Hola Blocker- Watch Hulu Outside US While it Lasts

Hulu.com is among one of the top subscribed streaming service in USA and Japan. There is a barrage of videos, serial episodes, behind-the-scene clips, movies and more catered to the users everyday. Unfortunately, the service is fettered to a limited group of people (in this case country or geographical limitation is applied). There is more to it– Hulu also restricts access from proxy and other software that tries to imitate or pretend to be user from the allowed countries.

The amaranthine cat-and-mouse game between Hulu and wannabe developers will never cease. The latest entrant in this field is Hola Blocker, which unlocks the restricted content for other users. In simple terms, where ever you be, you can watch Hulu outside US. There’s no country restriction as long as it lasts. Oh!!! Yes, we do not expect the service to last very long. Hulu has a track record of hunting down such service and close all the loopholes so developers can not again provide such service. Well, it sounds more like a supremacy war between Apple and Jailbreak developer. The roots of this ego clash are much deeper than our little minds can think of.

unblock hulu outside usa

What’s so Special About Hola Blocker?

Nothing special, to be honest. But the offering of Hola blocker is much wider. Moreover, it works on Windows, Android, Firefox, Google chrome and Mac platform. In short, it works on almost all of the famous devices. The browser extension works like a VPN service with P2P internet download manager. This way you will get content served at much faster than the normal rate, which should be considered as an additional bonus. It can unblock following country or region restricted services easily.

  • Hulu
  • Pandora
  • Netflix
  • BBC (.co.uk/iplayer)
  • ITV.com (itvplayer)
  • Fox
  • CBS
  • AETV
  • Channel4
  • Play.Google.com
  • SYFY
  • Travel channel
  • USA Network

Surprisingly, the company has also openly asked users to add more services so they can unblock them next. If user’s poll to be taken into consideration, then you can expect HBO, YouTube and Spotify to join the league soon. In the past, we have provided a method to unblock YouTube videos with a simple browser add-on. Hola Blocker is yet another addition in the list of programs that has lined up at the Hulu office to get killed. No matter what happens to the service, but you can enjoy a plethora of other services as of now, including Hulu.

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Windows software comes with Internet Accelerator to serve content much faster using the unique compression technique. The Hold Internet Accelerator is not available on Windows 8 platform, unfortunately. Hola Firewall unblocker is also a part of the same module. So if you are in China and not able to Facebook or other website, then the Windows client will help you to get started.

There is no complex configuration or settings needed to get it working. All you need to do is just install the browser add-on and voila, you’re just a single click away from unrestricted internet.

Can you Watch Hulu Outside US on Android?

hola for android

Hola blocker profoundly works on mobile platform and is available on android smartphone platform. You can access Hulu on your Android devices even if you’re outside of the United States. With the recent upsurge in mobile/Smartphone internet users, this is a huge news for them. Android users can enjoy unrestricted access to all the videos available at Hulu, BBC, Netflix and many more services. The intuitive peer to peer internet accelerator helps in compressing the content by 70% which helps in saving a huge bandwidth. This is a similar concept on which browsers like UC Browser and Opera browser works on.

unblocked hulu


There is a subtle difference between the Windows version and other versions. Windows version comes with additional features and websites. A detailed FAQ section will help you to understand it in more detail. Regardless of what version you use, you’ll surely be able to unblock Hulu and many other prominent sites which work in a specific territory. Alternatively, you can also enjoy Netflix, Pandora radio and more services with the same extension.

Have you come across any other service that works as smoothly as Hola blocker? Kindly, drop the link in the comment section, so we can review it.

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