Say Goodbye to Facebook App Notifications This Week

Here’s a friendly reminder: As we reported at the beginning of February, Facebook notifications will cease to exist in their previous form, starting this week.

According to Mashable, developers of games and other Facebook apps will now be required to either send email updates to users (assuming they’ve agreed to receive them), or hope that users will read about their updates via fan pages and new feeds.

An additional counter feature will also be relied on, which displays the number of app related notices you have next to the application’s name in your left menu navigation on the Facebook homepage (for those applications you have bookmarked). However this is as close to universal notifications as the updated system comes, making those who were tired of logging in to see a big 20+ digit in the corner of their screens very happy campers indeed.

For those like myself, who really didn’t mind the notifications, this leaves us with another worry – that being the risk of receiving untold emails to replace the missing notifications, simply to keep in contact with our many games. How this will all play out in the long run, however, remains to be seen.

Let us know in the comments – where do you stand on the notification / no notification debate?

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