How To Access Google Play Music, Movies, Books and Magazines Outside US

Google Play store’s breakneck growth could prove to be a much needed fodder for android ecosystem. Although Apple Store is still ahead of it in many aspects, the Android marketplace (now known as Google Play) isn’t far behind either. Google keeps innovating new stuff and has not got a dirty advantage by adding more arsenals to the Play store.

Google music, books, magazine, movies and TV shows are some of the recent advancement in this front. Unfortunately, Google’s inclination towards US territory leaves other users crave for the availability of such functionality in their country.

So how users can access Google Play music, books, movies and magazines outside US? Is there any simple to follow way to access US only content from Google Play store?

These were the questions which have been haunting android users from the past several months. Luckily, XDA member finally found a way to trick Play store and access Google music, movies and other exclusive content outside the US. There is, however, a string attached to it. You need to have rooted device in order to access US only content.

Samsung Galaxy SIII users can follow the tutorial to root Galaxy SIII from here

access google music outside us

Access Google Play Store Content Outside US

First of all you need to have rooted phone and Play store version 3.7.11 or 3.7.13 to enable this feature. Both of them could be achieved simply. There is a link attached at the bottom of the post which will provide all the necessary information needed to achieve this. After achieving this, you need to download Market Enabler and install it. Next step will ask you to use DROID vpn to open a new horizon full of potential. It will let you access Google music, books, movies etc seamlessly.

access google play movies outside us

How to Unlock Google Play US only Content

Step 1: First of all you need to have rooted phone

Step 2: Download and install latest Play store 3.7.11 or 3.7.13 from here

Step 3: Download and install Market Enabler

Step 4: Open Market Enabler and choose any US carrier. Tap and hold on the name and select ‘fake this provider now

Step 5: Go to app manager and delete Play store data along with cache.

Step 6: Open DROID vpn login and press start. It will let you use US proxy so you can enjoy seamless Google Play store access.

That’s pretty much all!!! Open Google Play and enjoy US only Google music, movies, magazines, TV shows etc. Well, the whole procedure is lot more simpler than what you see here. It hardly takes 10mins to perform whole procedure. Of course, sooner or later we might get all the content outside US.

Users of Geniusgeeks must be aware of the advatages of rooting android device. There are infinite possibilities once you root your device (for example users can backup Galaxy SIII automatically). Users can control which apps gets root access and which not. Besides that users can also install certain scripts to make device much more useful. This is a whole different topic which we will cover later.

Have you successfully followed all the above steps? Let us know whether have you been able to access Google music, movies, TV shows and magazines outside US or not.

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