Best Thesis Writing Software Compared: Which One is Best For You?

Completing a research paper or thesis requires some efforts and hard work. There are no shortcuts or alternative routes that take you towards the completion of your dissertation. It means that you have to be consistent and considerate. You can always enhance the process and work smartly and quickly instead of spending long working hours.

Best Thesis Writing Software

The choice of thesis writing software completely depends on your requirements. There are all levels of software available from entry-level to premium level software. In this post, we will share some of the best thesis writing software that will make your writing a lot better and easier.

#1. Grammarly Premium

We all know that our thesis or research paper needs to be perfect. Grammarly has two versions — a free and a paid one. The premium version allows you to check spellings, punctuation, sentence structure, and engagement recommendations. It will also recommend better synonyms for some words that will make your work more prominent.

Grammarly Premium for Thesis Writing

In the world of software, there are so many ‘writing helpers’ available. The reason for giving the first spot to Grammarly Premium is that it is easy to use and understand. It provides you much more than just a random spelling checker. You can check your assignment or any research paper with it.

Grammarly spots much more complex issues in your article such as:

  • Conflicting writing style and unclear sentences
  • Overused words
  • Weak vocabulary
  • Insensitive language
  • Inappropriate tone
  • Plagiarism checker

In other words, Grammarly is the best real-time editor and proofreader of your work. It has an extension that works best in Word, Google Docs, and Chrome. The free version also gives decent quality work, but that is limited. So if you want to make the best out of your thesis writing, go for a premium version of Grammarly now!

#2. LaTeX

This writing software is free and it will help you check your thesis and articles in no time. Latex is an open-source software having a design structure that works best for technical writing and large research publications. The work that it can handle has no limits.


It is compatible with both Windows and Mac. Latex offers a huge room for customization in your work. Besides, there is no shame in taking online help if needed. Latex is like a high-level coding software and it has a language mark-up.

It takes some time to get used to this software. It also has a huge online student community that is always there to help you. It works great in handling:

  • Mathematical equations
  • Grammar errors
  • Figures and tables
  • Citations and references

This writing helper has one downside. It does not support the .docx file. If you are lucky, some schools and colleges provide a Latex thesis template that meets all the requirements.

#3. Scrivener

Scrivener is paid software that will help you write a custom thesis. It is great for managing large and heavy projects. The interface is user-friendly and easy to understand. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

Scrivener Writing Software

That is an online writing helper that will always be at your service. It’s good for writing your research paper, publications, thesis, and reports guaranteeing 100% uniqueness.

The software is best for:

  • Management of large project
  • Personal research
  • Formatting
  • Making the file document type

Software that is 100% perfect doesn’t exist, but you should not feel hopeless. You can always find thesis help for getting excellent research work. Still this software isn’t the best for handling complex scientific work. Try to do it yourself. Stick to your research, start with small fragments and move step by step.

#4. Paraphrasing Tool

The thesis, reports, research papers, or publications require 100% unique data. Paraphrasing Tool is designed for college and university students. It is a rewriting tool that will turn your article into a unique and plagiarism free one.

With the help of a paraphrasing tool, you can alter any data according to your needs. This tool was initially developed for content creators. Thus, your essay will remain meaningful and properly written. It will also alter the overall structure of the essay.

The paraphrasing tool has many benefits such as:

  • Maintaining the essence of the essay
  • Changing structure formation
  • Delivering new content
  • Adding synonyms
  • Analyzing work thoroughly
  • Removing duplication

The interface of this online helper is easy to use. You have only to copy and paste. The software does the rest of the work. Besides, your content becomes plagiarism-free.

#5. LyX

It is the best free software for writing a thesis or research paper, the most powerful and versatile one. LyX allows you to customize your document easily. It also uses the markup language, the same as Latex for writing.

LYX Software for Writing Thesis

It works best with large files without creating any problem. The interface is user-friendly and there’s no hard-coding language being used that will stop you from writing your thesis.

It has amazing features because it can:

  • Handle equations
  • Do formatting
  • Remove plagiarism
  • Handle mathematical formulas
  • Handle citation and cross-references

The capacity of the software is large. If you know how to work with Latex, then this software is even easier to learn and use for your scientific work. Besides, it is compatible with Windows and Mac.

#6. Google Docs

It’s the most basic yet amazing Google Suite software that is growing every day. Google Docs has all the features that you expect from any writing software. It gives you a massive room for customization in your article.

Google Docs

We are living in the era where Google Docs has become one of the best online writing tools. It has all the basic and professional level tools that enhance your writing. It is understandable, easy to use, flexible, versatile, and powerful.

The Google doc comes with a big font library. Here you can find many headings and styles. Its toolbar will remind you of MS Word because they both are very similar. The same is about font size controls, styles, bullets, margins, etc.

It offers more than MS Word as follows:

  • Gutter margins
  • Book size
  • Constant saves Web-based (you can access it from anywhere through the Internet)
  • Comes in a mobile version
  • Easy sharing links
  • Formatting

A Google doc does the original writing. You can use InDesign, a further layer for high-end formatting and designing.

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Closing Thoughts!

You now have wholesome information on best thesis writing software and apps that will help you write a thesis. These software will make your writing unimaginably easier while writing custom essays. You will get more time for doing practical research and less worrying about writing and compiling your thesis. Happy Writing, Folks!

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