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How to Stream Dropbox Music to iPhone, iPad With Ease

Imagine yourself in a dire situation where you want to stream music stored on Dropbox to iPhone and iPad. Don’t be surprised if the same question goes through your mind. Cloud services have been a rage lately. With many new entrants venturing into this field, Cloud service has become an overcrowded field. But there are still two prominent players in this space, which makes cloud service much more fun—Google drive and Dropbox.

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Turbo Downloader- An Exceptionally Fast iPhone Download Manager

While the Safari browser is fast enough to load any webpage, iOS users still crave for a dedicated iPad, iPhone download manager which can make the things a little bit faster. Downloading files on Safari, or iOS device particularly, is not quite a pleasant experience. Despite of being first choice as a web browser on IOS device, Safari often get threatened by the likes of Google Chrome, Opera and Dolphin. Not to underestimate many other small players in the town which happily eats share of Safari. People still…

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Easily Create Harlem Shake Video on iPhone, iPad with Following Apps

First the Gangnam style and then Harlem Shake made the online world to go harebrained. The crazy dance performed in both the videos had been a talk of the town (or world) from over past few months. Even, we saw a colossal increase in personal Harlem shake video being uploaded to YouTube every minute. The short 31 seconds video got everyone crazy. Would you like to create Harlem shake video on your iPhone, iPad or other iOS devices? Or I would say, would you like to be…

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Best Google Reader Client for iPad

Best Google Reader Client for iPad: Newsify

Newsify is a full-fledged RSS reader cum Google reader client for iPad and other iDevice owners. The seamless integration with Google Reader account improves user’s experience while offering flexibility, which also qualifies it for the tag of best Google reader client for iPad. Whether you want to star favorite stories or categorize your news to manage everything easily, Newsify has got your back covered. It dexterously integrates Google reader and other RSS feed so you can easily keep tab on the latest news from your favorite sources.…

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download vshare for ios 14 or ios 13

3 Super Awesome Ways to Download iOS Firmware Directly from Apple

Ever wondered how easy is to download iOS firmware from Apple server. But before moving onto providing the ways to download iPhone firmware directly from Apple server, let us take this opportunity to define what IPSW is. The IPSW is an acronym for iOS firmware. When you fire iTunes on your desktop, it usually checks for latest IPSW on Apple server and compares it with the current version running on your device, provided you’ve connected your device to PC. Whenever Apple releases new firmware it prompts users…

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Top London Olympic 2012 Apps for iPhone and iPad

London Olympics 2012 is right around the corner. The mother of all events will begin from 27th, July 2012. The hype surrounding the most prestigious event of the year is at its pinnacle. For most of the players it is more of a do or die situation, their nations pride is in their hands. Previously, we provided a list of applications to watch Olympics 2012 on Android handsets. To follow up the same, we’re moving ahead to provide a comprehensive list of apps to watch Olympics 2012…

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3D Games for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

The smartphone segment is experiencing a groundbreaking revolution which PCs had experienced couple of year back. Even a 3D technology has debuted on mobile platform bringing 3D content including games at your fingertips. This has lured people like me into buying 3D capable device like HTC EVO 3D to taste the nerve wrecking and blood sucking 3D games. It wouldn’t be exaggerated if I say that smartphone industry is going through best phase of revolution. The caprice of mobile segment is that people witnessing smartphone manufacturer’s fight…

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Download Sn0wbreeze 2.9.5 Supports iOS 5.1.1 Untether Jailbreak

Jailbreak community hackers often seem to work at the drop of a hat, at least this time around. Just in the time when iOS 5.1.1 jailbreak arrived, Apple dropped new build 9B208 of iOS 5.1.1 for iPhone 4 GSM users. This yield the just released Absinthe exploit render useless for those who just upgraded to new firmware. However, as always is the case, pod2g and his team member turned the table and quickly updated their respective tool to incorporate new changes. iH8sn0w, a developer and hacker of…

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