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Ubuntu review

Ubuntu Review

Nowadays, people are getting more strict about their online privacy and data, and this leads to switching their Operating System to Linux as it is known as most secured and privacy-centric Operating System from its core. But still, you will…

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Arch Linux review

Arch Linux Review

Arch Linux is the most popular rolling-release Linux distribution as it is more of a DIY distro. Arch is known for getting the most minimal Desktop experience, as you are only going to install packages that are essential to you.…

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ubuntu vs debian

Ubuntu Vs Debian

Ubuntu is one of the most famous Linux distributions which is based on Debian and the similarities between them end here. They have a different approach toward how packages, releases, and user experience is going to be. So If you’re…

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15 Best Linu Mint Themes

15 Best Linux Mint Themes

While Linux mint looks good by default, its Cinnamon desktop has some amazing themes available that make the desktop look downright stunning. Changing themes enable you to spice things up and enjoy a refreshed Linux Mint experience. Best Linux Mint…

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