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Best Free Antivirus for Windows 8 Consumer Preview Users

Microsoft ambitious project Windows 8 will be available to end users in its full glory very soon. The consumer preview version of Windows 8 is already out. It has managed to outshine the previous version of Windows, but despite of getting rave reviews and a huge round of applauds from the tech world its fate will be decided by normal users only. The new version of Windows has very less compatible applications available. As a part of first few elite group of downloaders, we have had a…

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Collection of Best Twitter Clients for Windows 8

Microsoft has written a history tractates on epitaph full of mesmerizing achievements and so is the case this time along. Microsoft’s latest operating system inspired by Metro Style UI—the Windows 8 consumer preview is out in the hands of the future prospects. The software giant has made a huge leap ahead by following eccentric and sophomoric UI design. Meanwhile, they also ensured that it doesn’t stifle user’s experience since many applications are not yet compatible with newest version of Windows OS. The resultant is prolific. There are…

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How To Fix Blue Screen Of Death Errors Dexterously

Have you ever got those scary blue screen after installing new OS or hardware? To aggravate the situation further you’re forced to restart the system and forced to find a solution first else you won’t be able to anything on your PC. This phenomenon is popularly known as ‘Blue Screen of Death‘. Users will be thrown out of the system like a drunkard out of the bar, so near still so far from his alcohol. The worst thing is that there isn’t even any clue of what…

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MetroTwit App for Windows 8 Available For Download

Admirer of new Windows OS aka Windows 8 consumer preview are in for a mesmerizing treat. MetroTwit, a dedicated twitter client has just been released in Windows 8 store. This would be the first ever full fledged dedicated  twitter client rolled out to Windows users. MetroTwit gives sneak peek at what’s in to the future prospects. Slated to be available this summer, Windows 8 will bring metro style UI and easy to adept interface to the users. Unlike previous version of Windows Os, this version will present…

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