Pokemon Duel

Pokemon Duel Download for Android & iOS Devices!

Pokemon Duel Download

There’s no explanation required to showcase the success of Pokemon Go game right after its release. Following the footsteps of Pokemon Go, Pokémon Duel has been launched as a battle game for Android & iOS users! Gaming freaks are going to love Pokemon Duel game for sure! 😀

Today, in this post, I will explain everything about Pokemon Duel battle game! Right from the features, Gameplay, how to download Pokemon Duel on your Android & iOS devices & how to battle it with your friends and online! So get ready to play the thrilling game on your iOS (iPad / iPhone) & Android smartphones!

Pokemon Duel

What is Pokemon Duel?

Pokémon Duel is a battling game where you need to battle with multiple players to achieve your goals (which are already set). Previously, in Pokemon Go game, it was all about collecting Pokemon in your Pokeball! But this game starts from where the Pokemon Go ends!

Pokémon Duel is already loved by many and as compared to Pokemon Go, this game is going to make gamers even crazy! 🙂 Pokemon Duel Android & Pokemon Duel iOS versions were released on 24th January 2017! The latest update was Pokemon Duel 3.0.1 which was observed on 8th February with minor bug fixes!

Features of Pokemon Duel Android & iOS Game

Overall, Pokemon Duel is a different game as compared to the other battle games available on Google Play & iTunes! Have a glimpse at some exciting features of Pokémon Duel iOS & Android game!

#1. You are free to pick your 6 Pokemon characters to get into the battle right away!

#2. Keep hustling to build a strong team with lots of Pokemon in your account.

#3. You can also buy the items from the training center if you don’t want to struggle hard. But you need to pay real money for that! 😛

#4. Other than offline mode (2 players), it’s also possible to play with multiple players online which stands as an interesting feature of the Pokemon Dual game.

#5. Once you achieve your goals, you will be rewarded with many gems, plates & Pokemon figures!

So these are some interesting features of Pokemon Duel download game for Android & iOS. Still confused about how to play Pokemon Duel on Android & iOS? So let’s have a look at the gameplay of Pokemon Duel game now!

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Pokemon Duel Features

GamePlay of Pokemon Duel Game!

Pokemon Duel gameplay is pretty simple! All you need to do is achieve the targets set by battling with your foe that comes your way! In short, you need to stop them, battle with them & then move forward towards your target! The opponent will try the same!

So make sure that your moves/attacks are well planned and you are going to battle it down when you face your rival on the battle ground! 🙂 Once you move forward in the game by defeating your rivals, you are all set to get more powerful Pokemon into your team. This improves you as a team and now, you are all good to battle online with a team having similar powers.

It would be interesting game because till now (in offline mode), you might have played with repeated players but in the online world, nothing is predictable! In the online mode of Pokemon Duel game, you will get to see many new moves or attacks which you might haven’t thought about! You can also try all these tactics in your PC when you play Pokemon Duel PC game. Yes, you heard that right! You can now play Pokemon Duel on PC as well apart from Android & iOS devices!

Pokemon Duel GamePlay

So this is all about the GamePlay of Pokémon Duel game which you were eagerly waiting for! Now let’s see a detailed tutorial on Pokemon Duel download for iOS & Android devices! Let’s start with Pokemon Duel Android download section.

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Pokémon Duel Android Download

The Pokemon Duel download process is pretty simple as Pokemon Go download thing! So let’s not wait anymore, here’s the detailed guide on how to download Pokemon Duel on Android smartphones & tablets for free!

#1. The first thing you need is a working internet connection 😛

#2. Now visit Google Play store from your Android device or open the Play Store app.

#3. Hit the search box by typing “Pokémon Duel”.

#4. Wait for the official result to appear. Once the result appears, click on install button and agree to all terms and conditions (which has in-app purchases agreement as well).

#5. Hold on for few moments till the game downloads on your Android device.

#6. Once installed, go ahead and battle with your rivals to get on top of Pokemon Duel game!

This is how you can easily download Pokémon Duel Android game on your mobile phones and tablets. Now let’s move to the tutorial of how to install Pokemon Duel iOS game on your iPhone & iPad.

