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How To Remove Windows 8 Metro UI

How To Remove Windows 8 Metro UI Completely

Metro UI is an obsession of Microsoft. The new and claimed to be a completely revolutionary user interface may err users who are used to the traditional Windows UI since XP time. How about taking the whole matter in our hand and completely remove Windows 8 Metro UI element from the OS completely? Sounds like a daunting task, isn’t it? Well, this is where a new application called RetroUI comes to rescue to troubled users. RetroUI brings back Windows 7 style or traditional Microsoft UI to user’s…

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flux Google reader client Windows 8

Flux: Google Reader Client for Windows 8

Google reader client for Windows 8 has arrived in style. Descending from Windows Phone platform, the developers of Flux have yet again managed to appease Windows OS community users. They say, any platforms, be it mobile or PC, their fate is decided by the support of developers or a number of applications available for the users. Well Windows 8 community is blessed with thousands of developers and the number is increasing exponentially. Full-fledged Windows 8 appearance is still at least a month away, but users have already…

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ComiXology Free Comic Book Reader

Read Comic Books on Windows 8 with ComiXology Free Comic Book Reader

Comixolgy, a comic book reader downloader for Windows 8, has made reading comic books on Windows 8 OS a fun. We continue to strive to serve our readers with better applications for their daily usage. As an avid reader and a person who always aspire to become a comic book character on one day (sort of childhood dream), I, personally, always admire comic books. Although I would like to read comic books a lot, but due to time constraint it becomes a bit difficult to allocate more…

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Start8 Get Windows 7 Menu Back on Windows 8

Start8: Bring Back Windows 7 Start Menu to Windows 8

While Microsoft and other developers admired Windows 8 UI a lot, many end-users found themselves in an unapprehend situation. The start menu or rather absence of it has been a talk of the town. Honestly, when I installed Windows 8 consumer preview, even I found it somewhat fascinating and unknown territory. But is this an end to start menu altogether? Of course not, there are some clever solutions which can bring back Windows 7 start menu to Windows 8. The start menu has been Microsoft’s most adaptable…

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Best TeamViewer Alternative for Windows and Mac users

Technical team often seeks help finding decent TeamViewer alternatives to enhance their support system, but often proves to be a wild goose chase for them. The precarious OS or software troubleshooting from remotely is usually despicable without help of a remote desktop application. When it comes down to remote desktop sharing application, no one can come close to what free tool TeamViewer has to offer. It can also be used to share files, meetings, presentations, document sharing in real-time, collaborative work environment and much more. Even after…

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How to Install Android Jelly Bean on Windows 7

The newest buttery smooth OS has been in the news of late. Even though Android users are yet to enjoy JellyBean OS on their handset, you, my friend, can enjoy it on your Windows 7 PC. Yes, you heard it right. Now, you can install Android jelly bean on Windows 7 PC, albeit as a transformation pack. It will turn your Windows 7 UI into Jelly Bean ones and give you a glimpse of the bright future that awaits you. Of course, the Jelly Bean OS has…

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How to Search an App in Windows 8 Store?

Of late, we have started providing some of the useful apps for Windows 8 users. However, people often ask me, how one can search an app in Windows 8 store? The metro UI of Windows 8 is intuitive, but often leads to confusion since users are used to the traditional Windows UI seen in likes of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Initially, the new user interface inspired from Windows Phone metro tile will bemuse the people so we decided to lend a helping hand to…

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AOMEI Partition Assistant: Most Complete Windows 8 Partition Manager

Have you got your hands on Windows 8 consumer preview version yet? If yes, you must be aware of the fact that many of the software don’t work well with Windows 8 OS. The post will cover one such important software namely Windows 8 partition manager to help you manage the partition of your new Windows 8 system efficiently. In our previous post, we covered an extensive list of best antivirus for Windows 8. You might want to have a look at that list. Windows 8 consumer preview…

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Clash Royale for PC

Best Free Antivirus for Windows 8 Consumer Preview Users

Microsoft ambitious project Windows 8 will be available to end users in its full glory very soon. The consumer preview version of Windows 8 is already out. It has managed to outshine the previous version of Windows, but despite of getting rave reviews and a huge round of applauds from the tech world its fate will be decided by normal users only. The new version of Windows has very less compatible applications available. As a part of first few elite group of downloaders, we have had a…

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Collection of Best Twitter Clients for Windows 8

Microsoft has written a history tractates on epitaph full of mesmerizing achievements and so is the case this time along. Microsoft’s latest operating system inspired by Metro Style UI—the Windows 8 consumer preview is out in the hands of the future prospects. The software giant has made a huge leap ahead by following eccentric and sophomoric UI design. Meanwhile, they also ensured that it doesn’t stifle user’s experience since many applications are not yet compatible with newest version of Windows OS. The resultant is prolific. There are…

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