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Best Waterproof Cases for iPhone 14 Pro Max

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The out-and-out top-notch model by Apple in their generic iPhone 14 series is the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Apple gives a maximum depth of 6 meters for up to 30 minutes in terms of water resistivity and is rated IP68. Is it good enough? Well yes, that’s why you even spent to get your hands on the latest tech because it is the best.

With that said, would you want to risk that? As trusted as Apple products are, they are as delicate as they come and we certainly get how precious those are to you. We got the perfect solution so you could go and enjoy your beach time or pool parties with ease and may I say, washing those dishes too.

Sensing the need of an hour, we bring to you the best waterproof cases for iPhone 14 Pro Max. We understand how a cover while being all protective needs to be classy and bring out your sassy self. The covers are selected from a huge variety of brands and have been put through some vigorous tests and guess what, our iPhone 14 Pro Max is still alive and working its charms.

5 Best iPhone 14 Pro Max Waterproof Cases

Do not drop your precious iPhone in water till you are done going through these awesome waterproof cases. Let’s get right to it!

1. Temdan

We’ve already backed this case in our previous round-ups too for iPhone 13 last year and here it is again! The Temdan Waterproof HeavyDuty case is a shockproof case that covers your whole iPhone 14 Pro Max giving it 360-degree protection.

This bumper cover is a military-grade performer and gives a stunning outline for easy gripping. With easy installation, this comes in two parts, one saving your feather touch screen and the other with the camera and back cover.

These covers are tough and are snow, water, dustproof. The stylish look with the matte black is certainly an outstanding addition to the rugged case. The Clear design ensures HD clarity and reveals the true color and beauty of your device.

Considering all the positive biddings, the only downside is it is not Magsafe friendly and this do not add any big bulge to the slim and elegant iPhone 14 Pro Max.

2. Oterkin

Feeling rainy today? Well, you got the umbrella but who’s saving your iPhone? This latest piece of waterproof cover by Oterkin. Is it a box? NO. The Oterkin waterproof cases are tough and durable.

They give an easy-in-hand experience while you hold them with dignity. The soft outer linings and the bracket designs give a comfortable grip. The bumper cover is shatterproof and has dual-layer protection.

The front case made of toughened glass is to cover the spotless screen while the TPU+PC hard coating gives strength to the back cover. Shock-absorption corner makes this case shockproof, dustproof, sand proof, and protects your Phone in all weather conditions.

The tough multiplayer defender case gives unflinched accessibility in 2 parts. The top layer is basically toughened glass that protects your screen while the back cover is rugged and shatterproof.

Wireless charging is sustained to its full strength while the sound quality is kept at optimal levels too without deteriorating any quality. The case is given a one-year warranty by Oterkin with full customer support.

3. Dewfoam

Fully sealed body designed to be waterproof for any underwater activities, the Dewfoam Waterproof Case is some tough protective blanket around your exquisite device.

The case has precious cutouts that give easy access to your buttons and sliders. Dewfoam iPhone 14 Pro Max waterproof case exceeds the military standard, a tight body with a shock-absorption corner makes this case shockproof, dustproof, and sandproof.

Clear back will not block wireless charging without removing the case and does not reduce the charge speed. The sound quality of your calls and music does not deteriorate either and that is Dewfoam’s guarantee. This being said, the screen sensitivity is unhampered and you could still feel the smoothness in the screen.


SPIDERCASE waterproof case the combination of highest grade PC and TPU materials assure extra protection to maximize the absorption of shocks and drops.

The case has a SPIDERCASE clear screen protector and a military-grade back cover making it shatterproof. Designed waterproof case for iPhone 14 Pro Max with IP68 waterproofing up to 2 meters for 30 mins. The extremely tight seal ensures that your device stays dry.

The TPU frame and hard foam on the exterior make the iPhone lightweight and thin. The SPIDERCASE Waterproof case is wireless charging friendly with no disturbance. The clear back cover highlights the beauty of your iPhone.

5. Cozycase

A designer stylish waterproof case by Cozycase for the new iPhone 14 Pro Max is an elegant piece of equipment. This shatterproof extreme case protects your iPhone from all the issues and dues. They take care of the dust and debris.

The case is waterproof with IP-68 certified – submersible up to 20ft. The case is dustproof, snowproof, waterproof, and shatterproof…what more can you ask for?

Your extreme iPhone 14 Pro Max case has been designed to lock out the elements – not your inputs. It has an antireflective back camera-coated lens that takes care of the glare and any kind of issues that you will face related to capturing an image and lets you get a crisp photo.

The cover is tough and keeps your phone intact to its last piece. The case is ultra-fit and pocket-friendly. Adding to its already enormous features, the case allows wireless charging and the sound quality is outstanding.

The case also allows you to keep the same feather touch of the screen which you had before it.

Wrapping Up…

All these products are amazing and outperform the others but there can only be one best, at least, in our opinion, these all are good but we have our pick of the lot.

With outstanding features like waterproof with IP-68 certified – submersible up to 20ft, anti-reflective back camera, bumper cover with military grade protection, snowproof, waterproof, and a lot more, the Temdan Waterproof Case is the best in the business. Keep following us to explore more accessories of the iPhone 14 lineup.

Last update on 2024-06-07. We earn commissions when you buy the product through Amazon affiliate links on our website. Images from Amazon Product Advertising API.

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