Download Pokemon Duel iOS (iPhone & iPad)

There’s not much difference in the process of Pokemon Duel iOS & the above one! Just follow the below-given steps to install the game on your iPhone or iPad.

#1. Visit the iTune store from your safari browser on your iPad or iPhone.

#2. Search for Pokemon Duel game in the store.

#3. Download it and start playing it with your rivals right away!

This ends the process of Pokemon Duel iOS download section.

Besides this, if you want to download any kind APKs from unknown sources, it is recommended to install Pokemon Duel APK on your Android devices only if it’s available from trusted source. There are many malware which are being spread in the form of Pokemon Duel APK, don’t fall into it and download the game from Google Play Store or iTunes store only!

So this is all about Pokémon Duel game. Let me know if you face any difficulties in downloading or installing the game on your Android/iOS devices!

“Don’t fight a battle if you don’t gain anything by winning, ” said Erwin Rommel. So hit it hard and rule the Pokemon Duel game right now!

Picture Collage Maker for iOS 1.4.1 Review– Create Incredibly Pretty Collages!

Photo collage maker apps are in a demands nowadays. Smartphone has already made it pretty easy for everyone to take photo on a mobile along with advanced editing options. Most of the newest phone come equipped with collage maker, however, if you want to try a pictire collage maker app available on iTunes store then you should take a look at the app mentioned here. Picture Collage Maker for iOS is a professional, easy to use and free collage creator to help people make awesome collages with tons of gorgeous art resources and templates. As a collage editor for all ages, there is no easier way to capture the best moments of your life than using Picture Collage Maker.

[How to] Download vShare on iOS 9.2.+ Without Jailbreak– Updated

Install & Download vShare

vShare is one of the widely used iOS jailbreak tweak that is used by millions of users. However, in order to use the app, it is necessary to jailbreak your device. vShare is considered as one of the best alternative of installous. You can download vShare on non-jailbroken iOS devices. However, the intention behind such application is often questionable as users prefer to use it for the sake of installing paid app for free. It opens a door to free world of paid application and hampers the developers badly. We strongly recommend our readers to support app developer by paying for the app instead of indulging in the piracy. However, vshare is often considered as a good platform where you can download the app/game for free and test it for some time before buying it. Developers also put their application to the wide which was rejected by Apple iTunes store team. We are providing a quick guide to download vshare on iOS 9.2+ without jailbreak.

Jailbreaking is prohibited by the Apple and the device warranty will be void if you do so. Perhaps, this is the reason why people want to install and download vShare on iOS devices without jailbreak. Since the intention is questionable, vShare was available through cydia. But thanks to this new method, you can download vShare on iOS 8.2, iOS 8.3 devices without needing a jailbreak. Since the jailbreak is quite difficult and it takes a time for the developers to provide jailbreak, we suggest our readers to follow the guide given here to enjoy unrestricted access to the plethora of apps. Download vShare on iOS devices for free.

Why Download vShare?

Following are some of the reasons why you should download vShare on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

  • Direct download of cracked apps
  • Install apps by searching
  • Share downloaded ipas over Wi-fi
  • Install paid iOS apps for free
  • Find and install apps not available on iTunes store
  • Install core tweak apps
  • Install various themes/ skins for iOS devices
  • Change notification and make changes to iOS devices

download vshare for ios 9.2

How to Download vShare on iOS 9.2.+ without jailbreak and/or Cydia

Follow the procedure given below to download vShare on all your iOS devices on iOS 9.2 or higher. It works well on iPhone, iPad, iPod. Follow the steps given below

  • Open Safari browser on your iOS 9.2/ 9.2.1 device (iPad, iPhone or iPod)
  • Go to http://www.vshare.com or type it on your browser
  • Click on green button that says Download (Unjailbroken)
  • A pop up message will be displayed. Click on Install button there
  • This will trigger installation of vShare on your iOS device

The vShare download progress will be shown on your homescreen of the iOS device. After few seconds vShare will be installed on your iOS 9.2+ device. Since the application was not installed through iTunes store when you tap on the icon you will be shown a warning. You can press Trust button to let the app run on your device.

