Ultimate Collection of Pinterest Like Sites for Link Building

Pinterest has seen a tremendous growth in past six month. According to Time’s magazine survey, it has been voted as among the top 50 best websites of 2011. Graphics designers, women and SEOs are already exploiting it to get most out of it. The new photo curation site has helped many people to find interesting and inspiring new designs. In fact, from past several month Pinterest has been a topic of perusal to understand how a photo sharing site came in top beating big giants.

Pinterest has options to collect, collate, sift and organize inspiring images and other interesting infographics in a engaging and fun way. In December 2011, SEO gurus realized the true potential of Pinterest when they managed to drove more referral traffic than they would have imagined in their wildest dream. Immediately after that many of them wrote eBooks to leverage the advantage of it. While image copyright seems to still be an issue, many users have continued sidelined it to enjoy pinning images to different boards.

Pinterest Like Site

Are there any other Pinterest like sites you ask? Interestingly, there are handful of sites available which imitated Pinterest functionality in some way or works in similar fashion. We’ve managed to collect some of the Pinterest like sites for our readers.

Thinng.com: PR3

thinngThinng.com is yet another wannabe Pinterest. It has a decent PR. What interests me the most is that there is already a bookmarklet available which will let you Pin any images of your choice from desired webpage. It saves few clicks and bandwidth (and time too). Although, it pretends to be an invite only network, Facebook users gets immediate access to it.

Chill.com: PR4

chillChill.com is Pinterest for video sharing. You can post video to chill.com. Hence if you’ve created some awesome video which you’re distributing through your YouTube channel, then can use chill to get some extra free backlink to your video page. It supports YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo and few more sites. Private chat option will let you hang out with your followers or ask them for a favor. Once again, you can join it via your Facebook profile.

Juxtapost.com: PR4

juxtapost similar to pinterestJuxtapost.com has got PR4. Similar to Pinterest and Thingg, it provides an easy to use bookmarklet to pin any image instantly to their site. Judging from Alexa rank it doesn’t seem to receive huge traffic, but users should try it anyway as our main intention is to get backlink.

Manteresting.com: PR0

If you consider Pinterest as a women only network, then manteresting is for guys. However, it is somewhat different from original creator—you don’t need invite. Of course, at PR0 you don’t expect it to pass much link juice, but it can be a good place to get referral traffic since it has 24k Alexa.

inQuber: PR2

inquber pinterest like siteinQuber.com is a surprisingly pleasant photo and video curation site. However, it doesn’t seem to receive good traffic, but PR2 dofollow link is something you don’t want to ignore often. Moreover users can use image, YouTube video and twitter handle to link to your content. Isn’t it awesome?

Pinspire.com: PR4

pinspirePinspire is a perfect clone of Pinterest. You will not find many difference while browsing through pinspire boards. Compared to above sites, Pinspire seems to attract more visitors and has decent PR. Users can connect it to Facebook timeline to give timeline a unique look.

Weheartit.com: PR6

A very nicely designed site with lot of girls related content. If you’re fond of jewelry and woman related stuff, then WeHeartIt is worth your attention. Gentleman find overdose of pink color, but girls like pink color.

The list doesn’t end here. You get the drill by now! Instead of explaining what each and every network does why don’t you take a look at yourself.

More sites similar to Pinterest

  • vi.sualize.us
  • Freshbump

Invite only Pinterest Like Sites

  • Littlemonsters.com

Considering the huge list of similar sites already available on the web, Pinterest needs to be scrutinized for its viral approach or marketing strategy. What do you say? BTW, do let us know if you’ve found any Pinterest like site that is not listed over here.

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