HeroCraft to Bring Majesty to iPad

The new iPad is already pretty majestic, what with all of its shiny surfaces and fancy wireless technologies.

Still, that’s not enough for mobile developer HeroCraft, which has announced it will be bringing Majesty to the iPad, once it has also done so for Java, Android, and Blackberry devices. Majesty, in this instance, is not a quality, but the title of a strategy game for the PC.

Well, maybe it’s both in this instance — who knows?

In a press release, HeroCraft says that Majesty will be their first title to take advantage of the iPad’s full resolution, calling the iPad “the ideal platform for gaming, filling the gap between traditional desktop and mobile phone devices.”

They stopped short of referring to it as “Your Majesty,” at least.

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Harshil Patel

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