Googleify Your Fascinate & Google Maps Walking Navigation: Android News

In the world of Android, there are always plenty of news stories surrounding the rapidly growing platform that has taken the mobile world completely by storm. Today, we have some tricks that will allow you to Googleify your new Samsung Fascinate from Verizon and share the news about Google Maps Navigation on Android now having walking instructions.

Googleify Your Samsung Fascinate

The weird: The Samsung Fascinate from Verizon comes with Bing as its default search engine with no way to change it. It also does not come with Google Maps by default. The good: AndroidCentral has posted a way for you to bring back the Google experience to your phone in just a few easy steps:

First, install a new launcher on your Fascinate. A recommended option is LauncherPro, which is free and works very fast or ADW Launcher that works quick as well, but with less customization than LauncherPro. Either one will do.

Next, install Google Maps right off the Android Market. The Fascinate comes with Bing Maps instead of Google Maps, but this doesn’t mean you can’t install it from the Market. Do not launch it from within the Market however.

Next, open the Browser and navigate to and then bookmark it. The Google Search widget is available with an alternate launcher but still navigates to when used, so this is the best and closest option to remedy that.

Lastly, to get Voice Search working again, you can try the now-free Vlingo. While the new Google Voice Search app is nice, it only works on Android 2.2, while the Fascinate is running 2.1. Vlingo will restore Google Voice Search back for you for now.

Google Maps Adds Walking Navigation

The Android version of Google Maps just received a fantastic update which looks to take the great voice navigation for driving and bring that experience to walking. A short video of this new feature is available below:

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