This should open the new world of apps. You can browse through it and find your favorite app/games on the store. It will also allow you to download those apps and games. There are few apps which are rejected by iTunes store. There are many potentially good application which might make a way to the next version of iOS. You can enjoy those apps and tweaks before anyone else. In fact, this is one of the reason why millions of people prefer to download vShare on their iOS devices after jailbreaking. However, you are one of those lucky people who can use it without jailbreaking the device.

Let us know if you are having trouble downloading vShare on your iOS 9.2 or higher devices. We will gladly help you out to resolve the issue. Make sure you follow geniusgeeks.com blog for all the latest updates.


GBA4iOS Download: Install on iPhone/iPad without Jailbreak


Jailbreaking has been a critical issue for the iOS users, and the tweaks that are available for both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS devices are popular for the same reason. Being one of the best gaming emulators, GBA4iOS is designed as same to be compatible with all the devices.

The most important reason that people hack the iOS devices is to play things like PS games, NDS, GBA via game emulators. GBA4iOS has been one such emulator that allows both iPhone and iPad users to get access to the Game Boy Advanced games on their iOS devices. Furthermore, you don’t have to jailbreak your device as it uses the Apple’s certificates to install the GBA4iOS Emulator.


However, Apple who keeps an eye on the usage of certificates is closing the loopholes by revoking the usage of the certificate which is why this new version of Gameboy Advance for iOS emulator has been developed. The only drawback is that is works in the same way, and therefore at some point, the Apple might again take action. But as of now, you can install it and use it without any restrictions.

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Features of GBA4iOS Emulator

The latest 2.1 version of GBA4iOS include:

  • URL Scheme
  • Multiplayer Compatibility
  • Controller Skins
  • Dropbox Support
  • Game Boy Support
  • Game Boy Color
  • Save States
  • Cheat Codes

How to Download GBA4iOS without Jailbreak on iPhone/iPad?

#1. Initially, access the web browser on your iOS device; the Safari browser that is pre-installed on all the iOS devices. Enter this URL.

#2. In some cases, you might notice the website to be dormant. Therefore you need to change your device’s date to the year 2010 manually from the settings.

#3. Once you’ve changed the date, open the link and install the GBA4iOS. The process of GBA4iOS download is similar for all the GBA4iOS for iOS 10/9.1/9/8 or GBA4iOS for iPad.

#4. After the installation of Game Boy Advance Emulator, you will be asked to trust the application. Therefore, change the date to the current date soon after the installation and then access the settings. Go to General>Profiles and trust GBA4iOS.

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How to Fix GBA4iOS Not Opening?

Due to some changes in the features, the GBA4iOS is showing few loading errors especially when installed on the iOS 9.1 devices. Therefore, by using the below-mentioned procedure; you can fix the issues without any complications. You can use the same procedure to fix the GBA4iOS for iOS 9, GBA4iOS for iOS 9.1/10, GBA4iOS for iOS 8.

  1. If you’re using any other iOS version other than iOS 9.2, download the third party applications like Showbox to fix the loading issue. If you’re using the iOS 9.2 version, navigate to the settings.
  2. Then, go to General>Device Management. Now, tap on the profile of GBA4iOS Emulator that you’ve downloaded with the tag, “Xiamen..”, Hit the trust button.
  3. After doing this, you can use the GBA4iOS without any issues. You can use the same process to fix issues with any emulator.

GBA4iOS Roms

Download GBA4iOS Roms

Once you’ve installed GBA4iOS on your iOS device, the next thing is to get hold of the ROMS in order to play the games. Previously the downloading of these Roms has been hectic. Now, you can just download them and then sync them with your Dropbox account.

  1. Launch the GBA4iOS App on the iOS device and go to the top right corner for the search option.
  2. Click on it to go to the Google homepage. Search for the favorite Rom.
  3. Download the Roms and enable Dropbox sync in the app. It will save the Roms directly to your account so that you can use them on any other devices. For this, you need to install Dropbox on the device and make an account.
  4. To activate, go to Settings of the GBA4iOS. Scroll down to find the “Dropbox Sync.” Turn it on by granting permissions. You can sync the saved data of the game along with the Roms.

