Spry Fox Starts Down the Road Not Taken

Spry Fox — they of the Triple Town and Highgrounds puzzle hits of recent times — broke the icy silence today surrounding their next project. It’s called Road Not Taken, and yes, it’s inspired somewhat by the Robert Frost poem with the diverging roads.

It’s also extremely pretty to look at, so far:

According to the foxes themselvesRoad Not Taken is “an original puzzle game about life and loss.”

The words “roguelike,” “pointillist,” and “hundreds of hours of original gameplay” are also thrown around, not to mention “Each object, each animation, and each bit of text is a bit of paint on the canvas. Over dozens of playthroughs, a greater theme will be revealed to players.”

I would like to take this road. I realize this will invalidate the title, but I don’t care; I want to play this immediately.

I will keep you all updated as things inch closer to the estimated release of “Late 2013.”

Hopefully we can kill some time with this extremely pretty trailer.

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