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YouTube Go App Download for Android!

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YouTube Go App

The YouTube Go App is now available on Google Play Store (Updated 29th November 2017).  YouTube Go will be the next generation app to watch and share videos offline 🙂 Google has unveiled its plans on 27th September 2016 on YouTube Go App launch. So are you ready to experience the YouTube app in a new way? If yes, then you are sure to like each and every feature in this app. As of now, this app will be available in India only.

YouTube Go App focuses on playing videos even when the internet connectivity is low. Especially, we often observe that the internet speed is too slow in the majority of the places. Although, Reliance Jio has been successful to speed up the things but that’s ain’t going to be enough! The tagline “Mazze Udao, Data Nahin!” is a perfect one for YouTube Go App where data connectivity is 2G in most of the parts of India.

YouTube Go App Download

Google’s team has traveled all over India to collect various prototypes and see what’s the user experience with YouTube app. Taking those surveys into consideration, Google decided to develop a unique app for YouTube lovers in India and it has been named as YouTube Go App! It’s a rejoice to Indian YouTube fans that they will now be able to play YouTube videos offline and share them as well. Be it a 2G, 3G or 4G network, YouTube Go Download App will load quicker and display the best quality of videos ever! 😀

Before you quickly run and download YouTube Go App and YouTube Go APK, let me display some of the features of YouTube Go app never seen or thought of before.

Astounding Features of YouTube Go App

Now when you talk about the features of YouTube Go App, they are completely unique!

1. Everything is on YouTube Go App Home Screen!

No matter which category of YouTube video you are willing to watch, everything is on the home screen itself. Right from the trending to most watched videos on YouTube, you can easily catch them all on the home screen of YouTube Go App. So get ready to fall in love with YouTube Go App very soon 🙂

2. Data Spending is in your Hands!

Now we know that YouTube videos consume lots of data when you stream them online. That’s not YouTube’s fault but that’s because of the video quality which you are streaming! To control the data you can adjust the resolution of a specific video you want to watch or simply save it offline to watch it later!

Youtube Go App Resolution Adjust

3. Not Sure What to Watch? Preview It!

There are times when you are not sure whether you should watch a particular video or not! Is this happens to you? If yes, then YouTube Go App download is your solution to watch YouTube videos. The YouTube Go App shows you a preview of the video on tapping it. This gives you a rough idea about the video so that you can decide whether to watch it or not! If you really feel that the content isn’t useful to you, just skip it! It will save your data and time too 😀

4. Share Videos with your Loves Ones!

Have you ever shared a YouTube video with your friends? Obviously, your answer would be no, unless you share YouTube video URL or channel name! But with YouTube Go App it’s possible to share videos with your nearby people and that too without internet. Yes, you heard that right! You can share videos by using YouTube Go app with Bluetooth to your loved ones! Isn’t it just amazing?!

YouTube Go App Share Videos Feature

So these are some of the amazing features of YouTube Go. We hope that you loved each and every feature! I know that you are pretty much excited to know YouTube Go App download process, isn’t it? 😛 So let me not make you wait anymore and quickly guide you to download the offline video streaming app!

Let me tell you one thing in Hindi, “Agar YouTube Go Use Nahi Kiya toh Kuch Nahi Dekha” So Download it now!

YouTube Go App Download

Updated Content:

You can download the latest version of YouTube Go App from Google Play Store which has already been released.  Download YouTube Go 0.65.59 APK Now!

Old Content

The app isn’t launched yet and you need to wait for few months to get your hands on it. So it would take few months to download it. As of now, visit this link & enter your 10 digit mobile number/email.

Once you do this, you will see a message “Thank You for Signing Up, we will notify you when YouTube Go is available.”

So this is the procedure you need to follow to download YouTube Go Android. There’s no word from Google officials about YouTube Go iOS yet. We need to wait for the official launch for all operating systems. This app is going to launch in India only and YouTube Go release date isn’t announced yet!

All we can do is just wait and watch!

Before you leave, let me tell you a couple of quick facts about YouTube Go App.

#1. The decision to launch the app was announced at Google Event in Delhi. “In an increasingly mobile-first world, India gives us early insights into the future of the Internet,” said Google CEO, Sundar Pichai.” “Moreover, we learned the issues Indians may have with connectivity and data constraints can be universal.””So the intentions are quite clear from the CEO of Google that they want to explore the unknown places of India to the internet world 🙂

#2 Before YouTube Go App, Google launched, YouTube Smart offline platform to make sure that the videos are saved offline and you can watch them offline next day without any data plans! Saving videos overnight saves lots of data and you get an option to select the resolution so that you don’t exhaust the data plan. But seems like this wasn’t enough to reach more people in India and YouTube Go took a birth now!

Conclusion of YouTube Go

Stay tuned to our blog for YouTube Go APK and YouTube Go Download for Android devices. There’s no word on the release for iOS version and it’s quite understandable that iPhone users hardly use 2G networks for browsing on YouTube. Stay tuned to Genius Geeks blog for more information on YouTube Go App updates.


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