Netflix Goes Down Worldwide with Error 5003: Here’s the Fix!

Right after Disney Plus went down several times due to error 83, it’s now Netflix that is down worldwide. The news went viral when various users started reporting error 3-5003 on all the devices.

What is Netflix Error 5003?

Netflix users are reportedly getting error 3-5003 or MSL 5003 due to outage of the streaming service. Some users also reported that they are getting error UI 800 3 as well.

The error started at 13:56 GMT and it’s not just the UK but US users are also facing issues to operate their accounts due to Netflix Error 5003. Further reports suggest that not only western countries but Asian countries are also getting similar errors and are unable to access their Netflix accounts.

These errors might be occurring as Netflix might have some system updates going on in the back-end.

Netflix Error 5003

How to Fix Netflix Error MSL 5003?

When you know that this is a service outage error, there’s no way to fix it until the developers fix the issue. But if you still want to fix Netflix Error 5003, you can try below given fixes and see if it works.

#1. Use Alternate Browser: If you are using Chrome, you would like to try Firefox, Internet Explorer or even Opera to see if things work for you.

#2. Don’t Stream on Multiple Devices: Streaming on various devices might block your IP and you might get several error codes due to it. So it’s advised to use just one device to watch Netflix.

#3. Play Another Video: There might be issues with the video itself sometimes. So better to check the issue by playing any other video on Netflix to see it the error 5003 is fixed or not.

#4. Unblock IP Address: Just in case if you feel that by using multiple devices for same Netflix account has blocked your IP, you can connect with the Netflix supported to get your IP unblocked.

These are the only possible fixes to solve Netflix error 5003 and MSL 5003. If it still doesn’t get resolved, it’s better to wait for some time to get the issue fixed by itself.

Final Words!

A lot of streaming providers face outage issues every now and then, that’s a part and parcel of the game which cannot be avoided. If you want to stay updated with the latest guides on Netflix, Disney+ etc, stay tuned to our tech blog for regular updates.

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