Join the Cafe World Email List, Get a New Recipe

Zynga has added a new recipe to the Cafe World menu to go along with the dinosaur themed items currently available in the marketplace; however, to unlock access to it, you’ll have to join the game’s email subscription list.

The Giant Dino Egg is a fairly pricy item, costing 1800 coins to cook.

However, if you have the cash on hand at the time, and the patience to wait for the dish to cook for three days, you’ll be given 600 servings that can be sold for 18 coins per serving, for a total of 10,800 coins.

Take away the 1800 coin cooking fee, and you’re left with a profit of 9000 coins. Now, this might seem like a huge sum, but unless you rarely play the game, you can make a lot more coins by cooking other dishes that are ready in a day like the Herbed Halibut or Roasted Chicken.

Still, for those who wish to stick to the game’s current theme, this gives you yet another option on top of the Dino Drumstick and the Rackasaurus Ribs, so I suppose it might be worth it.

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