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Potato Ransomware, also known as Potato Virus

Potato Ransomware Removal Tool and Decrypt Infected Files!

Potato Ransomware Here in this article, you will know how to remove Potato ransomware from your computer. For your reading convenience, I have split the content into several sections. The sneakers have found the best way to make money by exploiting the security of people. They develop ransomware to threaten people by encrypting necessary documents. And, it displays a message on your computer screen to send them money in the form of bitcoins in order to get the files decrypted. The truth be told, no one knows…

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cryptolocker virus

CryptoLocker Removal Tool: Decrypt CryptoLocker Virus Files for Free!

CryptoLocker Decryptor & Removal Tool Guide The internet has always been the mix of good and evil. Of course, you can do tons of useful tasks using the web. On the other hand, there are many hidden snares to trap you as well. Relatively new to this range of online threats is ransomware. Most of you are hearing this name for the first time. In this article, you are going to read about a special type of ransomware. Hence, it is important for you to know what…

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Netflix Ransomware is a scam using Login Generator

Stay Away! Netflix Login Generator is a Ransomware!

Netflix, a multinational entertainment firm having 93 million users around the world is at risk! The cyber criminals has found a freaking way to scam the Netflix users by using a simple Login Generator. A user might take it easy as he logins in the Netflix account to access it but little did he/she knew that Netflix Login Generator is a ransomware! 93 million Netflix users are at risk if they fall into this Netflix Login Generator scam! Over the times, it has been seen that cyber…

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hotel ransomware

Hotel Guest Locked and Ransomed by Cybercriminals

Technology has made our life easier but it can also make your life miserable. One of the hotels has recently learned this. In Europe, hotel management has admitted that their guests were held in or out of the room by cybercriminals. In what is called a sophisticated electronic key system hack, cybercriminals hacked into the system and asked for thousands of dollars in bitcoin as a ransom. Edit: Guest were not allowed to re-enter the room. They were not locked into the room Just a few days…

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EnergyRescue ransomware

Sneaky Ransomware App Found in Google Play Store Charge App

Ransomware is a real threat and it has now found a new home. In a surprising and shocking revelation, a ransomware app managed to get into Google play store damaging at least one real world device. A charge app named EnergyRescue was installed by few innocuous Android users expecting it to be a new charging app. Later, one of the user complained about all lost data and ransom amount on a social media platform. It quickly made a headline. Ransomware like Cerber & CryptoLocker have already been haunting…

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