Turn Your Android into iPhone with Espier Launcher for Android

turn android into iphoneIs there any app that could turn Android into iPhone and vice versa? Is it too much to ask to enjoy both Android and iOS simultaneously? As a hardcore technology enthusiast, I would always like to toy with different technology and iOS, android are no exceptions.

I have to admit that, Android has got my utmost affection and attention from the past few months, due to the sheer amount of tweaks, OS customization, custom ROMs, launcher, widgets and whatnot it has got. But that doesn’t mean iOS is any less enticing.

The exponential growth of android and arrays of features poured and distributed in every update amazes me. The Android OS comes with tons of customization options and system tweaks, and on the other hand, iOS comes with an abundance of apps and Cydia tweaks that makes iOS a worthwhile contender.

Despite such phenomenal growth of android, iOS is still by far the best OS (a hot debatable topic) due to the fact that it has smooth interface and offers many great apps and games.

No doubt, of late I’m kind of getting bored of the primitive interface which hasn’t changed a bit since the initial launch of iPhone (almost 5 long years). Like me, if you’re a lover of both mobile OS, then you might want to enjoy the elegance of both OS together. For them, Espier Launcher has something to cheer about.

What Does Espier Do?

The Espier Launcher has evolved into a consummate launcher that entirely, well almost, turn your android into iPhone. It transforms every nook and cranny of the android device into an iPhone. Intrinsically, Espier launcher mimics the functionality of iOS home-screen and springboard. Upon installation, your android will be completely turned into iPhone device.

espier launcher

It emulates the home screen of iOS device. Even, it is possible to arrange the applications in the folders, much like you do on iOS device. Similar to iOS device, a long press on an icon and it will jiggle. You can drag/ drop the icons to rearrange them or put them in folder to organize them more efficiently.

Even, sliding your fingers up will bring the task bar to swipe or navigate between app, which almost identical to iOS. Swiping right will bring some useful shortcuts like rotation lock, Wi-Fi, network settings, volume, Bluetooth, brightness etc.

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espier launcher for android

Spotlight search option also works very similar to an iOS device, which brings real-time search along with added web search option. The setting options will let you control most of the elements. Theme manager will allow you to play with the theme or choose your favorite theme. HTC style clock, media player controls have been added to lock screen to quickly navigate to an important task.

ios mimicking

The paid version of Espier i.e. Espier Launcher pro brings in more subtle changes. First of all, it works for Android 4.0+ OS. Scroll effect, drawer groups, drawer scroll effects, hide apps, gestures etc. Serious users can go for pro version which brings more transition effects. Even, free version is more than sufficient enough for many. This is where the true potential of Espier realized. The application has been under active development for quite some time, which is a plus point for the consumers.


If you’re an Android user and a secret admirer of iOS UI, then Espier will satisfy your both needs. Even, you can go as far as fooling your friends by saying that you installed iOS on android device, but it is restricted to non-techy friends only. The app will not only completely turn android into iPhone, but also offer heaps of other feature, which you wouldn’t expect in a launcher.

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