Pac-Man Eats the Last of Your Spare Time on Google Play

I’m not going to insult you by attempting to explain who PAC-MAN is, or his appeal, or make some joke about his appetite. Let’s cut right to the chase: the world’s leading consumer of dots is going free-to-play in a new mobile iteration, called PAC-MAN +Tournaments, and it’s out now on Google Play.

If you’ve got an Android device, you’ve now got “a completely free version of the original 1980 PAC-MAN,” plus an original new mode that’s got social content, new mazes, achievements, and more — plus a promise of new content rolling in on a regular basis from TriplePoint client NAMCO BANDAI.

I hope you’ve made peace with your life outside your Android, ’cause it’s over now.

From the press release:

“When they’re not busy chasing down power pellets or chasing their friends up the leaderboards, PAC-MAN +Tournaments™ players can look forward to new Tournaments, new achievements, new mazes and scoring objectives. If that’s not enough, the most skilled players can even win real-world prizes like PAC-MAN memorabilia and gadgets, delivered straight to their door (U.S. only, at release). Eager to give fans great new content, NAMCO BANDAI will release exclusive DLC in the future.”

So, yeah. Picture your free time as a blue ghost, whose wide eyes just ran back home as this new game ate its hollowed-out husk.

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