Pet Society Offers New WWF Bear Items

For quite some time now, Playfish has been supporting the World Wildlife Fund (the WWF) with animal themed decorations and costumes in their pet simulation game Pet Society. That tradition continues now with the release of bear themed items in the game, with 10% of the proceeds from these WWF-inspired items going to the WWF itself.

If you want to purchase the items piece by piece, head over to the game’s Boutique (Cash Shop) and you can pick up a Bear Plushie for 12 Playfish Cash, a Bear Costume for 10 Playfish Cash, a Grizzly Bear Tree Decoration for 8 Playfish Cash and a Petling Bear for 23 Playfish Cash.

Conversely, you can purchase the entire “WWF Bear Bundle,” which contains the whole set, for a cheaper price of 37 Playfish Cash. If you purchased each item separately, they would cost you 53 Playfish Cash, so there is a definite savings here.

According the Pet Society fan page on Facebook, there is a bug currently associated with these items, that Playfish is working to fix even a the time of this writing. Still, the items are available to purchase, so head over to the game’s page to do so.

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