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Download Kingroot Apk (Kingroot.apk) for Free

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How to Download Kingroot Apk

Learn how you can download Kingroot apk file and root your android device. In a never-ending quest to get root access to the device, Android developers have provided many simple solutions. There are many desktop applications available that can root almost any android device and give you unlimited access to kernel and resources. You can then tweak your device as much as you want. However, when it comes to rooting android devices without a computer, there is no single all-in-one solution available. However, the scenario is quickly changing after the arrival of kingroot apk. Kingroot.apk is a free Android apk made available by the KingRoot Studio peeps that give root access to many devices. As of writing, this Kingroot 4.1 version is out which supports many newer devices including the recently released devices in June/July 2015. It is advised that you download kingroot apk file only from the XDA forum link given in this article.

Rooting Advantage

There are thousands of articles written by developers and Android fans explaining the advantage of rooting. Perhaps, this is the reason why we would not like to reiterate the same here. Instead of that, you can visit lifehacker’s article given here. The primary reasons for rooting are

  1. Install apps not available on Google play store or incompatible apps
  2. Boost device speed
  3. Install custom ROMs with plethora of new features
  4. Improve battery life
  5. Remove preinstalled apps
  6. Flash kernel

There are several other reasons but most of the users get root access for above reasons only.

If you are new to rooting and do not know whether your device can be rooted or not, then we recommend checking out Root checker app in the Google play store. The app is updated regularly and provides most comprehensive reporting. Download Kingroot apk after confirming rooting availability of your device. The new version of app also checks the rooting availability by itself. Never attempt rooting if it is written that rooting is not available for your device.

download kingroot apk

Features of KingRoot

Following are some of the features of KingRoot android app. You can easily install it using the apk file given below this section. Download Kingroot apk file only after reading the features list.

Note: There are few similar named app available in the Google play store. It is recommended that you download Kingroot apk from the official source only.

Free app

KingRoot is available for free to download. Since the app is updated at certain interval, you’d be required to change it time to time. The application is free of cost and is available from the world’s most famous XDA forum.

One-click root

Unlike other complex rooting application, you do not require to take care of many things. All you need to do is click on a simple app button and the root access will be gained within few seconds. There are no complex steps required and hence it is one of the most recommended app available to the date. It also requires no connectivity to your PC which makes it super simple to use. No data cable or USB cable required for this. Just download the KingRoot.apk file from the given links at the end of this section and you are good to go.

The KingRoot app is updated frequently and hence it covers most of the device launched by the different manufacturer. It supports plethora of devices from tons of manufacturers ranging from Samsung, Lenovo, Micromax and several others. As of writing this, KingRoot 4.5 is in beta testing mode and should be released at any time.

download kingroot apk

Download KingRoot APK

We highly recommend checking out this thread at the XDA developer forum to download the latest version of the KingRoot android app.

With version 4.1 they have also released Purify app which helps in making your device run smoothly. Make sure to download kingroot apk from the above link and then Purify from the play store. After rooting, you can also download vShare for android devices.


Rooting your device may void the warranty. By using, the rooting app, you agree that you understand the consequences. In worst case, you might end up bricking your device. In some cases, we do recommend unrooting your device before taking it to the manufacturer.

If you are having issues after the root, we recommend following the aforementioned XDA developer thread and post your issue there.  We are sure that the smart developers at the XDA will be able to help you out. Also, we recommend checking the supported device at the forum. It is recommended that you only root the device that is supported by the latest KingRoot version installed on your device. It is also recommended that you download kingroot apk’s newest version only. Version given here might be outdated.

Let us know if you are having trouble downloading KingRoot apk file. We will gladly assist you with the a required details. Use the comment section below for your questions.

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