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bart decryption tool

Bart Ransomware Decryption Tool Released by Bitdefender

Bitdefender, a leading antivirus solution provider, has just released a bart ransomware decryption tool. Earlier, they acquired necessary decryption keys from Romanian police to create an bart decryptor tool for all the version. The Romanian police acquired those keys during their investigation and they are handed over to Bitdefender so they can help everyone affected with the bart ransomware. The sigh of relief for affected users come this early morning when the antivirus giant released a free decryption tool in the wild. As a consequences, all the…

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ODIN Decrypt

ODIN Removal Tool: Ransomware ODIN Decrypt Working TOOL!

ODIN Ransomware / Virus Have you heard of the name ransomware? I know you heard of malware, spyware and adware too. But ransomware may be a new thing to you. In this article, you are going to get everything about ODIN ransomware. Before we get into it, I want to give you an overview of ransomware. Unlike traditional malware, ransomware doesn’t make your computer act weirdly out of the blue. Once it gets into your system, it encrypts almost all your files into a special type. You…

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patcher window

‘Patcher’: New MacOS Ransomware is an Alarm for Piracy Lovers

‘Patcher’ a new ransomware family has been discovered that targets MacOs users. Antivirus company ESET has just discovered the new MacOS ransomware that is dangerous and bad news in general. A badly coded ransomware is being spread through torrents and other piracy websites. It was found on BitTorrent and other peer-to-peer distribution site. Next time when you download Adobe Premiere Pro and Microsoft Office for Mac from BitTorrent or other torrent download website make sure you are giving an open invitation to this ransomware. Currently, being distributed as…

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cerber ransomware code

Cerber Ransomware Pardons Security Software

Cerber has slowly becoming famous. As of writing this, Cerber version 5 is already out in the wild. The new iteration of ransomware RANSOM_CERBER.F117AK has left the security products untouched. It has baffled security researcher. Moreover, this looks more like a challenge to antivirus and firewall company as cerber could encrypt files right under their nose. Trend Micro research team has already mentioned about it.  The new version mocks all security software by not touching its file and snooping around the system files. It encrypts all the files…

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Cerber Ransowmare Message on PC

Nemucod Ransomware-as-a-Service Now Distributes Cerber Ransomware!

Cerber was first noticed in 1st quarter of 2016 and since then, it spread rapidly within no time with the help of Ransomware-as-a-Service [Raas]. Recently, Microsoft reported that Cerber is on the top position in Ransomware families infecting more than thousands of systems around the world every day! And it seems like Cerber isn’t going to stop any more as Nemucod Ransomware-as-a-service appears to be yet another RaaS to distribute Cerber freshly! According to Cyren blog, it might be the newer version of Cerber or it might…

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Free Ransomware Decryptors by Avast

Free Ransomware Decryptor Tools by Avast! Don’t Pay Ransom!

With the technology pacing with rapid acceleration, the threats are equally growing at the same rate as the benefits in every aspect, and when we consider the security, the scenario is the same. Last year, nearly 200 malware were discovered in the form of ransomware on the dark web, and the growth of which the wild samples are growing is two holds. Used to grab data from personal computers to the distributed networks, the ransomware is developed by the cyber criminals to victimize people and then demand…

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Spora Ransomware Support

Spora Ransomware Provides 24/7 Customer Support to Victims!

The ransomware storm ain’t gonna stop in 2017! Ransomware attacks are increasing rapidly and 2016 year saw 200% growth in the attacks. And with the kind of services created by hackers like Ranion RaaS, Ransomware is going to grow rapidly. It is believed that everyday, 4,000 attacks happen only in USA. With an intention to collect a ransom amount smoothly, Spora Ransowmare attackers are now providing 24/7 customer support with a very well-designed payment page! Spora Ransomware Customer Support Spora is making it’s name silently in the…

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CryptoShield Ransomware Removal Tool & Decryptor!

CryptoShield Ransomware Ever heard of CryptoMix Ransomware? Being popular among the world of ransomware, it has been updated to CryptoShield Ransomware when Kafeine, a security researcher found it. As we all know, that a ransomware distributes data from different computers or distributed networks; CryptoShield 1.0 is one such ransomware spread using exploit kits. The malware encrypts data after infiltration through the RSA-2018 cryptography and adds .CRYPTOSHIELD name to each file as an extension. Once the encryption is done, the data is created in two files in the…

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Ranion Ransomware as a service

Ranion – A RaaS offering Distributed Network Data for Low Prices

Ranion Ransomware Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) portals have been creating havoc for a while now whenever they were launched. To an average person, cyber crime is known to be associated with theft, stealing of money or data which can be sold for profit. These threats are prevalent, and people should be aware of being precocious. What is an RaaS? However, it’s a misjudgment to say that the hackers only deal with money. Extortion has been hiking up recently where the cyber criminals started stealing the data and the scams…

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ohio ransomware

Ohio Town Government Computer, Phone Inaccessible by Ransomware

A county in Ohio,US, is a latest victim of a ransomware attack. In fact, their entire IT infrastructure has been shut down due to a ransomware outbreak. All computers and phone are inaccessible as a result of this attack. Licking county had to shut down all the computers to prevent further spreading of the ransomware. The issue was found Tuesday early morning when all the computer files and phone system was inaccessible. Only later they found out that they have been a victim of the new ransomware.…

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