Best TeamViewer Alternative for Windows and Mac users

free teamviewer alternatives

Technical team often seeks help finding decent TeamViewer alternatives to enhance their support system, but often proves to be a wild goose chase for them. The precarious OS or software troubleshooting from remotely is usually despicable without help of a remote desktop application. When it comes down to remote desktop sharing application, no one can come close to what free tool TeamViewer has to offer. It can also be used to share files, meetings, presentations, document sharing in real-time, collaborative work environment and much more. Even after lots of rumination, it is somewhat difficult to come to any solid alternative of TeamViewer that can completely replace it. Well, it hasn’t been confined to just industry, but even casual users are very well aware of the power of TeamViewer.

How to Install Android Jelly Bean on Windows 7

install android jelly bean on windows 7

The newest buttery smooth OS has been in news of lately. Even though, Android users are yet to enjoy JellyBean OS on their handset, you, my friend, can enjoy it on your Windows 7 PC. Yes, you heard it right. Now, you can install Android jelly bean on Windows 7 PC, albeit as a transformation pack. It will turn your Windows 7 UI into Jelly Bean ones and give you a glimpse of the bright future that awaits you.

Of course, the Jelly Bean OS has already been out, though in another form. In fact, developers on the XDA developers forum have managed to churn out some of the custom ROMs to reincarnate the old generation OS, which often criticized for not being fully optimized to give better end-user experience on powerful processors.


How to Search an App in Windows 8 Store?

search apps games in windows 8 storeOf late, we have started providing some of the useful apps for Windows 8 users. However, people often ask me, how one can search an app in Windows 8 store? The metro UI of Windows 8 is intuitive, but often leads to confusion since users are used to the traditional Windows UI seen in likes of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Initially, the new user interface inspired from Windows Phone metro tile will bemuse the people so we decided to lend a helping hand to users so they can get used to newest and greatest OS from Microsoft. It is an utter unjust to write off the future of Windows 8, not just yet.

AOMEI Partition Assistant: Most Complete Windows 8 Partition Manager

hard disk partition managerHave you got your hands on Windows 8 consumer preview version yet? If yes, you must be aware of the fact that many of the software don’t work well with Windows 8 OS. The post will cover one such important software namely Windows 8 partition manager to help you manage the partition of your new Windows 8 system efficiently. In our previous post, we covered an extensive list of best antivirus for Windows 8. You might want to have a look at that list.

Windows 8 consumer preview has been around for quite a few months now. The Windows 8 ecosystem has been growing steadily ever since its revelation. The OS itself is quite different from any other of the previous OS from Microsoft we have used so far. For Microsoft it is a do or die question as they have followed an atypical approach in this OS. Their vision is clear. They are pushing every boundary to advertise new Metro style UI. During our last encounter, we mentioned the same and explained why it could pose a potential threat to them if the user fails to adopt the OS. Amongst them one of them less prominent but still important reason was software compatibility. Since it is based on a different architecture, developers would be forced to update their software to incorporate new changes.

Clash Royale for PC

Best Free Antivirus for Windows 8 Consumer Preview Users

best windows 8 antivirus

Microsoft ambitious project Windows 8 will be available to end users in its full glory very soon. The consumer preview version of Windows 8 is already out. It has managed to outshine the previous version of Windows, but despite of getting rave reviews and a huge round of applauds from the tech world its fate will be decided by normal users only. The new version of Windows has very less compatible applications available. As a part of first few elite group of downloaders, we have had a great run with Windows 8. But we also encountered some of the issues with app compatibility. One of the downside of Windows 8 is that it only supports MSE (Microsoft Security Essential or Windows Defender) which is an in-house security suite of Microsoft. To put users out of misery we’ve compiled a list of the best free antivirus for Windows 8 users.

Our previous post enlists twitter clients for Windows 8

Collection of Best Twitter Clients for Windows 8

best twitter clients for windows 8

Microsoft has written a history tractates on epitaph full of mesmerizing achievements and so is the case this time along. Microsoft’s latest operating system inspired by Metro Style UI—the Windows 8 consumer preview is out in the hands of the future prospects. The software giant has made a huge leap ahead by following eccentric and sophomoric UI design. Meanwhile, they also ensured that it doesn’t stifle user’s experience since many applications are not yet compatible with newest version of Windows OS. The resultant is prolific. There are some of the most beautiful apps available in Windows 8 store. The post is destined to cover best twitter clients for Windows 8 users.

Rowi, MetroTwit and few more twitter clients are already out there to welcome new users with pleasant surprise them in the store. The experience hasn’t just confined to the UI but also expands to features as well. While Rowi has been my favorite app since the early days of my Windows Phone encounter, I’m equally dazed with MetroTwit and other apps. Let’s bung all fascinating UI and take a quick look at some of the options available in the Windows 8 store.

How To Fix Blue Screen Of Death Errors Dexterously

fix blue screen of death

Have you ever got those scary blue screen after installing new OS or hardware? To aggravate the situation further you’re forced to restart the system and forced to find a solution first else you won’t be able to anything on your PC. This phenomenon is popularly known as ‘Blue Screen of Death‘. Users will be thrown out of the system like a drunkard out of the bar, so near still so far from his alcohol. The worst thing is that there isn’t even any clue of what might have caused this problem. The dreaded error will only give some gibberish codes which will give no respite to an average computer user.

For advance users has a wonderful collection of BSOD error codes which you can access from here. In major cases only faulty drivers or lack of it, are to be blamed for the error. Windows system is smart enough to detect it and stop your PC from getting damaged further. It generally is called as a STOP error. Advanced users can also read the memory dump file which requires a great skill and deep understanding of a Windows system. Users require to post-mortem crash dump with different debugging tools. Obviously, you need to have great debugging skills in order to understand the error code presents in the dump file. For simplicity, we’re not going to follow that difficult route. Why one would follow such arduous method when most of the time it could be resolved by simple to use software.

MetroTwit App for Windows 8 Available For Download

metrotwit windows 8

Admirer of new Windows OS aka Windows 8 consumer preview are in for a mesmerizing treat. MetroTwit, a dedicated twitter client has just been released in Windows 8 store. This would be the first ever full fledged dedicated  twitter client rolled out to Windows users. MetroTwit gives sneak peek at what’s in to the future prospects. Slated to be available this summer, Windows 8 will bring metro style UI and easy to adept interface to the users. Unlike previous version of Windows Os, this version will present a whole new different UI. It will resemble to metro UI of WP7 OS. Windows Phone 7 users have already experienced awesome twitter clients like Carbon, Rowi and Mehdoh. Well now they can experience awesomeness of such apps on Microsoft’s latest OS for PC and tablets. Microsoft is continually involving in developing and adding third party apps support for betterment of the end-users. MetroTwit is an enthusiastic project designed to enhance microblogging interaction of the users.