6 Essential Reasons to Choose Android App Development as a Career!

You might have noticed that the world has changed dramatically for the last years, and things that seemed unreal back in days are an integral part of our present. Every second stranger you come across will have a smartphone and use an app for some reason. Business goes online, and if you cannot find something on the Internet, then the chances are high that it doesn’t exist.

Mobile applications have long become a tool for commerce, and if you offer services, it is worth thinking about creating your own app, whether it is about ordering food or apps for working out. Thus, companies are looking for an app developer who can meet their requirements. And usually, Android apps can boast of a wider audience, while iOS users are more likely to purchase paid versions.

A founder of mobile applications can be called a programmer who solves commercial problems, so the job is in demand and well paid. It is worth getting college paper help to have enough time to study this question from different angles and decide whether it is worth giving it a try or not.

Who is a Mobile Developer?

If you are new to this occupation, it is worth starting from the very beginning to understand the fundamentals of this job. An app developer is a person who creates software applications for smartphones and tablets. The specialist’s scope of work includes the following stages.


A developer can come up with an idea for the project or get a specific order. Everything depends on their qualification, expertise, and skills.

If it is the latter case, a developer must meet with the customer and discuss all the requirements and nuances of the future app. And if it is about your project, you should think about the target audience.


When you have an idea for a future project, it is time to create the project plan to see the whole picture and work scope. You should start by analyzing your main rivals. In other words, you should find similar applications and analyze their strong and weak sides, user reviews, and everything that can contribute to the development of your product.

Work in an organization and prepare a plan with your teammatesAnalysis of information about competing companies falls within the original scope of the work. Actually, when you are going to buy custom essay or any other stuff, you also make a small investigation to determine the best company possible, don’t you?

Monetization issues

If you don’t have a customer and work on the project by your initiative, you should think about recouping your investments, time, and work.

A developer designs the application considering various factors like paid services, premium version, in-app purchases. If the app is free, you should think through different options for making a profit.

Development and Testing

Now, it comes to the embodiment of all pre-planned ideas, working with app designers and a project manager. If necessary, you should adjust the design process, keep in touch with the customer, and make reports.

If a whole team works on the project, a separate specialist is testing the app. However, if you create the whole project on your own, then testing is on the list of your responsibilities. You should check such features as functionality, usability, performance, and design.


When all the previous stages are left behind, the app developer introduces the product on the Google Play Store, observing all the service rules. If it is about a client’s project, then in most cases, they will deal with marketing issues themselves.

That is, the client hires other specialists. If it is your project, you meet all the challenges yourself or hire specialists who will develop a successful marketing strategy. After the app has been downloaded, the developer monitors reviews, fixes bugs, and regularly updates the app.

Personal Features of the App Developer

The developer’s occupation implies communication with customers, and it means you should have advanced communication skills to approach different people. Besides, if you are thinking of becoming an app developer, you should work on personal qualities.

Adequate Perception of Criticism

Designers, marketers, and other specialists working in a team can provide opinions about the developer’s work, and you should steadfastly withstand all comments and adequately perceive their criticism.

Ability to Listen and Hear

Many comments from colleagues will be useful for your personal development as a specialist. You should listen to them and analyze your work.

And even if the customer’s opinion does not coincide with yours, you should politely and convincingly explain your point of view without scandals and insults. If the client categorically does not accept it, it is their right. You just fulfill the order, so don’t turn into a drama queen.


When coding, you should carefully monitor the symbols and make adjustments when necessary. If you cannot stay focused on work and constantly get distracted by various trifles, you will have to double-check and redo everything constantly.

Work with freedom on the go and get MindfulnessOrganization

Most often, app developers are freelancing. Such people should organize their work, rest, leisure to combine all spheres correctly and skillfully. Work without rest and leisure may result in depression and professional burnout. You should provide yourself with quality rest and watch your diet. Besides, an app developer should be curious and interested in novelties in their field.

Why Should You Become an Android App Developer?

New Android apps appear on the market every day, finding their admirers, and existing ones are regularly updated. They are created by people who have decided to become an Android developer.

However, should you try your hand at Android app development too? What are the main advantages of this occupation that may tip the scale? Let’s figure out some essential reasons to join the ranks of Android app developers.

#1. You Will Become a Creator

What could be more interesting than creative work? What could be more pleasant than implementing your “crazy” ideas and making your dreams come true? An Android developer constantly generates new ideas and works them out in practice.

If you lack an app that would meet some requirements, you can create it. The chances are high that you are not the only person who wants to get such an app. And if there is a bug, you can fix it yourself without waiting for an update. Most likely, you will not work on a product that you do not like or consider useless.

#2. You Will Constantly Develop

The world is changing, and new technologies and personal needs are no exception. When you want to create something new and stand out from the rest, you do your best to gain the chosen area’s required knowledge.

Thus, your interest and desire will become the main driving force that will help you constantly learn new things and develop various skills.

#3. You Will Not Be Tied to the Place

You will need a powerful laptop to be able to proceed to work. Thus, you don’t have to become an office worker if you don’t want to. You are not tied to your workplace and can work at home, in a cozy coffee shop, in a park, on the beach, wherever it suits you.

You can combine your work with a pleasant pastime. And a cool thing is that you decide on your working schedule. You don’t need to give up many things because of work. You can work for yourself or start cooperating with a company that has a stunning idea. In a company, you can change the future and try your hand at the latest possible projects.

#4. You Will Work with New Technologies

Your interest in this article suggests that you are not indifferent to new technologies. When developing Android applications, you will work with new technologies and create the future.

If you know how to develop Android applications, you can also become a tester, coach, or consultant. Your skills will be in demand for many. And if taxi drivers can be soon replaced by self-driving cars and couriers, and drones will replace videographers, you will work with artificial intelligence and evolve.

#5. Your Work Will Be In Demand

Android developers are constantly in demand, so you will not face any difficulties with job searching even if you have high expectations about your salary. You will find a company where your skills will be appreciated. And if you decide to work for yourself, you can hit the jackpot when your professional skills become advanced.

Android is the most usable mobile OS, with a huge number of users. It’s very easy to offer your product to these users since Google has worked through this question.

Your application will be published very quickly on Google Play. Of course, you should be sure that users know about your application, but you already have the most popular store with beautifully designed showcases.

#6. You Will Come Across a Short Learning Curve

Another argument in favor of starting a career as an Android application developer is the absence of a tremendous number of the required skills, as, for example, in web development. Everything is structured and unambiguous here. There are only two official development languages – Java and Kotlin.

So, there are clear development guides that are aimed at simplifying communication between developers around the world. Mobile games and entertainment apps are a huge and exciting industry ready to accept developers of all levels. So, you have all chances to start a successful career right away.

What Keeps You Waiting?

Well, we hope that you now have enough reasons to start your career as an Android app developer. So what keeps you waiting? Do let us know in the comments so that we can help you out if you’re stuck with the decision. Stay updated with latest tips for Android, iOS & more at your favorite tech blog, GeniusGeeks!

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