‘Ripoff’ Apps are Harming iPhone Developers

I believe there’s a saying somewhere that reads something like: “Make something good enough, and someone will copy it.”

Well, the same thing is happening on the iPhone App store in which popular apps are being copied as unoriginal developers try and make a quick buck on the backs of other developers.

The idea is in no way new and according to Mobile Marketing Watch, has existed since the beginning of the App Store but appears to be even more apparent these days.

Lead developer of the blogging site Tumblr, Macro Arment wrote about his experience in trying to download an iPhone game called “Angry Birds” and its many copycats.

Searching for “Angry Bird” brings up two legitimate results for the popular game. The rest of the results however, are for other apps that have little or nothing to do with Angry Birds.

What’s worse is that most of these spam apps cost money as well, as to do nothing but ripoff someone looking for Angry Birds.

With all of Apple’s restrictions on the App store, you would think that making the store more developer friendly would be a good idea.

Here’s hoping that they enforce a solution soon.

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Harshil Patel

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