Zynga Tweaks FarmVille Fertilization Timer & Tuscan Wedding Ingredients

In addition to the new Move and Recycle tools released in FarmVille last night, and the Cracked Ribbon, Zynga has also made a few “behind the scenes” changes (if you will) that deal with the more technical aspects of the game, but still affect all users.

First, they have changed the timer on fertilizing your neighbors’ crops. Where the timer used to be set at once every 24 hour period (meaning that if you fertilized their farm at, say, 6 PM, you couldn’t fertilize again until after 6 PM the next day), the timer now automatically resets for all users at midnight. This means that if you’d like to get in on the bonuses associated with fertilizing crops, you could start fertilizing a short while before midnight and then fertilize again once the clock flips over to the new day.

Lastly, for those who were looking to get ahead by sending Wedding Tent ingredients from the free gifts page by circumventing the locks associated with the ingredients (the available ingredient switches every two days), your progress has now been foiled, as Zynga has announced that these links no longer work. To put it plainly, the game now “knows” that you shouldn’t be sending that ingredient, as it isn’t available, and won’t let you cheat.

Head over to the game’s Facebook page to see if you can fertilize anymore of your neighbors’ crops.

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