Conclusion of GBA4iOS Download

Therefore, get hold of GBA4iOS without any complications and download your favorite Game Boy Roms and start playing them on your iOS device. If you have any queries regarding the installation or if you’re facing any errors; comment below so that we can get back to you with appropriate help.

appaddict repo download

Download AppAddict to Get Free Apps on iPhone, iPad and iPod

Appaddict Download

In one of our previous article, we mentioned vShare as one of the best alternative of Installous. AppAddict is another pretty cool alternative of both vShare and Installous. Unlike vShare, you need to jailbreak your device first and the download AppAddict repo to enjoy unlimited supply of free apps and games on your iOS devices. Unfortunately, the number of users looking for a free (read pirated) has increased by many folds in past few years. Apart from that, there are many developers who make their apps and games available to the mass after getting rejected from iTunes store. Due to the stringent requirement of iOS apps/games, many developers end up not getting their app/game approved in iTunes store. AppAddict and Installous has become a home away from home for such developers. Learn how to get AppAddict downloaded on your device using the tutorial given at the end of the section.

Disclaimer: It is illegal to download paid apps from any of the third-party app. By using the following guide you understand the law of your country. We suggest you to pay for the full version to support the app developer.

Guide to Install and Download AppAddict on iPhone, iPad, iPod

AppAddict not only lets you download apps but games and themes as well. You can take your iOS device to another level by opening a door to unlimited possibilities. Here is a step by step guide to install and download AppAddict on iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Step 1: AppAddict works on jailbroken iOS devices. Whether you have iPhone, iPad or iPod, AppAddict should work on all the devices provided it is jailbroken.  If you are not sure how to jailbreak your device then we recommend following tutorials given on YouTube.com.

Step 2: Download Cydia if you haven’t got it on your jailbroken iOS device.

Step 3: Open Cydia. Go to Manage -> Sources -> Edit -> Add and add appaddict repo or URL in the given popup box. Checkout the screenshot given below in order to achieve this. Later click on “Add Source” to add the repo


Enter the above URL in the Enter Cydia/APT URL popup box

appaddict repo download

This should add AppAddict repo in the Sources section. Now go to Sources from Cydia (Manage-> Sources) and you will see something like below.

install appaddict

There are different version of AppSync for different version of iOS. For example, AppSync for iOS 5.0+, AppSync for iOS 6.0+ etc. You can select the AppSync version that matches your iOS version. This should add AppAddict’s AppSync repo on your device.

Step 4: Go to AppAddict repo and search for AppAddict. Click on the recent version and it will install AppAddict on your device.

You can now go to AppAddict from your home-screen and browse through thousands of applications available there. Most the paid iTunes app and games are available for free on it. In case, if you are looking for more cydia apps for your device, then we recommend checking our cydia apps section. Appaddict download should get done. We will keep adding new tutorials as well as useful apps for iOS device owners.

Top 10 iPhone Apps to Use for Your Car

Back in 2009, iPhone has been considered as a status symbol. It was called as a luxury device. However, as of 2013 the device is no longer considered as an expensive piece that only top of the food channel people can afford.  Apple iOS devices not only changed the definition of a smartphone but also the definition of mobile apps. iOS apps made the iPhone device much more useful. iPhone 5c would be among the latest mobiles in India that thousands of people are waiting for. On this diwali Nokia and Apple is planning to launch few smartphone. In India it is still considered as a luxury. Most of the iOS device owner owns a car. Would you like to find out the best iPhone apps that you can use in your car?

iPhone app for Car Owner

These iPhone apps for car is selected randomly from the iOS store. However, this curated list of apps will definitely make the entire experience a pleasant one for you. In our previous encounter we shared some of the top notch apps for nexus 7 which might be useful for you. Android users can also take a look at our collection of best android video editing apps and many other.

garage buddy for iphone

Dynolicious : There has been a lot of talking about this app in many newspapers and magazines recently. This app is very useful for various purposes such as measuring horsepower of your car as well as keeping the history of your car’s performance.  It also offers comparison by keeping the track records.

AccuFuel : As the name suggests, this app keeps an accurate measure of the fuel consumption of your car. It uses some standard formats such as liters per kilometer. The app is capable of tracking many cars at a time.

