you seem to notice some problems with the shopping cart on the site, then probably knowing about the best usability of shopping carts may be the solution for you. You cannot guarantee that customers would start using your business just by having a web site. The key to a successful eCommerce business is to keep the buying process simple and easy for the customer.


This can be achieved by maintaining proper usability criterion for the shopping cart on the site. The usability practices have to be observed to ensure that your customers have the best possible experience shopping on your website. If the shopping cart is not aligned to the above mentioned best practices, then it is quite possible that your customers would not like the experience and you will not be able to maintain the kind of foot-fall that is required. If, however, the shopping cart best usability practices are religiously observed, your customers would definitely like such an experience. Remember, it is all about ease and comfort for the customer that matters. A customer would not like to search for the shopping cart icon on the site; it should be clearly noticeable at an apt place according to the content on the site. Even, if your website is not mobile optimized you might suffer a huge loss as mobile advertising and mobile user database in increasing day after day.

Important factors to be considered while designing the shopping cart for best usability.

product search

Ease of searching (filters)

It really helps if there is a comprehensive search functionality attached onto your site. Customers like to search for things that they want to purchase. They have different criterion for choosing a particular product. For example, a person willing to buy a pair of trousers could like to choose from different brands, patterns or styles. You have to keep this in mind and try to give your customer a better way to search through your site by adding appropriate filters. Ease of searching option will drastically improve user engagement. Sit down with your development and SEO team to understand the human behavior. If they fail to understand it, then you can take a look at some of the prominent ecommerce players in the market to understand how they are incorporating the filters.


Product Review

Be sure to have a product review window from where a customer can get that “final” look at the product before making the purchase. Having good quality photos clicked at different angles help in doing this. The customer should be given time to consider his decision to buy. It is a collaborative gesture towards a customer by the business. Apart from that, you should also ensure that there are enough genuine video and normal reviews are available on the page. Customer likes to know the product in detail. Use some good video sharing website and provide hands-on review so that the customer can understand what to expect from the company.


Nothing is more frustrating when you come to know that product is not available during checkout. You do not only manage to frustrate the customers but also loose the TRUST. Product availability should be clearly mentioned. The availability should be properly cross-checked against the database and communicated to the customer at the product review stage. You should also mention the time it would take for the item to get delivered. Even, if your site goes down too frequently, then it could hamper the overall user experience. Perhaps, this is why you should opt for cloud environment or go for some reliable web hosting service provider.

customer review

Customer reviews

If possible, do add a section for the reviews on products by previous buyers. Give those customers some goodies so they get enough encouragement to write a review. It matters to a prospective customer to know about the credibility of a certain product and there is no better way of doing so other than listing some reviews from customers who have already made those purchases. Also allow the customers to post their reviews about the experience they had while on your site. It would go a long way in cementing your credibility. In fact, most of the top companies know the importance of such review. In the past, many companies are accused of posting fake reviews.

billing experience

Billing experience

You have to make sure that the customer gets all the kinds of options at this stage. Some customers have their own preferences, which when not found by them on a site, they refrain from making the purchase. There has also to be proper attention to discounts and offers for making the billing process more exciting for the customer as your customer is the most important aspect of your business and it is your duty and responsibility to ensure that he gets what he deserved and more than what he expects.

Also do not forget to mention shipping cost beforehand. There is a big number in shopping cart abandonment when shipping cost is mentioned at the end of the entire shopping process. Do not confuse the users with such thing. Hopefully, the above usability tips will help you improve your eCommerce website.

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