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How to Remove Password from Windows 11

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For the sake of security purposes, Windows 11 has provided many features such as the use of pattern lock or generation of the password to secure our data and PC from strangers. Though it is beneficial to us, on the other hand, it restrains our PC or laptop for a limited number of persons. So, it has been noticed that some users set the password initially but then struggle to remove it later on. Here are some ways to remove passwords from Windows 11.

Ways to Remove Login Password from Windows 11

Our approach to removing login passwords is just like a cakewalk, as you may have seen in a similar kind of blog about How to change user name in Windows 11.

1. Remove Windows 11 Password from Registry Editor

Through registry editor, we can perform multiple tasks, including disabling the password in Windows 11. Though this is a lengthy procedure, it will definitely assist you.

#1. Firstly, press the “Windows + R” keys to gather on your keyboard to open the Run menu to launch the Registry Editor.

#2. In the Run menu, type “regedit” and click OK.

regedit run command

#3. If you receive a confirmation window, then click Yes.

#4. In the Registry Editor follow the below-mentioned path:

Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

Open Winlogon directory

You have two options here, either you can locate this by following the step-by-step path or directly copy this path and paste it in the address bar at the top and press Enter key.

#5.  Here in the Winlogon folder, search for the folder name “DefaultUserName.”

search for the folder name “DefaultUserName.”

#6. If you cannot find the folder named “DefaultUserName,” then right-click on the blank area and follow the New > String Value path. Then, change the name of the string with “DefaultUserName.”

create a new key

#7. Double-click on this recently created folder or click right and select Modify option.

#8. Locate the Value Data section, write the correct Microsoft user ID and password, and click OK to confirm the changes.

Locate the Value Data section, write the correct Microsoft user

#9. Make one more string with the name “DefaultPassword.”

#10. Double click on this newly created string and go to Value data.

#11. Here, under the value data section, type your Microsoft Account password and click the OK button to conform to the changes.

edit DefaultPassword value

#12. Now, navigate to the “AutoAdminLogon” string in the “Winlogon” folder.

#13. If you cannot find this string, then create it with the same procedure which is described earlier in the 6th step. Just change the name to “AutoAdminLogon.”

#14. Double-click the “AutoAdminLogon” string to open it.

#15. Here, change the default value (0) with “1” under the Value data section and click OK to save changes.

change the default value (0) with “1” under the Value

#16. Close the Registry Editor, and restart the PC or laptop and notice the difference.

2. Disable Password on Windows 11 using Account Panel

This is one of the easiest ways to turn off the password from Windows 11 using the Account Panel. Follow the given simple steps-

#1. Press the “Windows + R” keys simultaneously on your keyboard to open the Run menu.

#2. In the Run menu, search for the “netplwiz” and click on the OK.

Search for netplwiz and open it

#3. You will get the User Account panel on your screen, which opens the Use tab from the top.

#4. Here, you will see one option named “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer,” simply uncheck it.

Disable Password on Windows 11 using Account Panel

#5. Here, select the sing-in account and fill in the required details: User name, Password, and Confirm Password.

select the sing-in account and fill in the required details


#6. Hit the OK button and save the changes.

#7. Restart your PC or laptop, and notice you will not be asked to log in credentials.

3. Remove Password in Windows 11 with Local Account

To remove the password from your Windows 11 permanently, if you are ready to sacrifice some of the Microsoft services, this method is for you.

Create one Local Account without a Password. Then, delete your Microsoft profile, which is linked with the Microsoft Account. In this way, you can replace your admin account with a password-less account.

If you have made your pc ready to create a local account, so follow these steps.

#1. Open the Start Menu and select Settings.

#2. Here in the Settings app, select Accounts in the left panel.

select Accounts in the left panel

#3. Under the section of Ways to Sign in, locate the Password section.

#4. Click the Change button in the Password section.

Under the section of Ways to Sign in, locate the Password section

#5. Type your current password and click Next.

#6. Leave everything else blank and press Finish.

Leave everything else blank and press Finish

#7. Close the Settings app. Your login password will now be removed.

However, if this method doesn’t work for you then follow this official guide of Microsoft to create a Local Account without any hurdles. And also you will get to know more about multiple ways to create a local account.

Final Words on How to Remove Password from Windows 11

Though, it is not secure to keep our PC or laptop without a password, considering the essential information saved. Nevertheless, for specific reasons, we have to remove our password. We opine that to remove the password from Windows 11; our guide has helped you. Keep following us to know more hacks regarding Windows 11.

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