A Handful List of Pinterest Clones That Mimics Almost Everything

The abundance of growth of social curation cum photo sharing site, Pinterest, has invited a whole new crop of copy-cats that mimics almost everything. Usually, marketers or gurus tries to leverage the advantage of current trending topic, and so is the case with Pinterest. Earlier last week, we provided a useful list of Pinterest like sites that looks quite identical to Pinterest but not all of them were copy-cats. Now, we are going one step further to provide a list of Pinterest clones that imitates almost everything.


Couple of years back, users witnessed clones of twitter, Groupon, Facebook and many other popular ventures, and as you would have thought Chinese clones like Sina Weibo, Renren and few other instantly become famous instantly since they were offered in the local language. The success of Pinterest has not only attracted travelers, video, photographers but also porn networks.

Some of the clones like Pinspire not only incorporated Pinterest design and color combination but also included Facebook timeline feature which is not present in the original creator website. It goes a yard or two ahead by providing such service. On the other hand, some websites are trying to allure SEOs by providing do follow link to the users. However, users should move ahead with some extra precautions or follow them at their own peril since they blatantly designed TOS that may harm your interest.

Pinterest Clones

Here is a handful list of Pinterest Clones for interested users.

Manteresting: If you think Pinterest is for women then Manteresting is here to fill up the void by providing a dedicated network for men. Recently, it raised many eyebrows when it started removing gay related content from the network.

Gentlemint: As the name suggests, Gentlemint is Pinterest clone for Gentleman out there. It doesn’t look identical to Pinterest as far as design is concerned but functionality is very similar.

Snatchly: Pinterest for porn. In fact, the success of Pinterest has drawn the attention of ever famous p**n industries too. There are already hundreds of site if not thousand available that mimics Pinterest functionality. We’re not going to cover them here.

Pingram: Do you love Instagram? Do you also love Pinterest? If the answer to both questions is yes, then Pingram is for you. It is a clever amalgam of Pinterest and Instagram.

Pinme.ru: Pinme.ru has got PR4 (attention SEO gurus). It is yet another identical clone of Pinterest which even looks same, visually. Even it is also availably by Invitation only. Users can pin videos, images etc to pinme boards. Did I forget to tell you that it is in the Russian language? Users can use Facebook, twitter, OpenID and Classmates id to access the site.

Huaban.com: No you’re not banned as it sounds from the last three word of the domain. This is a perfect example of a Chinese Pinterest wall. The great firewall of China has done an excellent job in borrowing the visual look of the site. It supports weibo, renren, douban and qxone site ids to login into the network

Pinspire: Pinspire has earned a huge name as a decent Pinterest clone is past several months. In fact, Pinspire is indistinguishable from Pinterest. However, it does let you Pin your images to Facebook timeline which is yet to be available in Pinterest. Users can use Facebook to login into this network. If you want to overhaul your Facebook timeline, then Pinspire is the best option.

Pincat: How many of you’re a cat fans? No seriously, there is a dedicated network for cat lovers. The mesmerizing thing about the network is that you can use Instagram to upload images if you’re on iOS or Android device. For pet lovers, this seems to be the best Pinterest clone out there.

There is an awesome list provided by Venture beat over here. Users can check out more Pinterest clones from there.

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