Help Celebrate a Birthday With New FarmVille Items

For those who haven’t been playing the game since launch, FarmVille first debuted on Facebook in July of 2009, and it appears as though the FarmVille team at Zynga is gearing up for a mighty birthday celebration, as their farming simulator approaches its first birthday, as they are already releasing birthday themed items in the game.

As of right now, these items aren’t marked or labeled in any way as being limited edition, so it appears as though they may be permanent additions to the game. There are actually 12 new items available, all going for Farm Cash, ranging from balloon bouquets to fireworks – here’s the full list, along with prices:

  • Birthday Piggy – 9 Farm Cash
  • B-Day Bouquet I – 5 Farm Cash
  • B-Day Bouquet II – 5 Farm Cash
  • B-Day Arch – 5 Farm Cash
  • Blue B-Day Arch – 5 Farm Cash
  • Pink B-Day Arch – 5 Farm Cash
  • B-Day Fireworks – 3 Farm Cash
  • Pink Fireworks – 3 Farm Cash
  • Blue Fireworks – 3 Farm Cash
  • B-Day Sign – 2 Farm Cash
  • Pink B-Day Sign – 2 Farm Cash
  • Blue B-Day Sign – 2 Farm Cash

As a reminder to those who aren’t familiar with Fireworks in the game: They are a “one-time-use” item, meaning that you’ll get to add them to your Farm and experience the light show as you set them off, but once you do, they’re gone.

Finally, as premium items, remember that each and every one of these items can be sent to friends in-game as a gift, so if you know someone who is celebrating a birthday this month, or (apparently) anytime in the future, make sure to keep these items in mind when planning a gift.

Want to browse through the items yourself? Head over to the game’s page on Facebook to do so.

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