Twitter Releases Official Twitter App for Android

In a blog post yesterday, Twitter announced the immediate availability of Twitter for Android on the Android Market. The new client was announced a few weeks ago and has already caused quite a stir in the world of Droids.

The client is pretty. In fact, I’d say it’s probably the best-looking Twitter client if we’re looking from a complete design perspective. All of the buttons are large, good-looking, and fit in with the standard Twitter simplicity we’ve come to know and love.

Along with the prettiness, the app is also robust featuring picture posting, replies, location features, URL shortening, and everything else you’d expect from a modern Twitter app. It has honestly replaced every other Twitter app I’ve used on my Android phone, including the paid ones.

Speaking of other, third party Twitter apps, the App discovery service AppAware showed that there were many installs of the new Twitter app, and a significant amount of users uninstalling alternative Twitter apps such as Twidroid or Seesmic. I don’t think these apps will be obsolete however, as they will always most likely have some sort of niche feature to keep people coming back.

It is very nice to see an official app, a defacto Twitter app that anyone who just knows ‘Twitter’ can download. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook to keep up to date on all the latest social media news, including Twitter.

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