Ricky Shah is an IT engineer who developed Geniusgeeks.com back in 2009. Due to unavoidable and unfortunate situations, Geniusgeeks was forced to shut down back in 2011. Cutting the long story short, we have been slapped by Google first and then webhost. Due to lack of backup, I was forced to shut down the blog completely. But Ricky didn’t lose hope and restarted the blog in 2012 again with the aim to get back the same reputation in the blogosphere. Geniusgeeks is one of the popular technology blog from India that covers all the latest technology news. It is a symbol of excellence and integrity. We do not cover crappy news on this blog.

From several years, Geniusgeeks has been known for its quality articles and especially how to tutorials and tips. Instead of flooding blog with useless news, the blog is entirely focused on providing useful information only. It covers news from different categories like Apple iOS , Google’s Android OS, Windows Tips, Google and more.

Ricky Shah

Ricky Shah (also known as Gujju guy) is an IT engineer. He completed his engineering back in 2010 from the Rajiv Gandhi Institute, Bangalore. He lives in Anand, Gujarat. He is the brain behind this and various other blogs.

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