Take Your Love of Facebook Games into the Real World

While it’s fun to spend some time everyday playing your favorite Facebook games online, and share that experience with friends virtually, what if you wanted to show your love of one particular game in the real world, for everyone to see, even if they didn’t have a Facebook account? Two companies are allowing gamers to do just that.

For Playfish’s Pet Society, gamers can now head over to Amazon and pick up the “Official Pet Society Mayor Figurine.” This little fella is 5.25 inches tall, and would look great sitting in any office cubicle, sitting on a shelf or desk. What better way to celebrate your love of Pet Society in the real world than to have a figurine of the Mayor smiling at your whenever you look his way?

The figure is a bit pricey, at $24.99. If you’d like to learn more about the figure, or purchase one for yourself, head over to Amazon.

Meanwhile, if you’d rather spread the Facebook gaming love in the real world even further, but without spending a large sum of money to do so, then perhaps Arkadium’s Mahjongg Dimensions Papercraft will interest you.

For the cost of a piece of paper and the ink it takes to print the image, you can print out a foldable craft project that, once completed, turns into a Mahjongg Cube, covered with the designs you know and love from the Mahjongg Dimensions game on Facebook.

While any kind of paper will suffice (just as the instructions confirm), we can agree to the suggestion that card stock would be preferable if you want the cube to last.

Do you know of any other gadgets or toys like these, that represent Facebook games? Let us know in the comments!

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