Meet Ringo Starr, Win Cash in Rock Band Competition

The 2nd Annual Total Rock, Total Rewards Rock Band Competition has officially begun offering Rock Banders the chance to win $10,000 and meet legend Ringo Starr.

The competition is a little bit complicated, but it seems to go like this: you and your band (three to four members) need to register in a “local” competition.

There are twenty venues in the US and Canada, and “local” competitions are being held until June 13. On your scheduled date, your band will head down to the venue and perform one of thirty-five pre-determined competition songs.

The top scoring band from each venue will win a trip to Atlantic City July 1-2.

Once you’ve made it to Atlantic City, your band will be performing any song from the entire Rock Band music catalog (band’s choice) in front of a panel of judges.

The judges will choose the four top bands, and those bands will compete in a two round competition in front of a live audience. Prizes are as follows:

  • Grand Prize: $10,000 and a meet and greet with Ringo Starr
  • 2nd Place: $1,500
  • 3rd Place: $750
  • 4th Place: $500

All band members will receive tickets for the July 3 Ring Starr concert at Caesars Atlantic City. Full information can be found on the Total Rock Total Rewards website. Local competitions end June 13th.

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