Is This the iPhone 4G? The FriskyMongoose Take on It!

My gut wants to tell me that the image is fake. Too many times have people [ have gone] to great lengths to prove that technology is at its best with the new iPhone 4G images.

We all know how writers are [lazy] and end up doing something like sending fake images to websites.

Of course, the rumors around the iPhone 4G has got a lot of attention ever since the 1st rumor came out of no where.

There are a plethora of more images surrounding on the images websites like Pinterest and a few more to name, but the reality is, most of them seem like a fake one.

That said, you can always expect a surprise element from the giant Apple with respect to its iPhone 4G launch this fall.

It’s also important to see what others have to say about it as the iPhone 4G image itself speaks about it.

We’ve seen several of such images around the web and we’re sure that it’s not the real iPhone 4G.

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Harshil Patel

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