Rev : This is a costly app and it is for the iPhone. But it does its job 100% when it comes to service for the cost. It can monitor emission and also monitoring the amount of fuel used by the car. If you are a car person and want to be up to date then this is the app that you need. This will relieve you from many tasks.

DMC Speedometer : It’s an iPhone app. Not very costly but a good one. It takes help from the GPS to calculate the actual speed of your car. It calculates the kilometers you travel in a specified time say 1 hour and lets you know your speed.

Garage Buddy : Not so costly, here is another useful app for car owners. Garage buddy is an app which will give you all the necessary guidance related to repair of anything in your car. It is equipped with some of the most important tools like charts and calculators for repairing work. The same application is also made available for the android users as well.

Fuzzy Car : It finds its use mostly in decoding the errors  produced the the car engine. It also gives you a solid measure of consumption of fuel by your car and what mileage it gives.

Fuzzy Code : This is an absolutely free iPhone app. This app may be considered as a replacement for the fuzzy car app. This will provide you all the details you need to decode and repair. You need not go to the shop for purchasing the repair manual, just have this app and rest aside.

 gMeter : It uses the accelerometer which is provided in your iPhone. It gives a measure of distance covered by your car and the velocity with which it is running. It also shows the engine power of your car.

 iCar : At times, this app can be very useful. It can locate the exact location of your car if your car is stolen. It uses GPS to track  down your car and it will email you the location of your car. This app is actually able to get your car back to you by its technology.

 iSpeedCam world : This is a new app in the market of iPhone apps. The app is designed for flexibility. It can be automated according to your needs. It can be quite useful in speed trap alerts and traffic cameras. It also has GPS tracking which is a plus one.

While we did our best to find out the best iPhone app for car users, there might be some apps which might be missed out. Rest assured, we will cover them in our upcoming post.

Free Hello neighbor for android

CLASHOT Review: Earn Money from Captures Taken from iDevice

Photography becomes hobby if you have a camera phone. Everybody loves photography. Instagram and other similar photo taking apps has made everybody a professional photographer. But none of them can turn your hobby into a cash machine. Clashot is the app that provides you money for your photos. Let the photographer in you unleash its power and show the world what it is capable of. Clashot is a production of Depositphotos. It is a media house that lets people buy royalty-free photos from their gallery. Clashot is a production of the same company and brings in the same advantage (read bling bling). It provides a platform for the photography users to upload and share their creativity with the world. If it is good enough there is a chance that they earn money from it. And people who liked your photo will buy from you and give you a certain share.

ArcheAge Begins APK for Android

Givit iPhone Video Editing App Review

Unlike the traditional way of conveying messages, video has much more convincing power. Perhaps, this is why the world is going towards video and audio. Even, the traditional TV ads are a part of video marketing. Do you remember how Gangnam got overnight success? Even, the Gangnam emoticon got its way to Facebook. Marketers say that video has more virality power compared to the picture or content. Moreover, videos have a power of delivering the message quickly and subtly. Even, the recent batch of video editing tools on various devices proved the same. So do you want to be the part of the revolution?

Brow.si for iOS – A Utility Combo of Mobile Browser and RSS Reader

Apple has ruled the smartphone world, as an innovator and pioneer of smartphone and apps era, by churning out innovative and useful apps consequently. There are plenty of apps and utility that suits each and every needs of a common man. One similar app called Brow. si for years has descended upon us. Yes iTunes store is being flooded with new apps each day and it is battling its skin out with Google Play Store. If we talk about feed or RSS reader there are plenty of rich options available to use your fingers and eyes around. But how do you feel when you find something that let you surf the net alongside enabling you to read RSS feeds. Sounds interesting? Here is the app with mentioned characteristics. Brow.si for iOS will act as mobile browser as well as a casual Feed reader.

Futurama Worlds of Tomorrow APK Download

How to Record iPhone Screen

iOS devices come with a native ability to take a screenshot, but there isn’t any facility that lets you record iPhone screen. The ability to take a screenshot or record a screen of the iPhone, iPad or any other iOS device for that matter can be incredibly useful, especially for people like me who are into blogging or reviewing different iOS apps/games. They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a thousand pictures”. Perhaps, the innate nature of iOS device and heaps of support from the jailbreak community makes it a most enticing mobile operating system.