Watch Olympic 2012 Live on Android- Apps to Watch Live Score and Videos

olympics 2012 android apps

Olympic 2012 is approaching and so is our list of android apps to watch Olympic 2012. It’s that time of year when you see tears, anger, disappointment, elation, hopes and all forms of mixed feelings. Yes, the Olympics 2012 is scheduled to happen on 27 July, 2012. It will take place in London, England amid security concerns and speculation of the terrorist attacks. Let’s not delve into much detail since sportsmen only cares about the spirit of the game and so are we. It will start from 27th of July and end on 12th of August of 2012.

Thousands of sportsmen and women will be competing in close to 300+ events. They will be representing 200+ countries with the burden of earning a gold medal for their country. The Olympics is undoubtedly one of the biggest sports event of the year. The 2012 Summer Olympic games officially known as the Games of the XXX Olympiad is merely two weeks away from now. Looking at the staggering number of sports to be played in this year, it would be next to impossible to track down each and every game from the TV medium. This is where our Smartphone comes to aid us.

Watch Olympic 2012 Live Stream

BBC Olympics

The BBC Olympics app has an exclusive right to provide live coverage of the game. Using this app you can watch a live stream of Olympics 2012 on your android phone. However, there is a catch. It is exclusive to BBC UK only. It will provide live streams of the 24 Olympics games at a time. It will also provide other details, highlights and medal moments. The app will consume more data and works on 3G and Wi-Fi. Makes sure you have an unlimited data plan or an app to monitor Internet usage on Android to know how much data it consumed and consequently save yourself from levied data charges.

watch olympics 2012 live stream

Due to the imposed limitation, it will not be possible to watch Olympics 2012 live outside UK. Grab BBC Olympic from Google Play store.

Below is the collection of more Android apps for Olympics 2012 which will provide live scores and updates of the games.

Essential Olympic 2012 Apps for Android

Would you be interested in getting up to date information of the Olympics 2012 on your most beloved android smartphone? If yes, then read on. Following are some of the android apps for Olympics 2012 which will update you as soon as the event happens.

BBC, NBC and many other Olympic apps for android has already been released into the Google Play store. In case, if you’re away from your device then read our guide to download APK from Google play here. We will mention some the useful features of each application.

London 2012 Join In App

The official London Olympics 2012 app will bring all the content both from on the field and off the field to your android device. In a nutshell, this application will guide you to the London Olympics. It will provide up to date listing, schedules, current event, torch position, Paralympic torch relay, road events, detailed maps and much more. In case if you are here with the group of people then the map feature will let you find your friends or pin your location on the map so they can track you easily.

london 2012 join in android

London 2012

Yet another useful application that will let you track all the information about London Olympics 2012. There are plethora of useful features which will let you track latest matches, schedule, score, Olympic venues, games being played on the ground, country participants, medal tally etc. Users can also set reminders of their favorite game which in turn will give you detailed information about the game and venue where it is being played on. The country based category will provide you information on the number of medals a particular country has acquired.

london 2012 android app

NBC Olympics

While NBC Olympics application could be used from any location, its videos are accessible to U.S. territories only. The application provides all the necessary news, videos, photos or all Team USA athletes. It has loads of other useful features which will allow you to get latest real-time updates, primetime show, medal counts, video on-demand, sports info like schedule and more. Additionally, it facilitates users with an option to share latest scores on twitter, Google+ and Facebook. It also provides reminders and other breaking news via push notification which is not present in any other application.

nbc olympics for android

In short, if you’re in the UK then download BBC Olympics android app to watch live stream of Olympics 2012, else use any other application to get latest updates about London Olympics 2012 on your Android.

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