How to Zip or Unzip Files in Windows 11

Zip file format is very important in Windows to compress large files. Another use of the Zip file format is to secure files. Now to access these Zip files, you have to use 3rd party tools like WinRar and 7Zip. But with Windows 11, you don’t need to download and install any software. Here is how to zip and unzip in Windows 11.

How to Zip or Compress Files in Windows 11

It is very easy to create a zip file on Windows 11. Just follow these steps, and you are good to go. 

Step 1: Select the folder that you want to make a zip. Make sure that it is not empty.

Step 2: Right-click on the folder and then go to Send to > select Compressed (Zipped) folder.

Compressed folder

Step 3: Name it, and it’s done.

Name the new Zip file and save it

How to Unzip Folder in Windows 11

Step 1: Select the zip file that you want to uncompress and open it with file explorer.

Step 2: Drag the files to another folder, and it’s done.

Step 3: To unzip all the files, right-click on the folder >  Extract All.

Click on Extract All to uncompress files

Step 4: Follow all the on-screen instructions and then choose the folder or path for the extraction.

Select the path and extract

If you don’t choose any path, it will extract all the files in the default extraction folder, the same where your compressed file is located.

How to Add files to the Compressed folder

If you want to add the normal file to the zip folder, then follow these steps:

Drag your normal file and drop it on the zip file. It will automatically compress the file and add it to the compressed folder.

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Final Words:

It is very important to use Zip format to save storage as Zip compresses the data to save storage. Windows 11 allow users to easily zip and unzip files or folders.

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